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The Trouble of Foreign Object in Eye - Know the Solution Today

The Trouble of Foreign Object in Eye - Know the Solution Today

Anything from outside the body i.e., a foreign object in eye can cause a lot of trouble. It might be dust, an eyelash or may be a chemical. Anything of such sort is not healthy for the eyes. The outermost layers - the conjunctiva and the cornea may get scarred or severely damaged. The worst case scenario is damaged vision.

All That You Need to Know About Foreign Object in Eye

As already mentioned the foreign object may be dust, eyelashes or chemicals. The latter usually come through cosmetics. Yes, that’s why it’s crucial to use high-quality eye makeup that’s organic and does not contain any preservatives that are not very healthy for the eyes.

Foreign Object in Eye

Apart from these, dirt or sand particles may enter your eye. This is especially possible if there is some construction work happening in the area you live in or around. Or maybe you live near the beach or a stormy area. Additionally, these can also enter your eyes while driving on the road if the roads and surroundings are not clean.

If there is any woodwork happening around, there’s a possibility of sawdust entering your eyes. When such dirt, sand or sawdust enters your eyes and you wear contact lenses, the particles may stick on the lenses and cause even more trouble. Contact lenses are a foreign body in the eye too. They block the flow of oxygen to the eye, thus causing dryness and irritation. So, it’s always recommended to wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. More so, because apart from eye protection and convenience of handling them, eyeglasses help put forth a style statement that makes you stand class apart. Thus, making a notable presence wherever you go.

The other types of foreign objects in the eye can be metal particles or glass shards. These can enter your eyes due to some accident and similar scenarios.

Additionally, things like dried mucus or even fibre from your clothes may become a reason for causing irritation in your eyes. You ought to remove these foreign objects as quickly as possible to minimise the possible damage and get rid of the discomfort quickly. We’ll dive into the process of how to remove foreign object from eye at home, but first, let’s understand the symptoms of a foreign object in eyes.

Symptoms - How Do You Know About the Foreign Object in Eye

Of the obvious symptom - a feeling that there’s something in your eye, you will experience a few others that will make it clear for you. For instance, you will have a sensation of pain or discomfort. This discomfort may cause you to cry and the tears eventually will wash away the foreign object.

Symptoms Foreign Object in Eye

You might also feel extreme blinking or tearing or an unusual pain when looking towards the light. For some people there’s also a feeling of pressure, along with redness in the eyes. This redness gives the eyes another name - bloodshot eyes. They are caused due to expansion of blood vessels that are on the surface of the eye. In a few cases, you might also experience discharge or blood from your eyes.

Prevention - How to Reduce the Chances of Trouble With Foreign Object In Eye

Foreign objects do not give you any primitive symptoms. They can enter your eyes during the most common of everyday activities. So, due to lack of being able to anticipate their entrance and irritation that's further caused, you ought to take steps to prevent them in the first place.

The best and the most effective way to do this is wearing glasses. A pair of eyeglasses will block the dust, dirt or chemical at quite a great extent and thus, protect you from them. For example, if you are mowing the lawn or driving in a dusty or windy area, the glasses will prevent the grass, dirt and dust from entering your eyes.

In case you are performing any activities that raise the chances of foreign objects entering your eyes, then you must opt for safety eyewear or wraparound glasses. For instance, this eyewear will be useful if you or someone around you is drilling or working with a saw and hammer or scraping wood that may lead to sawdust all around.

Home Remedies - How to Remove Foreign Object From Eye at Home

The initial steps require you to ensure some don’ts rather than dos. You need to make sure that you don’t touch your eyes with unwashed hands. Take care not to rub your eyes as it may lead the foreign object to cause a corneal abrasion.

How to Remove Foreign Object From Eye at Home

Also, ensure that you don’t use any cotton swabs or tweezers or sharp objects trying to remove the object from your eyes. That may worsen your situation and may even hurt the eyeball.

To find what the foreign object is you need to check the eye properly. Look in the mirror and open your eyes widely. Pull your lower lid below and look upwards. Next, pull your upper lid up and look downwards in the mirror to check the particle.

You can wash your eyes with clean or saline water to remove the speck. In the case of chemicals, wash the eyes again and again after every 15-30 minutes.

If you wear contact lenses, do not remove them. That’s mostly the first reaction of patients. Check first if you have a chemical injury or swelling. In that case, do not remove the contact lenses.

