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Everything You Need to Know About Black Eye Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Black Eye Treatment

Tony Stark certainly needed a Black Eye treatment the way his face looked during Captain America Civil War. Agree? Yes, that’s how a Black Eye looks like. But why does the Black Eye happen, and how can it be diagnosed and treated? Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to explain all this in this detailed article on Black Eyes. Not only that, but we’ll also talk about how Black Eye affects children and toddlers. Along with that, we will tell you about how treatment for Black Eye bruises can be initiated at home.

Ready to jump on a knowledge train about Black Eyes and Black Eye treatment?

Here you go! To start with let’s understand what Black Eyes mean in technical terms.

What Is a Black Eye?

Black Eye is the discolouration that happens around your eyes as a result of some trauma or injury that happens to the eye or the tissues surrounding it. It’s a bruise or a swelling that happens due to the broken blood vessels beneath your skin. The blood leaking leads to that discolouration which subsides in some days as the skin tissues start absorbing it.

Medically, it is called Periorbital Hematoma. Periorbital here means the tissues surrounding the eye and Hematoma means the accumulation of blood.

The condition can be identified with the help of the discolouration and pain around the affected eye. You may also notice a mild, slowly developing swelling and blurry vision on that eye.

What Are the Causes of Black Eye?

In Tony Stark’s case, Bucky Barnes hit him with his elbow that caused the Black Eye in the movie. In other cases, the cause can be an accident like a ball hitting your face, you walking into something by mistake, etc.

Apart from accidents, surgeries like that of a facelift, nasal surgeries, and cosmetic eye surgeries may lead to a Black Eye bruise.

Sometimes, a Black Eye may be due to skull fracture. That’s why it's essential not to ignore it and get it diagnosed by a professional to find the root cause.

A traumatic impact from dental surgeries, tooth infections, and sinus infection may also lead to Black Eyes.

Stay away from boxing matches, riots, etc. as they are a prominent cause as well.

Conditions Linked to Black Eye

Several conditions like a broken nose, head injury, dengue fever, concussions, haemophilia, epidural hematoma, subdural hematoma, shaken baby syndrome, von Willebrand diseases etc. are associated with Black Eyes. Thus, it is crucial to not take them lightly and consult a doctor for diagnosis and proper treatment.

How Is the Diagnosis of Black Eye Done?

If the cause is a serious head injury, you may notice symptoms like double vision, fainting, and blood or liquid coming out of your nose or ears. In addition to this, some patients even have difficulty moving their eyeball, blood on the eyeball surface and vision loss.

  • Thus, for the diagnosis, your doctors will test in the following way.
  • They will move their finger in front of your eyes and ask you to move your eyes in accordance with it. This activity is done to
  • check the smooth movement of the eyeball.
  • They will shine a light in your eyes and see if your pupils dilate the natural way. It will also help them check any other issues in the eye.
  • They will check the bones around your eyes and on your face to see if there are any fractures that will need to be fixed along with the Black Eye treatment.
  • They will perform an X-ray scan or CT scan if they suspect a bone fracture or a problem inside your eye.
  • They will test for eyeball abrasions by putting a dye in your eye. Abrasion can be a scratch on the front layer of your eyeball (cornea) that may cause discomfort, pain, redness, watery eyes, headaches and sensitivity to light (Photophobia).

For fractures on the face or the eye, you will have to visit the ENT specialist for treatment. For head injuries, a neurosurgeon will be the right professional. For the remaining, an ophthalmologist will be an ideal doctor for helping you treat the Black Eye. But how is Black Eye treatment done? Let’s get to know it next.

Black Eye Treatment and Recovery

Usually, Black Eye treatment and recovery happen naturally. It takes the body about 2 to 3 weeks to make this happen.

While this occurs, you must take extreme care of your eyes. You can follow the following methods for your Black Eye treatment at home:

Cold compress: Use a bag of ice cubes or frozen peas for a cold compress on the region of the black eye. Doing this will help reduce the temperature of the area and decrease the swelling if there’s any.

Warm compress:

Massage:To speed up the process of healing, massage the area around the Black Eye gently with your fingers.

Medicines: If the pain is unbearable, ask your doctor if you can have a pain killer like Ibuprofen. They will most probably say you can, yet it’s better to ask before you consume.

Eat fruits and vegetable rich in antioxidants: Fruits like pineapples and oranges have anti-oxidants and enzymes that are anti-inflammatory. Thus, they help decrease the swelling and speed up the healing process.

Consume vitamin C and K: These vitamins help the same way. They strengthen your blood vessels, reduce the swelling and therefore, enhance the process by giving your body the medicinal benefits it needs to cure the Black Eye.

