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Get the Look in Sunglasses: Billie Eilish Edition

Get the Look in Sunglasses: Billie Eilish Edition

A force to be reckoned with in the world of pop music - Billie Eilish has established an empire at the tender age of 22. The ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer is an exemplar of individuality and creative expression. From garnering multiple accolades, such as seven Grammy Awards and an Academy Award for her genre-bending music to being unapologetic about her fashion choices, Billie is an ideal influence on and representative of the GenZs. In a very short span of time, Billie has amassed a massive fan following, which also includes the Specscart squad. Many members of our team can be seen vibing to Billie’s music, or sporting Billie Eilish-inspired sunglasses and glasses.

A Brief on Billie’s Style Evolution

Before checking out the most iconic Billie Eilish sunglasses and glasses, let us quickly skim through the singer’s style evolution. Similar to her music, Billie’s sense of fashion has also undergone major changes. The singer entered the public domain donning oversized street-inspired silhouettes and a blend of California skate culture and mall goth fashion.

Her signature acid-green dyed hair, oversized sweatshirts, stacks of chunky jewellery and rare high-end sneakers became a signature look, both loved and criticised by the public. But, as the young singer and songwriter began her transition from a teen to a woman, her personal style also witnessed a metamorphosis. She began wearing more feminine clothes and in a 2019 interview with the Sunday Times, the singer mentioned that she was beginning to feel “a lot more confident in her work skin,” and experienced more freedom in choosing her personal style.

So, from grunge-inspired baggy looks and lime-green hair in 2017 to blonde looks and glamorous form-fitting silhouettes, reminiscent of the 1950s pin-up aesthetic, Billie has never feared being the ‘bag guy’ when it comes to fashion!

After a brief overview of Billie Eilish’s fashion evolution, let us get down to the interesting part - her most iconic eyewear styles.

Top 5 Most Iconic Billie Eilish Sunglasses

1.Billie Eilish’s Signature Green Sunglasses

Billie’s baggy aesthetic era was known for a lot of things - a laid back style, black hair with lime-green roots, and her green a rectangle sunglasses. In the above Instagram post, the singer can be seen going all in with the ‘Billie-core’ style. The entire look is cool, hip, and carefree - just like Billie’s personality.

Want Billie Eilish green sunglasses at a budget-friendly price? Our HAMPTON 3 has got your back. These green-rimmed sunglasses with black lenses add a wearable twist to the ‘Billie-core’ aesthetic. Pair your HAMPTON 3 with an oversized olive-hued hoodie and black cargo pants and you are good to go!

2.Billie Eilish’s Signature Green Sunglasses

Another throwback to Billie’s grungy era - the singer and songwriter can be seen flaunting her big AMA wins in 2019 and looking happy and excited. Her funky shirt, silver stacked jewellery and tortoiseshell cat-eyes are a ‘vibe,’ wherein the beige and brown shades create a cohesive look and oversized silhouettes exude a laid-back aura. Indeed, the musical prodigy is a definition of all things cool and catchy.

Truth be told, Billie knows that the tortoiseshell design in a cat-eye silhouette is a match made in heaven. Our AURORA 4 is the perfect embodiment of the look, and is a great option when you want to look classy yet hip!

3.Billie Eilish’s Signature Green Sunglasses

Billie’s love for the colour green is no secret to anyone. For a long time, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter was inherently associated with anything acid or lime-green. In the attached Instagram post, Billie’s blue ‘ocean eyes’ look all the more beautiful with her rectangular lime-green sunnies.

If you are looking for uber-cool rectangular sunglasses in a greenish hue, look no further than our EDEN 4. These tinted sunnies are incredibly trendy and a great addition to your eyewear vanity. Irrespective of your style or mood, these sunglasses will not let you down!

4.Billie Eilish’s Signature Green Sunglasses

White is truly Billie’s colour. In the attached Instagram picture, wherein the singer had transitioned from her acid-green locks to a more muted brunette, we cannot help but admire her unique personal style and of course the super-sunning white cat-eye shades. The angular dimensions of the sunglasses provide structure to Billie’s oversized attire and tousled hairstyle, offering a semblance of balance.

Want Billie Eilish sunglasses in a cat-eye silhouette and white colour? Our DOVILE SF4 is there for the rescue. These sunglasses look like the twin sibling of Billie’s sunglasses and are a sure-shot way to elevate all your ensembles, whether oversized or form-fitting.

5.Billie Eilish’s Signature Green Sunglasses

Billie’s blonde era is absolutely iconic, and a pop culture moment. When the singer revealed her freshly dyed blonde locks in March 2021, the world went crazy. In an interview, the young singer revealed the deeper reason for her blonde hair. The singer wanted anonymity; she could not go anywhere with her acid-green hair ‘because it was so obviously’ her! Billie stated that with her blonde hair came a new sense of freedom. In the above Instagram post, Billie’s brown corset top and latex pants get a cool and hip touch with her mini black sunnies. And, we are fans!

Crisp black sunglasses are a classy pair and a must-have in everyone’s vanity. If you are looking for Billie Eilish sunnies in a moderately sized silhouette and an opaque black tint, our CHEADLE 3-S is all you need! These sunnies will become a timeless addition to your vanity, and the most loved companion for all your outfits.

Looking for the best black sunglasses to flaunt this season? Our latest blog will make up for a fascinating read!

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