Most foreign object in eye get stuck in the upper region. A great way to remove such a particle at home is by putting this eye in a container with water (a flat container would do). Inside the water, you need to blink repeatedly and the object would come out eventually. You can also get an eyecup from a drug store, it helps in the same way as the container does.

If the foreign object in eye is stuck in the lower part, you can first look at it under sufficient lighting by pulling the lower eyelid downwards. Try an eyecup if you have it to remove the stuck object. You can also use a damp cotton swab to pick up the speck of particles or rinse the eye with water to flush out the object.

If the particles are too many, the container method works well. Just immerse the eye affected into water, open and close it and make the particles fall out.

Time to Get in Touch With the Physician.

In case you couldn’t remove the foreign object in eye. Or don’t feel comfortable even after removing it. Maybe you keep blinking or still have watery eyes and swellings even after the removal, then you ought to visit the eye physician. That’s important because if not treated in time and in the correct way, the foreign object in eye may result in something bigger like a damage in vision.

The doctor will first use an anaesthetic drop to numb the eye’s surface. A dye called Fluorescein will be used to reveal abrasions and the object that might have entered.

Using a magnifier next, the doctor will find the particle and then remove it with their expert methods. Initially, though the doctor will also use the same methods as that of rinsing out the eye with water or using a cotton swab. However, if that doesn’t work they will use some instruments like needles and remove the object for you.

The doctor may give you some ointment to prevent infections that may happen in case of abrasions. For further examination, they’ll do a CT scan and find out if you need to be recommended to an even experienced doctor like an ophthalmologist.

However, once the object is removed you should be out of any discomfort or pain within a period ranging a few hours to a couple of days.

This is worth repeating here. Please make sure not to use any instruments in your eyes or any medicines without talking to the doctor first. You might damage the cornea or the eye lens while doing so when you try to remove the foreign object. This may lead to much more troublesome infections or even vision loss. Thus it is crucial to take extreme care and visit the doctor if you cannot remove the particles with easy and no risk methods at home.

How Can Specscart Help?

You can protect your eyes with the help of eyeglasses bought at Specscart. It is the best way to address the ‘prevention is better than cure’ adage. Specscart makes it even better by providing fully loaded lenses. By the term fully loaded, we mean that all lenses have a free layer of anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings that make them even more adept at protecting you.

These eyeglasses are not only great when it comes to preventing, but also when by any chance you get a foreign object in sight. As you now know, that the particle can increase discomfort and sensitivity towards light. Eyeglasses with the anti-glare and anti-UV coating will help against that and make your eyes feel comfortable.

When you already wear eyeglasses, it is also necessary to make sure they are clean at all times. If your eyeglasses are dirty there’s a higher chance of dirt or dust to enter your eyes and irritate you.

We have a solution for this too. To keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses clean, Specscart has a complete eyewear cleaning kit, this includes an anti-microbial cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth that together remove every speck of dirt and dust from your eyewear and make it squeaky clean. The kit also has a screwdriver to tighten the screws of your frames if they get loose with time.

Specscart also is the industry leader when it comes to blue light glasses. These are another type of eyewear that helps you shield your eyes against the blue light which can not only cause discomfort and sensitivity towards the light but also against insomnia, computer vision syndrome, depression, obesity, and diabetes. These are all consequences of prolonged exposure towards blue light that the screens of our digital devices emit.

Also, the company makes sure to be light on your pockets when you are trying to correct your vision and protect your eyes. Not only are stylish frames super affordable, but they are also shipped free. You can avail a free glasses home trial for 7 days by ordering a package of 4 frames to try from the comfort of your home. Moreover, unlike many other brands, Specscart doesn’t charge you for returns and in fact, it follows a no questions asked policy of 30 days.

With so many incredible services, the company also offers to reglaze glasses to save you some hard-earned money. If you already have a frolic set of frames and need only the lenses changed, we’ll do it for you. All you need to do is share your prescriptions and send your frames to us. And if the frames are fit for the required lenses we’ll reglaze your glasses as a new pair that you will love flaunting.

All these services and our designer frames are being loved by people all around the world. How do we know that? Well, through the incredible reviews our customers have blessed us with on reputed sites like Trustpilot and Google. So, if you still aren’t convinced of the style, comfort and quality that you get by buying glasses online at Specscart in order to protect your eyes from anything like foreign objects, have a look at the reviews. We’re sure you’ll love shopping with us and the eyeglasses that protect your eyes in style.

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To avail all these services and enjoy some pampering protection for your eyes, we suggest grabbing a hunky dory pair of glasses right away! How about checking out a few designer frames this very minute?

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