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How to protect eyes from blue light.

How to protect eyes from blue light.

Once you know the effects of blue light exposure, you would be in search of ways to protect eyes from blue light. Whatever your age, gender and life may seem like, all of us are equally involved in this condition. How many times do you have to rub your eyes while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix? Do you spend hours in front of your laptop, trying to meet the deadlines at work? Or are you a social butterfly, constantly on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram?

No matter what the age, occupation or habits, a lot of us spend countless hours facing a digital screen; be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. But all of this comes with a cost. These digital screens emit blue light, which causes irreversible damage to our eyes over time. Read on to find what blue light is and how drastically it affects our eyes.

What exactly is blue light?

What we refer to as light can be divided into two parts – visible and non-visible spectrum. Blue light is a specific wavelength of the visible spectrum, which is also found in the rays of the sun.

Get to the bottom of the harmful light by looking in to the spectrum

Blue light isn’t harmful in itself, it’s the overexposure - that’s a concern. And let’s face it – most of us are overexposed to it today. It wasn’t a concern earlier when we weren’t hooked to digital devices – the sun would go down and our eyes would get a break.

But now that we’re on our phones and laptops constantly, our eyes don’t get that much-needed break. Next time you have tired, achy or strained eyes after working on your computer for a long time, you’ll know what the reason is.

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Eye dry and exhaust from over exposing to the blue light

What’s worse is that over time, high exposure to blue light can cause macular degeneration. No need to open another tab to search what it exactly is, we’ll tell you right here. The macula is a small part of the retina, which helps in visual acuity. Macular degeneration is the deterioration of this area, affecting our vision.

What’s the effect of Blue light on your eyes and health?

It might seem that blue light is an error that goes with time but unfortunately, it is not the case.

It might seem that blue light is an error that goes with time but unfortunately, it is not the case. Blue light rays directly penetrate into the retina of the eyes and our eyes start to absorb them because they can’t block or reflect them back.

So whenever you are using your phone or laptop, the light from the screen starts to hit the retina of your eyes and it's over-penetration would initiate some painful eye discomfort like eye-strain, headaches, burning sensation or dry-eye.

You must have also felt these symptoms while you are operating on your digital devices. These small incidences might seem like small ineffective things to be serious about but these discomforts result in a progressive vision loss.

The immediate solution that might drop in your mind would be minimising the time and use of digital devices but we humans are very selfish with our health. Neither we can lessen the time limit nor stop using these devices because they have turned to become an integral part in our lives.

We have started to depend on them from keeping an alarm to wake up in the morning to reading a book at night. Most of our work and office time involves working on computers and laptops for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. For them, decreasing the time limit may not seem like an adequate solution. Even an average person clings to their phone for up to 4 to 5 hours a day.

Constant itching and strain in the eyes make us tired and productive, we feel discharged and lack to do something else. Sometimes the effect is so severe that our eyes turn red due to rubbing them in order to lessen the itching or burning sensation.

Blue light also affects our sleeping pattern as it makes us more awake late at night. Many of us like to watch shows or complete work late at night but blue light penetration in the eyes suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.

You stay awake till 3 to 4 am and in the morning you have to rely on a lot of coffee to survive. You also become irritated and look tired all the time because of uneven hours of sleep.

What's the solution?

We understand that your screen time is precious. You just can’t avoid replying to that important email or uploading your new vacation images online. That’s the reason we offer Blue Lenses – they help block 99% of the blue light emitted by digital screens.

You can choose Blue Lenses with ANY of our frames, with prescription or without. Blue light protection glasses are the need of the hour, and you couldn’t get them any sooner. Just select the “Blue Lenses” coating with any pair, and you’ll be on your way to beat the blues.

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How do Blue light filter glasses protect eyes from blue light?

It might seem that blue light is an error that goes with time but unfortunately, it is not the case.

Blue light protection glasses protect your eyes from blue light effectively. With the blue light coating on its lens, it blocks out harmful blue light rays falling on your eyes and keeps it shielding as long as you operate on them. When the direct penetration of blue light rays gets ceased or blocked, you are now free from all the ills of blue light.

Blue light filter glasses cause no major change in your lifestyle, they actively block out blue light rays and eradicate all the visual discomfort like eye strain, headache and dry eyes. Now with these glasses, you can work for hours at your office and still feel refreshed and recharged for new work.

The productivity scale rises as the blue light rays fail to penetrate your eyes nor they suppress the release of sleep-inducing hormones. Now with these glasses, you can work on your digital devices without any worry of harsh eye conditions and stay protected all the time. It works healthfully for professionals who use computers for work because for them the overexposure of blue light is extremely toxic, they absorb it every day.

Now you can just put a fashionable pair with a blue light filter and use all your digital devices for work, entertainment or reading at ease and in a protective environment.

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