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How To Stop Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose?

How To Stop Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose?

I wore glasses for as long as I could remember. While I am okay with every hassle that glasses come with, I can’t stand frames that slide down my nose. There’s something so irritating about it that makes it almost impossible to wear glasses.

No matter whether I am tying my shoelace or sweating like I am in a sauna, my glasses keep sliding down the nose and always find a way to hang on my nose. So I stop everything that I am doing at that moment and get to my frame’s rescue.

Sometimes I feel like I could just glue my frames to my face just to stop my glasses from sliding down my nose. But on second thought, I don’t want to punish my skin.

Luckily, I don’t have to put up with this problem anymore. I learned some secrets to put an end to my spectacle slipping problem. If you also can’t stand this problem, I suggest you also use these tips on how to stop glasses slipping.

Why do glasses keep sliding down your nose?

There could be many reasons why your glasses slip down the bridge of your nose. Maybe your frames are too big or too heavy, maybe you didn’t pay attention to the frame size when buying online prescription glasses.

But even when your glasses are the right fit, your skin could be too oily, or the nose bridge could be too narrow to hold your glasses in place and that is the reason that you glasses keep sliding down your nose.

If you have a glasses toolkit, you can try tightening the tiny screws on the frame or adjust the nose pads using your fingers. While this may give you results temporarily, this may not always work when preventing glasses from sliding down your nose. Finding the reason why your glasses are sliding down your nose would be the ideal solution.

5 Tips to stop your glasses from slipping down your nose

If you think that we only have to put up with slipping frames, you probably don’t know about the struggles of glasses wearers in summers. But I’ve got some simple hacks to fix your glasses sliding down nose problem. Let's look into them below!

1. Eyewear Bands

What, eyewear bands? Aren’t they supposed to be for athletes? Yes, but they are also the best option to make sure that your glasses stay put without glasses falling down the nose. Where athletes use this trick to ensure outstanding wearing comfort, you can use it to stop your glasses from sliding down your nose bridge.

These bands are so stylish that they will go with your designer glasses frames. Moreover, these are also quite easy to use. They have a good length so they fit your head and neck, preventing the glasses from slipping down the nose.

2. Frame Tightening

While you can tighten your glasses all by yourself, getting it done by an optician will give you the best idea. However, this trick may not resolve the glasses sliding down the nose issue. It will give temporary results but after a specific time, you might start to have the same problem with your glasses, so how to stop the glasses sliding down the nose?

Due to daily usage, the frames lose their grip and start to come loose on your face. If your glasses are too tight behind your ears, it will impact the blood circulation and you may start to get a headache. If loose glasses are annoying, tight frames are painful and uncomfortable.

3. Hairstyling wax

No, I’m not joking. Applying hair wax to your frame could resolve the issue of glasses slipping down the nose in seconds. If you don’t believe me, give it a try and see for yourself. Apply a wax coating on your nose pads and the temple area where your frames meet your skin.

It will work great and won’t irritate your skin as well. But, there’s one catch: you may have to reapply the wax, especially when you have oily skin. So you better carry the wax with you if you are going out. And don’t forget to wash your glasses every night or the next morning to remove the wax, an easy solution to stop glasses slipping down the nose.

4. Rubber Bands and Hair Ties

It may sound silly but hair ties and rubber bands are by far the best hack for eyeglasses sliding down nose problems. And all you need is a hair tie which I believe is available in every household.

Tie the band around the temple tips behind your ears and see the magic happen. It will offer some grip and friction preventing your glasses slipping down the nose.

5. Anchor Tips

Most glasses made from titanium or acetate could be easily flexed with a little heat for a comfortable fit. But, make sure that you don’t expose the lenses to heat as it may disturb the protective coatings on the lenses.

If this trick is not enough to hold your glasses in place, the added anchor tips will work as a cushioning system by providing mechanical support to your frame and reducing the pressure behind your ears and helping to stop glasses slipping down the nose.

If you spend long hours wearing prescription glasses, there will come a time when you will feel like your frame has become loose and glasses slipping down the nose. But when that time comes, I want to make sure that you know what to do!

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