Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022 is Veri Peri, and very cool!

Halina Tseng

Published on January 19, 2022, 12:39 pm

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022 is Veri Peri, and very cool!

Pantone brings forth the universal language of colour that enables colour critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and designers. Pantone standards feature different colour specifications and workflow tools.

Millions of designers and producers rely around the world on Pantone products. Pantone Lifestyle brings colour and design together across dresses, homes, and accessories. Its services help to define, communicate and control colour from inspiration and realisation.

The Pantone colour system is used to identify colours used in the pictures. Colours appear differently in different light conditions and the use of Pantone colours will help to choose the exact shade.

What does Very Peri signify?

Every year, Pantone declares one colour as the colour of the year. This year the colour of the year is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri. It is described as a dynamic blue shade with violet and red undertone. Very Peri brings an innovative perspective and vision of a trusted and beloved blue colour family. This colour displays a lively attitude and a strong presence that encourages creativity and expressions.

It is a new Pantone colour whose bold presence encourages personal incentives and creativity. It signifies the symbol of the global spirit of the movement and the change that we are going through. The colour describes the fusion of modern life and how the mode of colour in the digital world is being shown in the physical world and vice versa.

Very Peri represents carefree confidence and a daring interest that keeps alive our spirit, inquisitive and interesting. It also helps us to welcome the landscape of possibilities and opens up a new vision as we rephrase our lives.

Specscart - A little start with a perfect continuation

We originated at the University of Manchester in the year 2017. It was founded by Sid Sethi who wanted people to buy eyewear at a reasonable rate and not to suffer from any eye problem. When he was studying at Manchester University, his pair of glasses broke just before the night of his exam. He went out to buy glasses where he found that glasses were locked in shelves just like a showpiece and the cost was huge. That made him take the step to establish a company where one can find eyewear easily and change the perspective of the eyewear. And thus Specscart was born with ambition and the urge to help people with the easy availability of eyewear glasses and is always in the making of something new.

Colour and Logo - Importance

The primary colour of Specscart originated from our birthplace, the University of Manchester. The colour of the logo reflects Manucian values of pride, passion, creativity and welcoming. The glasses shape not only denotes glasses but also is a symbol of infinity, which denotes endless responsibilities for us. The sharp lines of the edges represent precision and dependability.

We want to create innovative ideas and new inventions with quality and quantity. We wanted to create the concept of buying more frames at the same time. The dot in the logo tells us that our search for all eyewear needs ends here.

Pantone colour similarity with Specscart

Just like Pantone brings innovations, creative imagination with a particular vision, Specscart also does the same. Creating a new colour in the history of Pantone colour educational colour signifies a change in the global innovation and changes are taking place.

Specscart is a company with many ambitions and goals for the future with a mission to have people choosing eyewear more as a fashion accessory and also people who need them. The attitude of Very Peri and Specscart are similar in the way that they both want to bring a change in the mindsets of the people with their creative ideas and imagination.

Pantone Colour Institute in the business field advises companies to use colour for brand and product identity. And this year the colour and the motive both match with Specscart as both of them have a similar motive and ambition for the future.

At the end, we find that both of them have ambition, goals and a positive attitude to bring a change in the society and also change the mindset of the people with new innovations and creativity.

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