What glasses do celebrities wear to parties?

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Published on December 6, 2018, 11:45 am

What glasses do celebrities wear to parties?

Want a quick peek in celebrity glasses? It’s always a delight to see your favourite celebrities with glasses they admire. Our life is extended with instances where we love a prominent personality, music or film and often their real-life persona and style. Most celebrities are indeed known for their fashion statement aside from their work on the screen. Celebrities love wearing glasses and accessories it with their look, it's a new trend that they are quick to accompany in their lifestyle. You can see almost all celebrities wearing glasses, the reason behind it could be they are always photographed at almost every place in their life and glasses are a splendid way to hide the tiredness and exhaustion while still looking sophisticated or simply for fashion. You don't really need a reason to use lipstick or wear a designer watch, you just love the idea of its design or effects and how it amplifies your look, it works the same with glasses. 

A lot of celebrities like Rihanna, Jay Z are exceptionally fond of glasses and sunglasses because they consider them to be a tremendous part of their fashion accessory. If you are looking for some inspiration from celebrities who wear glasses and their type of selection in designs and style then you are in for a treat. 

The holiday season is just around the corner which means, it’s time to put on the party shoes & get the look together. Master how to enhance your party look with these eyeglasses for a timeless and easy Christmas. The fashion market is transitioning with eyeglasses becoming an important appurtenance you need to complete your look. Because now glasses are not just a necessity but an accessory too. And what better inspiration than celebrities to help you up your glamour quotient this season. A party looks which you can steal this Christmas.

Here’s the list of your favorite celebrity glasses:

Rihanna killing the fashion game with Vintage Cat-eye Glasses 

Celebrities with glasses on

(Image source: https://www.thecut.com/2015/09/beautiful-young-things-at-rihannas-fw-party.html, https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/jay-z-and-beyonc-allegedly-split-up-for-a-year-because-of-rihanna-news.18356.html)

Rihanna was spotted wearing the modern vintage cat-eye glasses and looks camera ready with these glasses. Cat-eye glasses are suitable for setting the modern chic mood on and rocking every outfit! Square black glasses spotted by Rihanna are another look that is irresistible; you’ll end up wearing them all year long. They are guaranteed to fit almost any occasion and outfit. It looks good on both men and women. Rihanna set the standard among celebrities in glasses female and is loved as the best out of all celebrities wearing glasses 2019 because her style preference is a mix of trend and retro, just what this generation searches for. 

Mariah Carey in her matching Aviators 

Mariah Carey is one of the celebrities in aviator sunglasses that sway them in and out on any occasion. Her style is pretty evocative and elegant in design. Mariah Carey is a type of celebrity who is often seen in aviator sunglasses who don’t really follow the trend but rather sticks with designs that have a memorable name attached to it. The matching golden coat with the golden aviators establishes her at the top of the list in one of the most impressive celebrities wearing glasses 2019. Mariah loves wearing aviators sunglasses while she is stepping out of her house or when she is on her vocations. 

Prince William with his Royal Frames

The royal blood love's glasses in a simple yet sophisticated manner similar to their nature. Prince William is among the various celebrities wearing prescription glasses. There are very few who own the look of a normal design rectangular frame among the various celebrities' prescription glasses. Prince William wayfarer glasses are among the top hit in celebrities glasses 2019. Black wayfarers are so versatile they set on with every occasion and wear. The rectangular frame is one of the favourites in celebrity geek glasses and was voted as the best design in celebrities wearing glasses 2017 collections. It’s simple, nostalgic and effortlessly carries out its job. 

Kit Harrington in his Adorable Round glasses

One of the good-looking male celebrities in glasses is undoubtedly Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington. One of the most voted male celebrity glasses 2018 is what makes the metal round frames an ultimate babe. Metal glasses are in the highest demand right now for its youthful and effortless fashionable design and celebrities with circle glasses represent a beauty to behold. Kit Harringtons is one of the celebrities who wear glasses in real life and he perfectly gets our memo of making glasses your style companion rather than just a medical device. Steal his style before it becomes a more massive hit in celebrity glasses 2020 because round frames nostalgia never seems to get old. 

Get in line when Sherlock himself approves.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the celebrities with square glasses that rock them to perfection. He is also one of the celebrities wearing clear glasses but he always switches to his sophisticated and classic pair of square frames. Benedict Cumberbatch, like his famous character Sherlock Holmes, needs his glasses almost all the time so he plays them in an elegant style. He doesn’t go after the current trend but rather adhere with the vintage design. He is one of the celebrities who wear glasses all the time, so he selects frames that are versatile like his acting and black-framed glasses are the one which does perfect justice. A black frame is simple and solid in design that sets extraordinary with every occasion and outfit. 

There are many types of designs that your favourite wears from time to time like celebrities hipster glasses, celebrities cat eyeglasses, celebrity champagne glasses, etc. You can find all sorts of numerous styles that your favourite is doing right now at Specscart. 

Eyewear for Christmas parties

(Image source: https://www.eonline.com/photos/22974/celebrities-celebrate-the-holidays-2017-christmas-new-year-and-more/816188 )

This Christmas add glitter to your outfit with colourful reflective glasses. One way to show the groovy and modern side to complement your multidimensional lifestyle. Celebrate the season with eyeglasses that can be creative in appearance. Dial-up Santa early this Christmas. Log on to Specscart and gift yourself the long-awaited celeb look. 

Christmas parties may be crowded but with the eyeglasses accessory adds a unique style statement to your party look. Don’t wait for the sunshine, spruce up your look with Specscart’s wide range of glasses to express your individual style this Christmas.

Wait for what? Outstands your Christmas look with Rihanna-inspired style, or check out more here:

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