Computer Vision Syndrome - Find the Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Published on April 16, 2020, 6:58 pm

Computer Vision Syndrome - Find the Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment


Computer vision syndrome is one of the most significant contributors to current vision problems that are so common that it's affecting every age group. It is also known as Digital eye-strain and its causing various types of small yet unbearable day to day discomfort in the eyes.

Computer vision syndrome is caused typically due to the prolonged hours of digital screen usage. Since we all are collectively dependent on our digital screen for many sources of work like entertainment, information and often for work. Thus, it becomes extremely difficult not to experience any sort of computer vision syndrome anymore as now the technology is more integrated with our lives.

We can’t deny the lavish comfort digital devices have brought to our society but at the same time, our misuse is leading it into various forms of visual discomfort.

If all these detrimental clusters of computer vision syndrome symptoms are neglected at its initial stage then we are on the verge of causing progressive damage. It’s very crucial that people are informed on this subject of eye care because most people are highly ignorant of it. It can be prevented with proper care and it can be eradicated so that you can enjoy comfortable screen time.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is a set of various forms of visual discomfort that’s unbearable and painful to experience in your eyes. A set of sight difficulties that is felt differently by each individual but it evidently causes disruption in the workflow and causes us to feel uneasy. Computer vision syndrome occurs in people who use their computers, tablets, smartphones or any sort of digital screens for an extended period.

In the U.K. itself, the internet is accessed every day by 89% of adults and 91% of youngsters and teens. Adults aged between 16 to 24 are said to be using the internet on the highest scale compared to the other age demographic. Social media is used by 78% of the adults and which 88% of them employ apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook almost every day.

While the other population that is 67% of them use the internet for ordering food or buying clothes online. Since the majority of the population has begun leveraging the use of innovative technology, computer vision syndrome has significantly increased and almost everyone is under its clutch.

What is the Cause of Computer Vision Syndrome?

The leading cause of computer vision syndrome is by harmful blue light rays. Blue light rays are high energy visible light (HEV) that is emitted from the sun, LED light and all our digital screens. Blue light rays are one the most vicious rays as whenever we use our screens, the rays directly penetrate the retina of the eyes and cause instant pain and exhaustion. Apart from the blue light rays, the visual portion of the computers such as intense brightness, glare, resolution and many other elements contribute to computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome for people with age-related vision conditions like presbyopia, myopia or hyperopia can increase the difficulty even more. People with mentioned eye problems have to tilt their head or shift the position of the glasses to get a better view on the screen which can also cause physical pain in the body. Many of us, our sitting position on the desk can also lead to computer vision syndrome due to improper focus and concentration on the screens.

What are computer vision syndrome symptoms?

You’ll experience quite a lot of distressing symptoms of computer vision syndrome just when you start using your screens. Though the degree of pain caused by the symptoms of computer vision syndrome can differ based on the individual vision and time spent on their screens. Time plays a big role in the creation of high intense pain in the eyes, and previous vision conditions also contribute towards the same. For people with eye condition like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia or presbyopia, they can experience computer vision syndrome symptoms in a very few hours of consumption. Hence, every person experiences various types of symptoms of computer vision syndrome while some condition affects more compared to others.

computer vision syndrome symptoms

Here are the mentioned computer vision syndrome symptoms:

  • Eye strain and headaches
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Burning sensation
  • A feeling of a foreign particle in the eye
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Redness and itchiness in the eye
  • Blurry Vision
  • Watery eyes

free eye test

All the mentioned computer vision syndrome symptoms might seem smaller, but they are quite constant in causing a disturbance and annoyance in your work. Though these symptoms are temporarily experienced and they even often disappear once you stop using your screens but they never stop accusing. Most people have said to experience vision problems even after switching off their screens and it becomes hard for them to open their eyes with ease. You’ll experience it routinely, and it won’t go back to normal. If these symptoms are not recognised at an early stage then have the power to cause major damage to the vision.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Impacts at Workplace

Computer vision syndrome at the workplace is at its highest. Our work has turned to be done on screens majorly, and we have to face them more 5 days in the week for 8 to 9 hours in a day.

Professionals with detailed attention work on the computer like Graphic Designer, Coders, Web developers, Accountant, etc. are more prone to the risk of developing vision damage. Not only do we use screens for our work, but we also come home and use our home screens which only makes the eyes more vulnerable.

Almost, eight out of ten employees experience vision problems while working with their screens. They are forced to take a short break to continue the work without any further problems. Constant irritation and annoyance at their work disrupt the smooth workflow as well as their productivity while making them look tired and disinterested in the work anymore. Hence in order to maintain their productivity and interest back in the work, computer vision syndrome treatment should be provided.

