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Vacation time! Do not leave your travel sunglasses behind.

Vacation time! Do not leave your travel sunglasses behind.

Although vacations are for fun, the packing stress is real! Those last-minute essentials, help a lot throughout the trip. Included in it there comes a not much noticed essential, sunglasses. People might not consider it a necessity, but it gives you a personalised experience during your vacation. It not only helps to overcome the sun’s heat but also helps you to get some good pictures.

However, the fact goes unnoticed is that different destinations demand different sunglasses. Like a beach vacation may demand sunglasses that blend with fashion as well as protect you from harmful UV rays. Let’s take you on a tour to different destinations and the type of sunglasses you will need!

Beach Vacation:

Beach Sunglasses

Do you know what the best part of the beach is? It is playing with sand and soaking Vitamin D with a glass of orange juice. How dreamy it sounds, right? But just like your body, your eyes also need sun protection.

Many of you already guessed it right, we are talking about sunglasses. To experience the scenic beauty of beaches and waves sunglasses are a must. Due to the excessive sunlight exposure, which may result in glare. A pair of polarised sunglasses with your favourite colour tint will be a perfect pick for your next beach vacation.

Mountain Adventure

Mountain Sunglasses

Mountains come out as a perfect holiday destination when you want to spend some time away from the busy city life! Imagine you went to your balcony, and all you can see is nature and mountains, but the reflection from snow interrupted your happy vibes. I understand how disappointing it will be. Although the best thing about a mountain vacation is the mountain itself, so why let anything trigger in between?

To overcome such problems there is a perfect invention: Sunglasses. So, next time whenever you go to the mountains, don't forget to carry a pair of sunglasses to fight the glare. Additionally, select sunglasses that provide appropriate protection against UV radiation at higher altitudes.

City tour:

City Tour Sunglasses

Not always long destinations but sometimes exploring the city with your friends can also be a stress buster! Imagine walking on the streets of Spain or Dubai in the afternoon and dealing with the harsh sunlight. The irritation will reach its ultra-pro max level. So, don’t let the sun stop you from exploring the city and clicking some amazingly good pictures. Don’t forget to wrap and keep a pair of sunglasses in your handbag so that you always carry it with you!

You may select a frame from a wide range of options that perfectly blend well with your outfits. Squares and Pilots can be a perfect choice and will add an evergreen charm to your fashion. Consider lenses with neutral colours to get good visibility in different light conditions. If you want to spend a long day outside, opt for sunglasses with UV protection. It reduces eye fatigue and won’t be an interruption between you and your views!

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Hiking Sunglasses

I remember the last time I went hiking, I lost my sunglasses and only I know the struggle I had! Going hiking seems like challenging yourself. But sunglasses not only help you to beat the glares you may get from snow, but it also gives you an inspiring look. Hiking at high altitudes means unpredictable weather, so what? You don't need to worry if you have sunglasses along. Right?

It is better to fight the weather with your sunglasses rather than surviving the one. Looking at the harsh conditions during hiking, Transition lenses can be a perfect choice, due to their light-adaptive properties. It adjusts the lens according to light conditions, to reduce any eye strain and visibility issues during high altitudes. Pilots or oversized glasses may be a preferable choice, as they will protect against debris, wind, and sunlight. So, are you ready to climb high?

Road Adventures

Road Adventure Sunglasses

A road trip with my girls is the best time I can have! With your people you are you. You can now make all those reels that have been saved in your feed for a long time. Those mini-vlogs, group pictures, and forever cherished memories are about to be real.

Make your gang understand the importance of trips! So, a road trip and sunglasses with metal frames are not to miss. Go for pilots or round sunglasses, and let the world notice the change! Make your road trip more fun and exciting by avoiding eye fatigue. Drive in your rhythm!

Water Adventures

Water Adventure Sunglasses

Do you know what is your favourite part of summer? You can play with water without worrying about how cold it is! Summer season calls for a water park trip with friends. And trust me your day couldn’t be more fun.

I know you might be thinking of the blurry vision you get after spending long hours in the water. But, all your problems have one solution, sunglasses! Although all sunglasses look versatile at their levels, to protect your eyes from water, pilots will be a perfect choice.

Selecting the perfect sunglasses for your adventures must be based on the requirements of the specific environment. Along with fashion-forward frames, you must go with coatings that will match the environmental conditions you are going in.

So, next time you go on vacation select the ideal sunglasses for your trip to smoothly experience the views. Specscart allows you to select from a never-ending collection of sunglasses, along with the specialised coatings and requirements.

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