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Eyewear for bald men

Halina Tseng

Published on November 21, 2020, 12:27 pm

Eyewear for bald men

These days, a lot of people are embracing shaved or bald heads. While having your head shaved can put a lot of money in your pocket ‘cause you don’t need barbershop visits and expensive hair products any more, bald guys also have a lot to experiment with now, especially if they wear glasses. Read on for an elaborate guide on choosing glasses for bald men.

Glasses according to your face shape

glasses for bald men

The structure of your face is undoubtedly the most important factor for choosing the right pair of glasses. It is especially more defined in bald men, so considering the frame shape before buying becomes important. Your jawline, chin and forehead play a prominent role in defining your face shape. Here are the glasses types according to the face shape of bald men:

Round shaped face

  • Round faces are characterised by soft features and uplifted cheekbones.

  • To highlight the facial features and bring a contrast, you need angular glasses with sharp lines like rectangular glasses.

Square shaped face

  • A square-shaped face features bold and evident cheekbones and jawlines with an equally proportionate forehead. They have an almost straight line running between the forehead and the jawline.

  • Round glasses work best to soften the sharp features and bring an overall balance.

Heart-shaped face

  • They have a broad forehead that narrows down to the jawline. They are characterised by a narrow chin.

  • This is the most versatile face shape. However, to further accentuate the features, you can choose glasses with a highlighted lower rim or wayfarer glasses.

Triangular face

  • With a broad jawline and a narrow forehead, these are just opposite to a heart-shaped face.

  • To bring proportion to the face, try glasses with highlighted upper rims and a frame front slightly wider than your forehead. Cat-eye glasses and browline glasses work best for this purpose.

Most Popular

Eyewear trends 2020 for bald men

Why do your glasses have to be plain and boring when you can choose exciting styles from the eyewear trends of 2020-2021? The gorgeous variety of designs in this collection includes both retro classics and fresh experimental styles so you can choose just the right pair to complement your personality.

  • Black rectangular glasses

Rectangular frames are the most popular choice for bald guys with glasses. Dress up in a nice printed shirt and tie the whole look together with these classic rectangular glasses.

  • Thick paddle temple glasses

When you are bald with glasses, chunky eyewear like paddle temple glasses can take attention away from too much bare skin above your shoulders while also adding an edge to your character. Check these round tortoiseshell glasses.

  • Thin rim glasses

Chunky glasses ain’t your thing? Try thin rim glasses in acetate and metal material for a subtle contrast. Thin rim metal glasses in gold and silver colour are a classic choice for corporate offices and business attires.

  • Metal aviator glasses

Don’t worry about the Hollywood standards for bald men making you look like an unapproachable and strict businessman. Stylish and modern metal aviator glasses are perfect for brunch dates and even casual business meetings.

  • Transparent glasses

While keeping your head kempt and not patchy can make you avoid looking older than your age, crystal clear transparent glasses adorn your personality with a youthful appeal.

  • Rounded square glasses

You can never go wrong with rounded square glasses ‘cause they are the best glasses for bald men. While sharp angles can add contrast from your round head, the softly rounded corners ensure that the contrast isn't very loud. 

  • Tortoiseshell glasses

Bored of basic and plain colours? Tortoiseshell glasses in interesting colour palettes are an innovative accessory to add an interesting element to your look. Check these round tortoiseshell glasses.


Bald celebrities with glasses

Looking for some inspiration? Scroll through these pictures of famous bald men with glasses - just the perfect pairs to match your high fashion standards.

Stanley Tucci

Much like half-rim glasses, dual-tone frames are an interesting accessory to add to your face. Try ‘Weston’ - our mid-century dual tone round frame with metal pin rivet details for a soft and elegant look.

Jeff Bezos


A clean-shaven head puts a tough and bossy impression. Compliment your powerful personality with bald men sunglasses like these wide black aviators.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

We learn that simple is more from SLJ’s sophisticated clear glasses look that rightly flatters his complexion. Get these transparent glasses for a simplified yet assertive appeal.

Steven Soderbergh


Who said comedians aren’t into fashion? You can also be the funny guy everyone loves to be around with these glossy grey rectangular glasses.


We all love Pitbull for his all-time ‘party by the beach’ mood and the glasses that perfectly reflect his spirit. We don’t have to wonder why he doesn’t take them off. Get these lavender aviator glasses for a look as sharp as the boss.


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