Why we still love wearing 90s fashion

Julie Topping

Published on February 9, 2022, 1:16 pm

Why we still love wearing 90s fashion

Disclaimer - Some trends are better left behind (dial-up phones)!

It's the 1998 summer break, and you are lying on your bed listening to Daft Punk in your walkman; the internet is booming, but no trace of social media. Looking forward to the evening date, you are skimming through your closet to find the perfect denim on the denim set.

We bet you must have imagined yourself back in the late 90s when things were simple and cute!

The revival Y2K era

The era of baby tees, flared jeans, and chunky sneakers, living vicariously through Paris Hilton posters, was an iconic turn in fashion industries. Little did we know that the Y2K trend will take a u-turn after two decades. The trend gained momentum when Gen Z rediscovered these lost treasures and took on social media with a storm of boot-cut jeans and tinted sunglasses. The aesthetic pops from the past were mixed with futuristic trends, and that’s where the magic happened.

In an attempt to coexist with the Zs, millennials opened their Narnia wardrobe and dusted off their best Y2K wears; this is where the trend started some real conversations in the fashion industry.

Aesthetic of excess

The fashion swirl of the late 90s and early 2000s is known for everything being in excess. Let’s get into a hypothetical situation; you are in the year 2000, and it's your friend's birthday outing, and you want to look the coolest among all. You pair your baby tees with paddle pusher pants, and to satisfy your hipster soul, you choose to wear a headscarf and rimless tinted sunglasses. What counts as excess is the colour pop and combinations that it carries.

But the current ‘90s nostalgia’ trend is a subtle one where every accessory and clothing is paired smartly enough to create a pleasing appeal.

Trends that are back for good

Fashion is the pure reflection of the current culture and it’s hard to deny the fact that the pandemic did trigger the momentum of the trend. The mundanity and isolation triggered a contrary reaction and pumped the fuel of something experimental and maximal, and that’s where we witnessed the reentry of Y2K fashion. Welcoming the Y2K trends as the next hits, here are a few fashion trends that are back on the runway, and we cannot be excited enough!

Blowout hair

blowout hair

There is no other hairstyle that ruled the 90s like blowout hair. Glossy makeup and blowout hair were the inseparable combinations that held the ground for quite a time in both the mainstream and celebrity realm.

The era was all about beauty, and every time we looked at Cher from Clueless (1995), we admired those beachy waves. The hairstyle has never failed to look ‘done’, giving a total brat vibe.

Gen Z is donning these bouncy waves with a perfect lively touch, and it cannot get any more glamorous than this.

Y2K Sunglasses

{"TARC202\/PK":{"id":"2396","sku":"TARC202\/PK","name":"DOVILE RF1","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/pink-cateye.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"49.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"pinkpink","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/pinkpink.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/small_image\/500x250\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/t\/a\/tarc202_pk_a.jpg","label":"DOVILE RF1"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/thumbnail\/500x250\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/t\/a\/tarc202_pk_c.jpg","label":"DOVILE RF1"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/2396\/form_key\/qCivyBIY8UdD3PXe\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/qCivyBIY8UdD3PXe\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false},"TARC202\/W":{"id":"2490","sku":"TARC202\/W","name":"DOVILE RF4","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/white-cat-eye-sunglasses.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"49.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"whitegrey","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/whitegrey.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/small_image\/500x250\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/t\/a\/tarc202_w_a_1.jpg","label":"DOVILE RF4"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/thumbnail\/500x250\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/t\/a\/tarc202_w_c.jpg","label":"DOVILE RF4"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/2490\/form_key\/qCivyBIY8UdD3PXe\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/qCivyBIY8UdD3PXe\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false}}
Tom Archer DOVILE RF4 £49.99

We all held our breaths for that one trend to make a comeback and fit perfectly with the present-day trends. These sunglasses are trendier than ever, and due to their futuristic touch, they go perfectly with every cool outfit.

Those were the time of tinted glasses and tiny sunglasses. Think Jeniifer Aniston in F.R.I.E.N.D.S! And Gen Z has brought up a perfect pitch for the current fashion fever: tiny tinted sunglasses. The crowd is rushing to get their hands on these sleekly designed cute looking glasses, that no matter what you feel, these glasses are in right now.

Baby tees and acid wash tees

Baby tees are better to be described as our guilty pleasure! Bubblegum pink and baby blue t-shirts with quirky quotes or cute cartoon characters were all the rage of that time until we decided to give them a break. But they are now all set to snazz-up your whole look any day.

We believe that the trend of acid wash t-shirts and jeans should have never been out of trend. They always gave this quick smart chic vibe, who is always ready for some serious business to get done.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests

‘It’s sort of a punk style, a 90s thing’, sweater vests have been one of the most versatile and easily adaptable pieces of clothing ever made. While navigating the reemergence of sweater vests, it's seen that it always adds one extra layer of warmth and style every time one slips it on. They elevate the style of usual humdrum clothes and ensemble with a button-down shirt or a bodycon dress. A sporty and geeky pick from the past is sure a treat to your fashion needs.

Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips

The return of butterfly clips is perhaps the most classic amongst all. Bringing back the nostalgic memory; these bright clips had a well-deserved comeback. Once you put these clips on, they are super humble on your hair, adding a playful touch on your boring hair day. Try to give this retro hair accessory another go, and we bet that there is no wrong way to wear a clip!

Verdict- The Y2K is back, and it is better than ever!

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