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What are Asian fit glasses frames and who should use them?

What are Asian fit glasses frames and who should use them?

If you’re in the search of eyeglasses or sunglasses, you may have come across the phrase ‘Asian fit glasses’ and wondered, ‘what does that mean?’

Asian fit has been a controversial term ever since its inception.

It’s generally used to described glasses made for a specific group of people with common features. These glasses are designed for people who often complain that their glasses are too tight against their temples or slide down the bridge of their nose.

If you’re also wondering, ‘what are Asian fit glasses and do I need them?’, keep reading to find an answer.

What is Asian fit in eyeglasses?

Asian fit or low bridge glasses as they’re called these days have nose pieces that sit slightly lower than standard frames.

A nose bridge refers to the part of your nose between your eyes where it starts to get hard.

To find out if you have a lower nose bridge, do a simple test. Put a finger on your nose bridge and look in the mirror. Check if the bridge is above, inline or below your pupils. If it’s inline or below the pupils, then you have a lower nose bridge and need Asian fit glasses.

Since Asians have this feature, these glasses are named after them. They are designed to sit comfortably on lower nasal bridges that standard prescription glasses often fail to do.

What is the difference between Asian fit and standard fit?

Glasses have become an important everyday accessory to add to your looks. You can find huge collections of them online or in optical stores. But, when you buy glasses, you might think whether the frame you’ve bought is the right fit for you.

People who don’t know much about glasses think that standard fit and Asian fit glasses are the same. However, this is the most common misconception that people have. Both of them are different in terms of design and style.

What do standard fit glasses have?

As the name sounds, standard fit glasses have that old fashioned frame style with straight temple arms and nose pieces. Asian fit glasses in the UK are available at many eyewear stores and are best suited for people with a prominent nose bridge.

However, they could be a source of problem for people with a low nose bridge as these glasses will constantly slide down their nose and cause irritation.

If you have this problem too, standard glasses may not be the right fit for you. You should consider Asian fit glasses that are made to sit comfortably on your lower nose bridge.

What do Asian fit glasses have?

These are just like standard fit glasses except for the fact that they suit people with lower nose bridges. Since this feature is most commonly found in people of Asian heritage, these glasses are called Asian fit glasses.

Here are the features that make these glasses different from the standard ones.

  • Nose pads

The nose pads are generally higher in Asian fit glasses and are placed at the right point on your nose. These nose pads could be adjusted as per the specific shape of the wearer’s nose.

Thus, the glasses won’t slip off your nose and remain on your face comfortably. But, if you don’t have a lower nose bridge and your glasses are still slipping off your face, you can try a few tips to prevent glasses from falling down.

  • Temples

Asian fit glasses have curved or rounded temple tips to give a snug fit. The curved ends ensure that your glasses are secure behind your ears and won’t fall off your face. This feature helps the user to sport the style without sacrificing style.

  • Flattened frame

Flattening the frame reduces the entire weight of the glasses so they don’t weigh down. If you’re troubled by your frame touching your cheeks, go for this design of eyewear.

Who should wear Asian fit glasses?

These glasses are not for everyone. Certain people get the benefits of wearing Asian fit glasses. If you have the following features, then you could also try out these glasses.

  • Wide face

People with a wide face often have a lower nose bridge as well and may struggle with normal glasses fit. The wide face makes traditional frames feel too tight or narrow and uncomfortable to wear. Thus, Asian fit glasses are the best option for them as these glasses sit a little lower on your face.

  • High cheekbones

High cheekbones are also an indicator of a low nose bridge. Thus, traditional glasses frames that sit high on your face can make you feel uneasy. The frame would touch your cheekbones and your glasses will lift up every time you smile ear to ear.

Asian fit glasses sit at the right point on your nose and don’t touch your cheeks. So, you can rest assured that your frame is comfortable and don’t make you look funny.

  • Asian

Well, this one’s a given. If you’re an Asian, these glasses are just the fit you need. As Asian people have the features listed above, it’s only reasonable that they have the most benefits of wearing Asian fit glasses.

The takeaway

Your glasses can do a lot for you. They can improve your vision, make you look intelligent and attractive but only when they fit your face. Don’t settle for standard fit glasses if they don’t cater to your unique features.

To get the best experience while wearing glasses, go for Asian fit glasses. No matter if you have a lower or higher nose bridge, you can now enjoy the maximum comfort and have the most pleasant experience.

Specscart offers many stylish frames that are compatible with the features listed above. Browse through the options and find your perfect Asian fit glasses in the UK today.

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