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A Guide To How Long Do Glasses Prescription Last?

A Guide To How Long Do Glasses Prescription Last?

How Long do Prescriptions of Eyeglasses Last: A Crisp Overview

Have you ever wondered if the prescription of your eyeglasses has an expiry date? Well, this might sound a little weird. But the truth is that the eyeglass prescription you receive from the optician has an expiry date. Sounds intriguing right? If you want to know how long do glasses prescriptions last and the ways by which you can optimise your vision, read ahead!


How Long Do Eye Prescriptions Last?

weak eyesight

Caption: There is an expiry date to eyeglass prescriptions

The general consensus among opticians is that an eyeglass prescription is valid for two years. However, if the person experiences eye strain, blurry vision, severe headaches, etc, they should immediately consult an optician and get their prescription strength reexamined.

Incorrect prescription can lead to eye strain, and headaches. Moreover, in extreme cases, the blurry vision caused by incorrect or outdated prescriptions can culminate in serious accidents. Thus, it is essential that you should consider a regular eye test to maintain your eyes’ health and well-being.

Even if the prescription of your glasses remains the same for almost every eye-test, you should prioritise a routine eye test to ensure that there are no potentially sight-threatening eye conditions, like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eyes, etc.

Read more about macular degeneration here!

What Happens If You Get Glasses After Your Prescription Lapses?

You should never try to buy replacement glasses if your prescription has expired. In fact, it is illegal for anyone to sell you spectacles without a prescription. Likewise, in case your eyeglasses prescription expires, you should go for an eye test, and consult a doctor. Always remember, gradual changes in your eyesight or vision might not be obvious. Thus, it is crucial to consult a doctor and go for an eye test if you notice symptoms like-

  • Blurred Vision
  • Squinting to enhance small details
  • Eye-strain
  • A feeling of tired eye
  • Frequent headaches

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the expiry date of eyeglass prescriptions. By adhering to the steps mentioned above, you can ensure that the health of your eyes stay intact and at an optimum state.

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