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Trending now – Dual Tone Glasses

Trending now – Dual Tone Glasses

By A. Mig.. Published on July 2, 2018, 1:25 pm

Trending now – Dual Tone, Two-tone glasses have come a long way from the plain black and brown solid colours. Apart from these two shades, the fashionably conscious had just the option of tortoiseshell material to stand out from thee crowd. But eyewear has become more colourful now – with a dash of red, blue or yellow making the frames look more vibrant. Taking this trend forward are dual tone or ombre frames. They typically have one solid colour that fades at the bottom of the frame. With so many great colour combinations to choose from, they are super fun and unique! Solid black feeling too heavy? Fade the black to a blue for a lighter look! BEN NY2 Get this here

Not just colours, you can also play around with patterns! If you want make a classic pair of tortoise more peppy, blend in a beautiful pastel shade. BEN NY1 Get this here 

The darker and solid shade at the top of the frame defines your face’s features, subtly blending into a lighter hue. Check out this warmer, navy blue pair – 


Get this here

What makes dual tone frames even more fun is that they go with frames of any shape and size. Starting out with rectangular and square shapes, they’ve now taken over cateyes. Our new range Elisa’s an ode to that! It’s no secret that cateyes are super-chic and add a glamorous vintage touch to your look. To make it even more trendy, we’ve Elisa in wine purple colour, fading into spotty pastel at the bottom. ELISA P3 Get this here  

As you prepare to make your wardrobe more colourful this summers, embrace your indecisive side! Why choose between two colours when you don’t have to? Check out a myriad of combinations on


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