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Shop for Designer men’s sunglasses - Knock out the sun and all its fury

Ordering designer men's sunglasses on Specscart UK. is simple! We have the best quality of sunglasses frames for men that depict fine craftsmanship at an exceptional standard. At Specscart we offer wide ranges of sunglasses for men coming up in various styles, such as classic round, nerd chic wayfarer, sporty rectangular or the cool aviators. You can browse all styles of fashion sunglasses at Specscart to find the favourite men’s designer sunglasses. Meanwhile, Specscart’s homemade sunglasses aims to keep sunnies at affordable prices yet at the top-of-the-trend designs. Because we have cut out the middlemen from the eyewear selling process, you now can enjoy quality designer sunglasses with us instead of going for men’s cheap sunglasses in outlets that do not offer much protection.

The sunglasses of Specscart are fitted with polarised lenses to give your eyes the ultimate protection, which filters harmful UV lights and the glares. They could also be loaded with prescription lenses to turn them into prescription men’s sunglasses. So, forget about those cheap sunglasses you found in men’s clothing shop. Here, you can choose from the rich ranges of fashion sunglasses for men - and at an affordable price! Say goodbye to the compromises that you had to make between sunglasses’ fashion design and protection. Get a pair at finest prices, browse them online and bask more in the sun.

Trendy Sunglasses that have revoluted Men’s Fashion

Enjoy your browsing...
Specscart has hundreds of styles for you to choose from. You will find all your favourite designer sunglasses for men and lots of unique designs that you can’t help wanting to own. And here are some of the popular styles for men’s sunglasses:

Wayfarer Sunglasses - The Classic Nerd Chic

If you are not sure which styles to start with your sunny styles - wayfarer sunglasses are the best choice to go for. The perfect combination of curves and edges on the corner creates the nerd chic styling that is suitable for all face shapes and sizes. Wayfarer is one of the most loved men sunglasses design - and they look super cool when paired with oversized dark lenses. So, it’s not surprising that they are the must-have of men’s fashion sunglasses collection.

Round Sunglasses - The Retro Inspirations

Thinking to go vintage for your outfits? The Lennon-Inspired round sunglasses for men are something you can’t miss from your fashion collection. These men's sunglasses do the job of creating the retro-chic of the 50s. You can add different accents to your styling with round mens sunglasses as they come in various coloured-lenses that can match your wardrobe pretty well. Suiting the square, heart and oval-shaped faces beautifully, these stylish sunglasses for men are the go-to if you have a vintage taste.

Aviator Sunglasses - The Timeless Must-Have

Aviator sunglasses featuring the larger lenses offer the best styling and the ultimate protection. Usually paired with a thin-metalled finish and the double nose bridge, the aviator sunglasses provides the smart mix of modern and retro that polishes men’s fashion looks. They especially highlight a fashion statement when paired with mirrored lenses. Apart from the above-mentioned designs, men's sunglasses also come in different styles such as full-framed and half-rimmed finish that creates the new fashion for men’s designer sunglasses. Moreover, at Specscart UK there are also sunglasses in various sizing for you to choose from so that you will be able to find the best-matched sunglasses for whichever face shapes and sizes.

Rectangular -The Signature Style

Being a classic type, rectangular sunglasses for men are also famous as the exemplar and have been the signature style for many Hollywood personalities. These mens sunglasses not only protect you from the sun and dirt but also from the negatives of a boring wardrobe, as they complement anything you wear. Beseeming well with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces, you will be addicted to them once you start wearing these stylish sunglasses for men. What’s more, unlike most other designer sunglasses for men, these can serve well in serious business settings as well.

Browline - The Sassy yet Subtle Strategy Want to have quirky yet subdued designer sunglasses for men? Browline mens sunglasses UK are going to prove the best sunglasses for you. While the frames appear fantastic on all face shapes, these mens sunglasses look extremely impressive on oval face shapes. And if you are someone who loves sporting the modern-retro look, no doubt you are going to adore these men trendy sunglasses.

Pair the styles with Lens colours for the best sunglasses for men

For setting trends in the best sunglasses for men, you need to know which coloured lenses to use and match with your wardrobe keeping in mind your purpose as well. Here are some lens colours from the wide assortment we have for you to choose from for your men trendy sunglasses.

Brown: With an element of red, brown coloured lenses for designer mens sunglasses are used often when you want to improve contrast and amp up depth perception. This means these stylish sunglasses for men prove brilliant when you are boating or playing sports like golf, badminton, and tennis where it is a necessity to check distances.

Grey: If you need to drive more and perform outdoor activities, regular coloured lenses for mens sunglasses might not be useful for you. Since you require to look at true colours instead of the diluted or corrupted colours, grey lenses might be the right men trendy sunglasses for you. Not only do these stylish sunglasses for men show original colours but they also reduce glare.

