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As lockdown restrictions are being eased gradually, people are raring to go out with new accessories. Having experimented with Work From Home glasses in the past year, it is safe to say that the summer collection of 2021 is raging with both fresh, experimental statements and timeless classics.

In this blog, you’ll find the following eyewear trends-

Here are some of my favourite eyeglasses trends that are going to rule throughout the year:

1. Oversized Frames : Style And Protection

Oversized Frames

An incredible variety of over-sized frames clearly shows that the pandemic has affected this year’s glasses trends. We can see more big-sized frames that cover our eyes, and provide protection against the virus, according to some experts. Eyewear trends are slowly shifting from micro, mid-90 frames to huge face-shielding options. However, the retro “granddaddy glasses” are back in fashion. These blue mirror sunglasses will not let you go unnoticed.

Oversized Glasses

The classic black colour is very versatile, it is as comfortable on casual occasions as formal ones. To bring the best out of it, wear it with a blazer.

2. Thin Rim Frames : For Understated Elegance

Thin Rim Frames

Thin rim glasses are my personal favourite. There’s nothing more chic than a sleek pair of gold or rose-gold rimmed metal frame. Pair them with basic plain colours, and you’re not going to look anything less than an Instagram influencer.

These glasses are totally elegant and formal, and go best with formal wear. So if you have an important meeting coming up or want a new look at work, try one of these metal glasses.

3. Round Glasses : Not Just For The Wizards

Round Glasses

Though round glasses have been in trend since the past several years, the metal-rimmed round frames from the 80s and 90s are getting more attention this season. Try these round frame high-nose bridge glasses because there’s nothing better than round glasses in nude colours to help you style effortlessly, yet elegantly.

Round Glasses

Round glasses are not just for the Harry Potter fans these days. People turn to them to add a quirky or fashionable touch to their look. If you have an angular face shape with sharp jawlines, round glasses are made for you!

4. Wooden Frames: For All Things Natural

Wooden Frames

These styles were already a part of eyewear collection, though they never made it to the hot trend list. However, modified designs with more wearable options and added colours, wooden glasses are ready to fill all the optical stores around the UK. Pair with your funkiest outfits and ace the 2021 glasses trend.

Wooden glasses give a raw, vintage appeal to any look. They are incredibly stylish, not to mention super strong. Wear them with a tee and denims for an effortless look.

5. Transparent Rims : Easy-To-Wear Glamour


One of the eyewear styles from last year that has again made its place in the hot trends of the season (and why not) is the clear, transparent frames style. With added glamour of subtle pastel tints like light blue, pink, green, peach and grey, and unique designs like half metal and half-transparent, clear-glasses are here to stay for many more seasons.

Transparent Glasses

Clear glasses are a fresh, fun style that easily raise your style quotient. You can even wear them to weddings and similar events with colour coordination. For example, dusty blue clear frames will look great with a blue dress. Totally transparent glasses are of course the most flexible.

6. Geometric Glasses : No Hard Maths

Geometric Frames

Ditching those micro frames that were trending last year, the eyewear market has presented more wearable options, though with added funk. Geometric glasses like octagon, hexagon, square and rectangle are excellent to highlight or accentuate your facial features, especially if you have a round face. Look at these grey lilac octagon glasses, perfect for both party night-overs and professional meet-ups.

Geometric glasses go best with crisp shirts and pants. If you're going for a silver geometric pair, consider getting light blue shirts.

7. Cat-Eye Glasses: Where All The Bold Ladies At?

Cat-Eye Glasses

Another retro classic, the gorgeous cat-eye glasses with exaggerated rims, classic tortoise or bright colours on a crystalline body are sure to amp up your style statement when you go for brunch with your girlfriends. Whatever mood you find yourself into- the bossy babe or the naughty mystery, you have a frame for every game. Have a look at these gradient dusty purple and magenta cat-eye glasses.

Cat eye Glasses

For the ultimate power look, we recommend cat eye glasses with formal wear like pant suits. Nothing speaks confidence more than you walking the hallway in a formal suit with a pair of Specscart cat-eyes.

8. Blue Light Reading Lenses

Last but not the least - eye care is the biggest eyewear trend! The lockdown has made us all spend far more on-screen hours than what our eyes can bear. Blue light rays are a part of the sunlight spectrum. They move with extremely high energy and hence cause damage to human eyes like cataract, macular degeneration, Dry Eye Syndrome. I have had a hard time struggling with dry, irritated eyes.

Fortunately, it was not too late when I discovered blue light blocking glasses. Now that people are becoming aware of the ill-effects of blue light, more and more of them will be purchasing anti-blue light glasses in 2021.

If you think these eyewear trends helped you, make sure to check out our list of the 10 best black sunglasses of 2021.

The information provided in this blog is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns about your eye health, you should always consult your GP or a qualified medical professional.

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