You can also make use of Burberry extract and Arnica (a herbal remedy) to ease the Black Eye treatment. Along with that, make sure you take good care and do not expose your eyes to anything bad. Especially, make sure you do not put raw meat/steak on your eyes as they show in the movies, as it is full of bacteria and may lead to infection in no time. That will only spell more trouble for you instead.

Black Eye in Children and Toddlers

Children and toddlers are more prone to Black Eyes considering the way they roam around here and there. It’s easier for them to get bumped or get a ball hit on their head or eyes that may lead to a Black Eye. Also, because their skin is much more sensitive than adults, children are more susceptible to back eyes.

Black Eye treatment in toddlers can be done using a cold compress every 20 to 30 minutes to reduce the pain and swelling the child might be facing.

If this doesn’t help, you must get in touch with a doctor. Check out for the following complaints as well. Ask the child if they can move their eyeballs without trouble. Check if they speak of double or blurry vision. Have a look into their eyes and check for redness, swellings in the white region of the eye and cuts or scratches in the eye. The latter might be a sign that some foreign troublemaking particle has entered their eye.

See if they complain of headache, nausea and vomiting. Also, have a look at their nose and ears and check for bleeding or liquid discharge. Their unusual drowsiness or loss of consciousness is also a serious symptom. Thus, you must take them to the doctor as soon as possible to make sure Black Eye treatment happens in time and smoothly.

Ask the child to not rub their eyes and make sure they take enough rest and don’t bump again. Keep using ice packs or a bag full of frozen peas around their eyes to help reduce the swelling until the Black Eye heals. Make them consume healthy and nutritious food rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and K, to help the body speed up the process of the Black Eye treatment.

If there’s no blow or trauma, yet the Black Eye exists, then there is a possibility that the child has Myeloid Leukaemia. Black Eye is one of the early symptoms of this disease which is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. It happens due to abnormally high immature white blood cells.

How Can Specscart Help With Black Eyes?

The Treatment

Unfortunately, we can’t help you directly with your Black Eye treatment. But we can certainly help you prevent Black Eyes. This can be done through glasses that will act as a barrier to anything that comes to harm your eyes, be it someone’s punch or a football.

Additionally, the Anti-UV and Anti-Glare coating that’s free with all our eyewear will help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and Photophobia. Wearing lenses with such coatings will make the process of Black Eye treatment faster and easier as you don’t have any new troubles to face.

You can also choose Photochromic lenses from Specscart which will help you roam around indoors and outdoors without worrying about the UV light. That’s important because UV light can increase the irritation that comes with sensitivity to light if you have black eye. In case you are not aware, Photochromic lenses are made such that they darken according to the amount of UV light exposed to them and become clear again as you get indoors where there’s less UV light to harm you.

Other symptoms that come with Black Eye are blurry vision and pain. And you would certainly not want to increase these due to ill-effects of blue light that your digital devices emit. Since avoiding digital screens is not possible considering the day and age we live in, we need to find a solution that’s feasible and effective.

One and the most appropriate solution is anti-blue light glasses, also known as blue blocker glasses by some people. These filter out the blue light and prevent Computer Vision Syndrome from happening.

The syndrome includes eye strains, headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision, along with sensitivity towards bright light. You ought to avoid these if you want to increase the pace and decrease the pain during your black eye treatment.

To add to all this, blue light glasses also help you stay clear of insomnia and avoids the increased risk of diabetes, depression and obesity that comes with blue light.

The Look

Okay, so a major problem for many people with Black Eyes is their looks. The condition can ruin your appeal, even if it’s only for a few days. We don't mean that looks should surpass priority in comparison to health, they cannot. But looks are still important, especially if you have an interview, a client meeting, a wedding or any event that can’t be postponed or cancelled and needs you to look your best.

So, how do you go ahead with that Black Eye hampering your looks?

You choose designer and ultra-stylish frames that help take away the attention from your Black Eyes. In fact, the ones that Specscart has for you, with captivating full-rims in different hues and textures does a splendid job at driving the attention to your scintillating set of eyes. Thus, getting your beautiful eyes the attention they deserve.

You can choose from any of the hard to resist frames we have for you. These are available in all styles including charismatic cat-eyes, retro rounds, classic rectangles, wondrous squares, ageless pilots glasses, gorgeous geometrics, outstanding ovals and more. That too, in mesmerising patterns like tortoiseshell and camouflage. You can have these as non-prescription or prescription glasses, whatever your choice.

Another way to amp up your looks is by using a pair of oversized sunglasses that may even hide your Black Eye. However, you might not be able to use them in indoor events.

Whatever your way of styling, you will find the right pair at Specscart. Grab it today!

You can always choose our free home trial service while we promise most dispatches within 24 hours with free shipping and returns.

Get going! Speed up your Black Eye treatment with glasses today!

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