Eyewear emergency? Get quick prescription glasses from Specscart

Julie Topping

Published on August 14, 2021, 1:14 pm

Eyewear emergency? Get quick prescription glasses from Specscart

There are so many instances when you need quick glasses. Maybe you were travelling somewhere and broke your only pair of glasses. Or maybe you forgot your glasses at home before leaving for a business trip.

It’s hard to imagine going even a day without your glasses. Even if you’ve mastered the art of patience, you can’t wait to get your new glasses. Cuz let’s admit, it’s less about “virtue” and more about “not being able to see anything”.

I understand the frustration of waiting for your glasses when you need them the very next day. Come on I had to give my semester exam without my specs. This is why I know how big of a problem it is for those who wear glasses.

To help you guys get quick prescription glasses, I with my team launched “Specscart Rocket” which delivers your specs within 24 hours. No, I ain’t kidding.

Specscart Rocket - Get fast glasses online in the UK

These days, the delivery has become as fast as it could be. Whatever you order, you get it within one to two business days. So, why do something as simple and important as glasses take so long to reach us?

Well, first the lenses are made to your prescription and then they are fixed to a frame. Then come the add-ons and lens coatings (which we give for free btw) that you choose at the time of placing an order. Add delivery time into the mix and your glasses won’t get to in less than 12-14 days time.

But the good news is, we don’t take that long here at Specscart. I know the feeling of having to wait for your glasses when they are the only thing you need the most. I don’t want my customers to go through the same thing. This is why we introduced express prescription glasses delivery in the UK with 24-hours dispatch.

This is the fastest you could get new glasses in the UK. And we don’t compromise with the quality of our specs. They are made to the highest British standards with every lens manufactured manually for perfection by our team member Brian.

How do we provide quick prescription glasses in the UK?

I believe that unwanted supply chains only elongate the turnaround time. This is why we manufacture our glasses in our Manchester-based lab and get them directly to you.

While this saves us time, it also brings down the cost of our glasses so you don’t burn your pockets buying our glasses. And even when we have stores in Walkden and Bury only, we deliver quick glasses all over the UK.

So, no matter in which part of the UK you’re in, if you need specs fast, count on us. All of the glasses are handcrafted in our Manchester lab for precision so you get nothing but the best-in-quality glasses from us.

How to order quick prescription glasses?

If you’re looking for a company that could deliver your glasses in no time, try us. And the process of placing an order is as easy as it can get.

Pick out a frame and then provide us with your prescription and other important numbers such as your pupillary distance (PD) and facial measurements. You don’t have to choose the lens coatings such as UV-protective or anti-glare as they are complimentary with all our glasses.

We don’t make you wait for days but only 24 hours which is the fastest glasses turnaround time in the UK or anywhere in the world.

While some people wear glasses for fashion, some desperately need them to see clearly. And when anything happens to our glasses, our lives come to a halt. But we’re here to save you in those situations and provide you with emergency glasses.

Even when you have to just reglaze your glasses, you can come to us. We will fix new lenses into your frame and get them back to you in no time.

Getting new glasses should be an exciting experience. But the unnecessary wait can kill all the fun. So, keep eyewear shopping simple, quick and rewarding with Specscart.

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