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How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

As the name suggests, gaming glasses are eyewear specially designed for people who game. Every intricate detail of these monocles, from their frame design to the lens structure to the coating infused is meticulously crafted to reduce the eyestrain that gamers experience, thereby improving their performance. Online gaming mandates that you sit and stare at a digital screen, whether it is a gaming console, laptop, phone, etc., for hours.

Thus, the result can be potential vision problems because of being exposed to excessive amounts of artificial blue light rays. In such a context, special gaming glasses come to the rescue. As they are infused with special anti-blue light lenses, gaming monocles prohibit the amount of blue light from reaching your pupils. Besides, some gaming glasses also have special features like anti-glare technology, slight magnification, tinted lenses, and more.

In this blog, we will check out how gaming glasses work, and delve further into the topic.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

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In today’s day and age, the gaming community is more than 3 billion people strong, and access to affordable digital devices like smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops, etc., has increased at an unprecedented rate. The dopamine release from clearing every game level, the belongingness you feel being a part of a community, and the near-organic experiences that present-day games offer are phenomenal.

Thus, it is understandable why people are indulging in online gaming sessions for prolonged hours. However, prolonged gaming means staring at digital screens for endless hours, which can gradually cause digital eye strain, eye irritation, headaches, and blurry vision.

To mitigate such ill effects, gaming glasses come to the rescue. Gaming glasses work by blocking the blue light emitted from digital screens of gaming devices. Thus, the result is that even after long hours of indulging in your favourite video game, problems like digital eye strain, sleep disruption, headaches, etc., won’t plague you easily. So, your gaming efficiency and performance bolsters and the risk of long-term eye damage and other serious problems also vanishes.

Besides, gaming glasses also work to reduce glare from the TV screen or monitors and enhance the gaming experience. Some gaming glasses have tinted lenses to accentuate depth perception and contrast of colours so that you can see the details on the screen more vividly and clearly. All such features ensure that the reactions of the gamer are improved.

Want an all-around and comprehensive overview of gaming glasses? Our latest blog will make for a fascinating read!

Specscart’s gaming glasses are not like anything else you find in the market. They are customisable with an anti-blue light coating (at a nominal charge) that is a class apart from the rest. Typical gaming glasses are simply plated with a blue light coating, which can potentially rip off, in the future after constant wear and tear.

However, you can add a blue-light filter to your Specscart’s gaming glasses with an anti-blue light technology that is infused into the monomer of the screen. Thus, our gaming glasses possess in-built anti-blue light qualities, meaning that a greater percentage of blue light is being blocked, and life expectancy is increased.

Are Blue Light Glasses Really Effective?

The short and crisp answer is yes, gaming glasses are effective in mitigating eye strain, bolstering visual clarity, and improving your performance as a gamer. Various studies have found that blue light-blocking spectacles can calm down the symptoms of digital eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, and blurry vision.

For instance, a recent peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that students who wore blue-light-blocking spectacles for a week experienced a reduction in eye strain symptoms as compared to those who did not. However, they enjoy the full effects of gaming glasses, it is essential to opt for high-quality and performance-oriented variants.

Our video on how blue light glasses work will clarify all your doubts regarding how the lenses of gaming glasses work.

Best Lens Tints for Gaming Glasses

Let us wrap up the article by checking out some of the most beneficial lens tints that you can add to your gaming glasses for an enhanced experience and better performance.

Amber Lenses

They have a yellowish tint that blocks about 65 percent of the blue light rays emitted by the digital screens of blue light devices. In addition, amber lenses also enhance visual contrast so that you can see minute details of the video game more vividly.

Light Yellow Lenses

These tints block 35 percent of the blue light emitted by digital devices. However, the yellowish hue of these lenses is comparatively less. If you want the visual acuity of an amber-tinted lens but are averse to its stark tones, then such lenses are a great option.

Improve Your Gaming Experience and Safeguard Your Vision by Opting for Gaming Glasses

Experience the goodness of gaming in its full glory by opting for gaming glasses that make a difference. Specscart gaming eyewear collection includes lenses infused with X-blue technology, which you can further get at a nominal price. So, keep digital eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, and other issues at bay by choosing gaming spectacles.

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