Thinking “out of the box”- How we celebrated Green Friday

Sid S

Published on December 1, 2021, 1:24 pm

Thinking “out of the box”- How we celebrated Green Friday

Recently, leaders from across the globe gathered in Glasgow, UK to push for a comprehensive deal to tackle the rampant climate change. This particular climate change conference did result in few solid outcomes, going past the ‘all talk and no show approach’, that was mainly prevalent until now. However, a lot more needs to be done. Sustainable development is not only our need but also our responsibility, both individual and collective.

Another recent happening was the highly publicised and much awaited annual event of Black Friday sales. There was excitement all around - the same excitement that the Glasgow summit lacked. Both sellers and buyers hopped onto the wagon to reap the benefits of this mega sale, without even taking into consideration the environmental damage that is actually intensified during these sales.

Green Friday

Specscart Stands For Sustainable Fashion

We at Specscart, decided to look beyond black friday and instead celebrated a ‘Green Friday’. Well, it’s not much hyped but definitely the need of hour. Specscart, right from the days of its ideation, has understood its responsibilities towards the beautiful mother earth. Our mission of sustainable fashion is reflected in the goods and services that we offer.

The Specscart box, which is not only a packaging of your very own glasses but also of love and passion, is a living testimony to our dedication towards a greener and cleaner planet. These eco-friendly white boxes are truly green as they are made out of paper (and not the conventional plastic) and stick to the principle of 3Rs - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

We have given the creative side of our brain some real simulation by coming up with few ways to reuse our boxes. Read on to find out!

Green Friday

Use it as a Decor

The Specscart box is a decor in itself - thanks to its simple and lucid design. You can put some essentials into it and place it on the shelf of your bedroom. It will surely catch eyes.

If you want to spice up things, you can even customize these boxes in a myriad of ways. We have come up with one as a dedication to Star Wars which has given us innumerable moments of joy. We have chosen the iconic Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. We have used clay for modelling the face and then painted it using green acrylic paint. The craft is then stuck to the box. Your home-made Star Wars decor is ready to bring smiles on the faces of its viewers, whether they are a Star Wars fan or not.

Similarly, you can use your own DIY hacks to decorate these boxes, which in turn will decorate your home.

Green Friday

Go Playful

Are you annoyed by your kids’ never ending desire for toys? Specscart boxes can come to your rescue.

Christmas is around the corner. Keeping Christmas as the theme, we have tried our level best to capture the jolly nature of this magnificent festival through this piece of artwork using our boxes.

One half of the box is used as a cross-section of a living room. To give it the touch of Christmas, a fine background has been used. The background consists of a well decorated X-mas tree, a chimney with its fire put off depicting the Christmas day and also a pair of socks hanging from the shelf waiting for it to be blessed by the gifts of Santa. At the front section of the box, stands a little girl with one of her favourite men - Santa. She appears overjoyed as Santa holds a gift in his hand, passing it on to its rightful owner.

To make it a playful art, we have adopted puppetry by attaching Santa and the girl to the top of the box using pieces of cardboard which can be moved around. We have also left some space on the top so that your kids can enjoy the game of puppetry.


Use it as Essentials

You can even utilise the specscart box as a day-to-day essentials. We have crafted a stationary stand using our boxes. To give it a dashing appearance, we utilised the look of the iconic telephone booth from the streets of London.

The Specscart box is an out of the box piece. Take on the interesting task of devising creative ways to reuse our boxes and do your bit towards conservation of nature.

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