Computer vision Syndrome: Impacts of Young Adults

If computer vision syndrome is being neglected by any ration of the age group, it's the young adults. It’s very ironic that the most impact is caused by young teenagers while they are being completely naive and inconsiderate about preventing it.

Kids are spending most of their time on playing video games rather than any physical outdoor activity while others are sported surfing the web for 4 to 5 hours. Computer vision syndrome is significantly high among younger kids because they spend most of their daily hours on switching numerous digital devices. Not only the vision problems are caused at an initial stage of their lives, but they are also at more significant risk of developing vision loss in the future.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment?

Treatment for computer vision syndrome can vary from person to person but eventually, all of them work beneficially towards improving the vision. Not only the vision problems are caused at an early stage of their lives, but they are also at higher risk of developing vision loss in the future. Here are the various ways of computer vision syndrome treatment:

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

1. Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Computer vision syndrome glasses aka blue light blocking glasses are one of the most efficient types of treatment which reduce 99.9% of visual discomfort.

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses with anti-reflective properties that block out harmful blue light rays and glare emitted from the screen while keeping you actively protected. It is proved to be eradicating all the major visual damage that you experience while working against the screen and also support further eye safety.

blue light glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are available in prescription and non-prescription lenses so that we all can actively safeguard ourselves from any potential damage. You can just put a pair of blue light blocking filter glasses at your work or while surfing the web to prevent the eyes from any minor inconvenience.

Blue light blocking glasses at Specscart is not just offered with free protective coatings but are available in beautiful frames.All the glasses frames are sorted in various forms of style, colour, design, pattern and material to suit your style and make it a dapper piece of accessory to pair with your wardrobe selection.

2. Improving Your Sitting Position

Your sitting position not only damages your body posture but also your vision. Computer vision syndrome is also caused by incorrect sitting posture against the desk hence we have provided you with the right guide. Here are the right tips to sit at your desk so that you feel comfortable and safe from visual discomfort:

  • Make sure your hips are not at the edge of the chair but pushed at very far back.
  • Correct the chair height in the way your feet touch the floor and your knees are the same height to the hips.
  • Make sure the upper and lower part of the back are supported by the charge or use the cushion as required.
  • Push your shoulder back and rest your lower back with ease.

3. Attain Proper Eyecare.
  • Eyecare steps take a few minutes but generate more benefit to your eyes. Here are some mentioned
  • Reduce glare by adjusting room light, and switch on your computer blue screen.
  • High-five Test, sit at an arm's length, don’t get too close to the screen.
  • Blink more, however intense a show scene might seem, give your eyes a break.
  • 20-20-20 Break, after every 20 minutes, look in 20 seconds at 20 feet away.

What are the Steps for Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention?

However hard computer vision syndrome might seem to escape; it is possible to prevent its occurrence. The best way of approaching computer vision syndrome prevention is by eliminating the cause of such problems. Here’s how you can successfully prevent it happening to your eyes with the help of some useful tips:

Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention

  • Reduce Bright Lightning - Bright light is one of the biggest causes of unwanted glare. Bright lights including open windows, LED or fluorescent light causes a significant increase in glare. It can be prevented by adjusting the room/workplace positioning with using curtains, lesser light usage and others to diminish the visual pain of a larger scale.
  • Light Imbalancement - There’s always a contrast of light gradient use that clashes to cause discomfort in the eye. Whenever you feel that there's a dark background present around your screen using a lamp in the room might help.

The use of screen filters to reduce excessive glare emitted from the screen at night/dark background will help to allow proper balance in the room. So adjust your screen brightness or contrast while using your screens depending on the night of bright daylight to avoid maximum or minimum exposure of light.

Maintain Distance from the Screen - An older adult might be acknowledged about the right distance while using their digital devices but kids or young adults often mismatch on the right distance between them and the screen. It’s advised to maintain good distance, the correct size of the text or image view in order to decrease any muscular pain in the body.

It’s recommended by the expert of opticians to maintain at least 35-40 inches of distance from the screen. Take short breaks and chat with your friends or colleagues around you.

Common Question about Computer Vision Syndrome

1: Is computer vision syndrome permanent?

No! Computer vision syndrome is not permanent. However, once you develop it, you’ll experience it quite often. As a result, you'll get disturbed every day and experience visual pain and uneasiness on a frequent level.

2: Computer vision syndrome, how long does it last?

The effects of computer vision syndrome are temporary, but it varies from person to person. Many of us experience its effect while using our screens only while others often experience them even after closing their screens.

3: What are computer vision syndrome glasses?

Computer vision syndrome glasses are also known as Blue light blocking glasses that are known as the best way to eradicate any form of sight discomfort.

4: How to prevent computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome can be prevented with the help of healthy eye care tips, maintaining good distance and reducing glare around you.

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