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Whether you’re looking for glasses for toddlers or slightly older kids, you will find all kinds of kids’ glasses here. Children these days are highly fashion conscious – they have a choice of their own! Naturally, quality and comfort are the top most important qualities of these frames. Apart from that, our collection features vibrant, delightful frames that will add a stylish finishing touch to their look. Some of these styles have been inspired from general eyewear trends, like transparent crystal frames.

Best Features
light weight

Light Weight



non slip






Prescription notes

Kids glasses are only available with non-prescription lenses. You can get them with blue light filter lenses for digital blue light protection. If you need prescription kids glasses, you can also take these to your local optician to fit them with the required lenses.

Kids Blue Light Glasses

Does your kid too spend hours in front of phone or tablet screen? Whether it is a video game or the latest cartoon, kids are really hooked to digital screens these days. All this exposure to blue light may harm our eyes. According to research, it may disrupt our sleep cycles too. You can use our kids' blue light glasses to block this blue light emitted by digital screens.

online study

Online Study

play video game

Playing Video Games

watching movies

Watching Movies & Cartoons

use of sm

Use of SM and Internet

From £49.99, Including Lenses - fully Loaded






Impact Resistance



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FAQs About Kids Glasses

Is it ok for kids to have glasses?

In most cases optometrists prescribe glasses for children to improve their vision. If an eye check up reveals the need for glasses, you should get a pair of prescription glasses with the accurate lens power.
Most kids start needing glasses between ages 5-12. But it could even be as young as a few months old.
If your child’s optometrist or paediatrician advises a pair of glasses, you should get one. You can find comfortable, lightweight and impact resistant glasses that your toddler will love to wear. Kids glasses are made keeping in mind quality, comfort and snug fitting.
This will depend on the prescription power and what condition is being corrected through glasses. Sometimes children outgrow the need for glasses, but this can be confirmed after wearing the frames for sometime. Please consult your child's optometrist or paediatrician for the same.
Yes, it is important that the child wear glasses all the time, unless an expert specifically says otherwise.
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