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Transitions Lenses

The Photochromic Light Adaptive Lenses

Transitions lenses are smart lenses that immediately change from clear to dark tints when exposed to sunlight. They are intelligent lenses that go darker with the equivalent exposure of sunlight. The transitions lenses will come back to the clear state immediately in the absence of sunlight. Also known as photochromic lenses, they change the shades whilst blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays. Transitions lenses have their own advantages and they’re available in three colours - grey, brown & green.

  • They’re completely clear inside.
  • They have the fastest speed in changing from clear to tint and back
  • They’re suitable for all kinds of frames and prescriptions.
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UK Transition Lenses

Did you know?

  • Transitions lenses are completely clear indoors in the absence of UV light.
  • The intensity of tints and speed of transitions varies directly with the intensity of the UV exposure.
Transition Lenses Online

How Transitions Photo-chromatic Lenses work ?

  • Due to the specific composition of the lenses they absorb more light when exposed to UV rays - making the lenses darker.
  • The higher the intensity of UV rays and brightness the darker will be the transitions lens.
  • As soon as you come inside the lenses will start getting clearer - Transitions are know for their rapid fade-back speed from dark to clear indoors.
Photochromic Lenses
Prevent eye strain

Prevents Eye Strain

Enhance Vision Clarity

Enhances Vision Clarity

All Frames

Suitable for all frames

Prevents dry eyes

Prevents Dry Eyes

Transitions Benefits

Transitions are pre-loaded with blue light protection and thus, feature all pros from the blue lenses with additional advantage of changing into tints from clear. Transitions lenses block 100% UVA and UVB.

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How To Buy these lenses

01 Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
02 Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Variofcal or Non-Prescriptive.
03 Lens Coating - Choose “Light-Adaptive” in the Lens coating option. Your Glasses will now come with Transitions Lenses.
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Blue Light Blocking Lenses UK

Questions On Your Mind ?

Glasses with Transitions lenses can act as Sunglasses outdoors while providing the additional protection against the UV rays indoors & outdoors - Wether you have prescription or not. They’re cool as well!
Yes, all Transitions lenses have UV protection coatings that block 100% UVA and UVB light.
You can add Transitions lenses to any of your favourite frames for an additional £100 £55.
Yes, All the frames can be customised with Transitions lenses and they are suitable for all vision types - Single Vision, Varifocals and Non-Prescriptive.
Transitions sunglasses and glasses are the same things. It’s the Transitions lenses that change a frame from clear glasses into sunglasses with reacting to UV light. People use these two terms to refer to glasses with Transitions lenses.

There are 2 different kinds of Transitions - we use Transitions signature lenses which are the best renowned and selling lenses in the UK. Transitions Signature lenses react to UV light and turn dark with becoming sunglasses. However, this does not happen while driving as your car’s windshield blocks UV light coming from the sun. If you want your Transitions to turn dark in the car then we can use Transitions Xtra active on special requests- these lenses react to ambient lighting instead of UV lights.

Photochromic/Reactions is the type of the lenses that change color from dark to light. Transitions® is a branded patented product of these photochromic lenses. Transitions Opticals was the first company to manufacture photochromic lenses and obtain patents for their fastest formula.