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Introduction to Gaming Glasses

Introduction to Gaming Glasses

The gaming community has witnessed a monumental rise in recent times. According to Statista, there are a whopping 3.24 billion active gamers worldwide. Various reasons, such as the widespread availability of and access to digital devices like gaming consoles and smartphones, the emergence of new markets, such as e-sports and game streaming, diversification of content, etc., have fueled the phenomenal growth of the gaming community.

However, such expansion is also accompanied by several problems, most of which go unnoticed by gamers. And, one such issue pertains to eye health. Excessive gaming can cause vision problems, which in turn, deteriorates your gaming efficiency. In such a context, gaming glasses come to the rescue. In this blog, we will delve into the A to Z of gaming glasses and clear the air about eyesight-protecting devices.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

As the name suggests, gaming glasses are eyewear specially designed for people who game. Every minute detail of these spectacles, from their body to the lenses and the fit to the coating is meticulously crafted to reduce the eyestrain experienced by gamers and bolster their performance.

Any type of online gaming includes staring continuously at a digital screen, be it a computer monitor, TV screen, or mobile device. Thus, the result of prolonged gaming is not just a dopamine release after clearing another level, but potential vision problems. Thus, gaming glasses filter out the detrimental artificial blue light rays from digital screens, and protect the eyesight of gamers.

Why Use Gaming Glasses?

Despite being a sedentary activity, gaming is quite adrenaline-inducing. Your entire body and mind are focused on clearing different levels and acing the game. Thus, the implication is that your eyes are also compelled to concentrate on a digital screen for several hours. In due course of time, blue light can cause poor vision, and issues like eye strain, eye irritation and headaches are bound to prop up.

To keep the harms of blue light at bay, and improve your overall efficiency as a gamer, opting for gaming glasses can help. They mitigate the exposure to blue light and reduce digital eye strain. Simply put, digital eye strain occurs when you stare at a screen for too long. It can facilitate or aggravate other symptoms of vision deterioration, like headaches.

Moreover, the lenses of gaming glasses are also equipped with anti-glare technology to reduce the glare from the TV or computer monitor. The lenses are also tinted to enhance depth perception and contrast of colours so that you can see the details on the screen more vividly and clearly. Such add-ons are there to improve the reactions of the gamer and are deemed quite useful for fast-paced games.

Want to know how to choose the best gaming glasses? Read our latest blog!

Key Features of Gaming Glasses

The best-quality gaming glasses are equipped with the following features -

  • Anti-reflective Coating

  • The lenses of gaming glasses are infused with a special coating that reduces reflections and glare from digital screens. Such a feature can increase your ability to focus on the game, facilitate quicker reactions and decrease visual stress.

    Indulge in the most invigorating gaming experiences, while keeping your eyesight safe with our FRANKLEY 3. These gaming glasses not only offer immaculate anti-glare features but also feel feather-light and look super-stylish. Shop with us and get an anti-reflective coating for free!

  • Anti-blue Coating

  • A major responsibility of gaming glasses is to inhibit artificial blue light from reaching your eyes. So, the best gaming spectacles are equipped with an anti-blue light coating that reduces eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision.

    Sturdy, lightweight, and snugly fitting, our CHELVEY 2 is the perfect glasses for all gamers. Customisable with anti-blue light coating for a nominal price, these glasses will filter a majority of the harmful blue light emitted by the screens of your gaming devices.

  • Yellow Tint

  • Some of the gaming glasses are infused with yellow-tinted lenses. They further reduce the amount of blue light entering our eyes, sharpen contrast, and see details vividly.

    Looking for gaming glasses that make a difference? Our BROSELEY 4 has got your back. These high-performing gaming spectacles are customisable with various solid lens tints for free. You can also infuse gradient and polarised tints on your BROSELEY 4 for a nominal charge of £15 and £45, respectively.

  • Slight Magnification

  • Last but not least, gaming glasses also offer a small degree of magnifying power to reduce squinting, prevent eye strain, and help you focus better on the game.

    Your search for resilient and long-lasting gaming glasses ends with our TAMWORTH 3. With a wide lens area, comfortable frames, and stylish design, these glasses are sure to elevate your gaming experience.

Get Premium Glasses to Boost Your Gaming Experience

The gaming glasses of Specscart are a class apart from the rest. Equipped with free anti-glare and scratch resistance and customisable with blue light coatings for a nominal fee, these frames are sure to enhance your gaming experience while shielding your vision.

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