Green: If you need one-size-fits-all designer sunglasses for men only for general use outdoors, green lenses will suit your mens sunglasses UK pretty finely. Known for imparting colours evenly, the experience with these stylish sunglasses for men feels quite close to natural vision.

Red: Lenses in the colour red or even pink help enhance depth perception which helps prevent any consequential eye strain that might happen while using these designer sunglasses for men. Also, because of being a contrasting hue to blue and green, red lenses for men’s sunglasses offer a lively experience during water sports.

Yellow: If you are someone who loves skiing or riding bikes on hills and mountains, you will need the best sunglasses for men that suit low-light conditions and improve contrast vision. Yellow lenses will do this for you.

However, if you need your mens sunglasses to perceive accurate and original colours, yellow might not be the right choice. Choose these stylish sunglasses for men according to how you wish to spend your day outdoors. So, grab the styles you wish to don with lenses that suit your lifestyle and get at least one pair of designer sunglasses for men to know for yourself the pristine quality and style that Specscart brings for you.

Get Your Best Pair of Men’s Designer Sunglasses

Men’s designer sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from sun’s harmful rays, dirt, and all that negativity you don’t wish to look at. With that men’s sunglasses are also accessories that you can embrace with any piece of your wardrobe. What if you have variegated outfits? Well, why not own as many pairs as you like. After all, Specscart has made top quality stylish sunglasses for men so affordable that you would never have to think twice before getting another pair amongst the best sunglasses for men. That too, in designs you thought only celebrities to get access to. You don’t have to be a celebrity to buy our men’s sunglasses because we have prices that allow you to have as many pairs as your heart desires. How about one pair of men trendy sunglasses for each outfit that you own? It’s time you satisfy your fashion cravings and step ahead in the game. Moreover, Specscart’s delicate craftsmanship allows the customisation of sunglasses lenses - which enables sunglasses to be made as prescription sunglasses. No matter what styles you are opting for, Specscart can craft the prescription mens sunglasses that you can wear for all purposes. Therefore, with Specscart’s revolution, sunglasses have become the best fashion accessory which offers the sharp vision when the eye is perfectly protected in the same time - and huge variations of sunglasses for men are available online at Specscart.

Sunglasses can influence your appearance as soon as you put them on. You can be bold daring and stylish wearing unique styles or perhaps you would like to be sophisticated with your new classy Wayfarers. You can change your look in the blink of an eye, just by changing your sunglasses. Specscart have a great choice of mens sunglasses, which are all Anti-UV, Anti- Reflective and Impact resistant. And adding a prescription to your sunglasses is easy! As it just comes with choosing the tint and getting it ready according to your prescription. So picking up the perfect pairs of sunglasses is easy. Get the same done for your glasses by having a look at the Men's Eyeglasses Trends For Summer 2019

Questions on your mind - Men’s Sunglasses FAQ’s

Q1. Which styles of men’s sunglasses should I wear according to my face shape?
A. Oval face shape: Aviators, Cat-Eye, Round, Browline, and Wayfarer.
Square face shape: Oversized Aviators, Cat-Eye, and Round.
Heart face shape: Cat-Eye, Wayfarer, Rectangular, and Round.
Round face shape: Rectangular and Wayfarer.
Triangle face shape: Cat-Eye, Aviators, and Browline.
Diamond face shape: Cat-Eye, Round, and Browline.

Q2. What if I need vision correction with my sunglasses, is it possible?
A. Yes. You can use sunglasses made especially for your prescription. These are simply called Prescription sunglasses. Another option you have is the use of Transitions lenses. These are Photochromic Light Adaptive Lenses, that become darker by absorbing UV light and turn back clear when you are indoors. With these sunglasses acting both as the usual vision-corrective pair and prescription sunglasses as and when required, you won’t have to face the annoyance of switching pairs every now and then.

Q3. Which lens tints should I opt for my sunglasses?
A.When it comes to the activities you do while wearing your sunglasses, here’s what you can consider.
Grey/Brown: If you need to view original uncorrupted colours in what you do during your day outdoors.
Yellow: For low-light conditions during the day. Well suited for activities like biking and skiing.
Red/Pink: For good contrast on backgrounds of blue and green. These colours will suit you if you need enhanced depth vision.
Green: If you need a one-size-fits-all solution when you are outdoors, green is best as it imparts all colours evenly.
The other aspect you should take care of before getting a pair of mens sunglasses for yourself is your skin tone and hair colour. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, go for red or orange sunglasses.

Q4. Can I try these men’s sunglasses at home before buying them?
A. No. Sadly, this service is not available for sunglasses.

Q5. Do these sunglasses for men have a layer of UV protection coating?
A. Yes. Specscart provides fully loaded lenses with all its products. This includes Anti-UV, Anti-glare, Impact Resistant, and Scratch Resistant coatings which are totally free.

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