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10 Cartoon Characters with Glasses we all Love

10 Cartoon Characters with Glasses we all Love

If you think that cartoons are only meant for entertainment then you might be wrong. Many times cartoons teach children (and adults!) important life lessons which are hard for other mediums to impart. Read on to take a trip down memory lane as we talk about our favourite cartoon characters and their iconic eyeglasses.

1. Velma from Scooby-Doo


The geeky cartoon character with the glasses from the Scooby-Doo series, Velma is the youngest member of Mysteries Inc. And the most brainy one who always had plans to get the gang out of any trouble. Although slightly shy, Velma certainly looked nerd-cool with her squarish glasses on. She is also one of the original female cartoon characters with glasses. Did you know, she couldn’t even see her own hands in front of her face if she wasn’t wearing her glasses?

Teal & black rectangular glasses


The geeky

Your shortcut to a geeky chic look.

2. Eric Cartman from South Park

Eric Cartman from South Park

Cartman or Eric Theodore Cartman of South Park is one of the people’s least favourite cartoon characters because of his narcissistic nature. Although highly intelligent, Cartman’s anger and manipulative behaviour aren’t much loved. But he does wear cool sunglasses most of the time, a character with sunglasses! Maybe all cartoon characters who wear glasses which are round in shape, have a good choice when it comes to characters that wear glasses. What do you say?

pilot sunglasses


Live and love drama

For a ritzy, yet slightly mischievous look.

3. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory

The original Dexter! Who doesn’t know this genius cartoon character with big glasses. Dexter runs a secret laboratory in his house while trying to deal with his annoying sister. But guess what? We have a whole collection named after Dexter! And you don’t have to run a lab to get your hands on those glasses. Just get an awesome pair which you like the most and be a part of the famous character with glasses.


Modern Classic

Elegant square, slightly browline, very handsome.

4. Johnny from Johnny Bravo

Johnny from Johnny Bravo

When we talk about the characters with sunglasses, he can be too over-the-top at times, but you would agree how his trademark pompadour, karate chops and the tight black tee made him so ultra-confident of himself. While no woman might be interested in him, I sure loved his classy black sunglasses that he wore all the time. He is one of the famous animated characters with glasses.


Cutting edge style

Ryan has character - friendly and charming, handsome and approachable.

5. Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks

Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks

Simon, the serious and smart one from the three singing chipmunks making trouble for themselves, is who I want to talk about. And why not? Just like his personality, his black round glasses are indeed spectacular and definitely among our favourite picks for cartoon characters with glasses. Facts, grammar or choice of glasses, he’s right with most things. That’s the reason why he’s one of the most admired cartoon characters with round glasses.



FLETCHER has a trendy and modern round shape. Handcrafted with acetate these pairs are unique.

6. Carl Fredricksen from Up

Carl Fredricksen from Up

Remember the old-aged Carl Fredricksen from the movie ‘Up’? Well, it seems like no old man has better donned a rectangular pair than him. His thick black glasses have seen a lot. The death of his beloved wife and her dream that he goes on to fulfil. No wonder, he is an elderly cartoon character with glasses that people absolutely adore. Want such a pair of always-by-your-side online prescription glasses? Find them here, your characters that wear glasses!


For your day out

Well Curated with chunky acetate, CHELVEY is the cutest of all

7. Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Edna Mode from The Incredibles

While The Incredibles try to balance between a normal and superhero life, Edna Mode is the lady encouraging them for the latter. After all, she is a designer of superhero suits which help them enhance their powers. Her round and wide, thick-rimmed spectacles are what helps her make the designs ‘incredible’! And we can undoubtedly add her to our list of female characters with glasses.


Match made in heaven

A bold combination of acetate, black and rose gold, these frames are the real showstoppers.

8. Linda from Rio

Linda from Rio

Known popularly as the best friend of the blue macaw who she saved, Linda is a girl with a big and kind heart. Her green eyes and the reddish outfit that she wears match beautifully well with her preppy yet modest glasses that brings us to our list of characters that wear glasses. You need to meet this girl in ‘Rio’ if you haven’t. If you wish, also try this pair of glasses we have that resembles hers, you will be definitely adding these beauties to the list of famous characters with glasses.


Metal mettle

Lightweight and in a boxy shape, Parker 3 means business.

9. Nobita from Doraemon

Nobita from Doraemon

I’ll be honest - for a long time I didn’t even realise Nobita wears glasses, but it’s hard to skip when it comes to cartoon characters with glasses . But you too might be surprised to know that he’s a cartoon character with big glasses. And that’s what thin, metallic frames do, achieving a barely-there look and keeping all attention to your face. So next time you definitely want to have your hands on the famous character with glasses.


Elegance and class

Introducing Wistow, a straight up sophisticated thin metal wire pair.

10. SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants

Remember how SpongeBob used to try and catch jellyfish with his spectacles? Well, I hope you don’t treat your specs like that. If you are eccentric like SpongeBob and like doing unusual stuff, I suggest you wear quirky glasses that help you stand out! Though he might not be a glasses fan, just the special feature of catching the jellyfish with his glasses, SpongeBob has made it to the list of characters that wear glasses.


Effortless style

With new elements and fresh shade of grey, Busk here is effortlessly chic.

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