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Published on March 28, 2021, 2:32 am


Oprah must not be more than 5 when she decided that she won’t live a life she didn’t like. Who knew that the small girl living on an isolated farm in Mississippi would one day grow up to be the “Queen of All Media” or should I say “America's First Lady of Daytime Talk Shows? The title has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Starting from scratch to becoming the visionary entrepreneur that she is today, Oprah made her way up with hard work, persistence and a belief that ‘everything is possible in the world’.

Philanthropist, producer, entrepreneur or actress, the woman has so many shoes to fill. Raising herself to the heights of glory and using her power to elevate others, she is the true example of humanity.

If I made a list of her achievements, I would probably run out of time (and my laptop out of battery). As you understood from the title, I am here to talk about the most famous eyewear looks of Oprah. She has been giving me major eyewear envy for years and now it’s time that I share some of her eyewear achievements with you all.

No matter if she is hosting a show, giving a speech or attending an event, Oprah Winfrey’s glasses game is always on point. And she also seems to have a pretty impressive collection as well. So why not take the style notes from the queen bee herself?

1. Serene But Spunky - Teal Tortoiseshell Glasses

Oprah is a lady of class and honour but boy does she know how to play it cool with her glasses. Tortoiseshells have always been a symbol of class, sophistication and wealth. But, throw some contemporary colours into the mix and you get fantasy eyewear that’s perfect for a bold and eclectic look.


Keeping it fresh

The gentleman here ‘Milton’ is an imitation of Oprah’s Winfrey’s glasses in a teal tortoiseshell pattern. The hipster frame is perfect for the fans of vintage and art. Style it with bold colours or keep it minimal with a muted ensemble and let the colour pop. Milton will inject fun into your outfit and comes with free protective lens coatings. Shop for Milton as your next prescription or fake glasses.


2. Chic And Elegant - Transparent Hot Pink Glasses

Even though she is holding a slice of pizza, I can’t take my eyes off of those beautiful transparent glasses in glowing pink. And I am a real foodie y’all. This picture is from the endorsement of cauliflower crust pizza from her line of products.

Her lilac-pink lip shade and neutral white top are complementing her glasses. This is one of the many reasons why she is a fashion icon even for millennials.


Powerful in Pink

Belph here is playful and sensual. Perfect for every moment, this beauty will make every occasion more special. Want the focus on your glasses? Pair them with lighter hues and soft eye shadow. If you crave a bold look, deep purples, stark black and green have some pretty nice contrast to offer. I like to pair mine with a berry lip, minimal eye makeup, complementary blush and a navy blue buttoned-down dress. Did I just forget to mention my favourite white sneakers? Damn!


3. Shrewd Yet Innocent - Black Cat-Eye Glasses

Oprah is the epitome of the American dream. Being the undisputed queen of daytime television for 25 years is no joke. If I could learn one thing from her that would be her sharp business skills. Just have a look at these sophisticated professional cat-eye glasses? Doesn’t it scream professional?


Black Cat EYE Glasses

Cheshire here has an air of sophistication and professionalism perfect for your office look. Pair it with a power suit and high heel. The clean finish and simple designs will fit well in any company’s culture. I can literally see this frame on a female marketing director.


4. Coral Pink Glasses

What was the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 again? If my memory hasn’t gotten so bad, I guess it was living coral. But that was in 2019 and Oprah wore this frame to women’s E3 summit in DC 2018. Did she set the trend for the year ahead? Well, she has that power in her.


The Height of Cool

The warm, immersive and nourishing hue of Haworth with modern aesthetics and life-affirming shade is for the free-spirited and socialites. Pair it with a subtle red lipstick or a nude shade in brown and complete the look with a dusty white t-shirt, a simple blue jeans and a silk scarf. How’s that for your next laid-back date? Haworth is a unisex frame which means that men can wear it too.


5. ‘No Colour’ Glasses - The New Normal in Eyewear

I see the pattern here. First in pink and now in crystal, Oprah seems like a fan of clear fashion glasses. Well, who isn’t? All the styling guides will tell you to wear your transparent frame with light-toned outfits. But no, you better not talk fashion to the queen of eyewear. She can don it with black or whatever she feels like and still make them work for her.


Clear as Day

The good lad ‘READ’ here ticks all the boxes and has an easy-to-style design that you can wear every day. Dressing up for a special event or dinner with friends, nail every look with the chameleon eyewear. It will blend seamlessly with your look no matter what outfit or accessories you are wearing. Shop for Read as your next prescription & non-prescription glasses for comfortable styling every day.


6. A Staple of Individuality - Mottled Tortoiseshell Glasses

A still from the ‘The Life You Want’ tour, Oprah opted for a purple ensemble and topped it with tortoiseshell glasses in mottled brown and orange tones. She has built an empire out of motivational and inspirational public speaking. Again, she chose to match her warm frame colour with cool purple sending us all inspirational fashion hints.


The Enduring Trend

The classic Wardley is a replica of Oprah’s Winfrey’s glasses above. This vintage-inspired frame is born to steal the show. Turn your casual and preppy looks into a retro dream or add an ultra-chic vibe to your office attire. The wayfarer shape suits every face and occasion. Bring back 80s charm with Wardley.


7. Subtle Shade, Huge Impact - White Round Glasses

The iconic media mogul went for a classic look at the premiere of OWN’S ‘David Makes Man’ in LA. She completed it with round glasses in soothing white and a beaming smile. She was in an all-white ensemble with natural-toned heels.


Not ‘in your face’

The young Hollins in round silhouette and glossy finish will go with any attire. Pair it up with a crop top, white spring jacket, wide-leg trouser and loafer. For home parties, mix and match with a sky blue shirt, tennis skirt and a pair of sneakers. Men may wear this frame with an all-black ensemble or double denim.


What do you think?

Have you decided which of her looks you want to steal? Oprah once said, “You can have it all. Just not all at once”. But I say You Can! You can get all of Oprah’s eyewear looks at Specscart without spending much money. All of these frames are affordable to make sure that finance is not an issue when you buy glasses online.

I’ll keep a close watch on her upcoming eyewear looks and will inform you guys the same as soon as she drops the next eyewear bomb.

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