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How Does Blue Light Affect Mental Health?

How Does Blue Light Affect Mental Health?

We are often exposed to different kinds of electronic devices in our daily life. Whether you are using your smartphones, or tablets, watching TV or playing games, blue light released from these devices can pose a serious threat to your overall health. In order to avoid the effect of blue light, all you need to do is opt for blue light filter glasses and that’s it.

According to several studies, it is quite evident that exposure to blue light often leads to certain health concerns like mood disorders and sleeplessness. Apart from interfering with your biological clock, blue light often tends to degrade your mental health in various aspects. To gain more insights, let’s check out the blog at a quick glance. Stay tuned till the end and you will be able to uncover potential insights.

What Do You Mean by Blue Light?

Before learning about the harmful effect of blue light on our mental health, we need to understand what exactly this blue light is. Well, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum that consists of:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Blue light is considered to have the highest energy and shortest wavelength; it tends to vibrate within the 380 to 500-nanometer range. While sunlight is definitely a major source of blue light, there are various other artificial sources such as LED TVs, fluorescent light, smartphones, computer monitors and tablet screens.

When compared to blue light therapy, visible blue light is quite different. Blue light therapy typically uses UV or ultraviolet rays to combat psoriasis- a type of skin condition. However, individuals often overlook the harmful effects that can be caused by visible blue light.

Is Blue Light Harmful?

Is Blue Light Harmful?

If you stay exposed to blue light for a prolonged time period, it might pave the way toward dry eyes, eye strain and blurred vision. Also, people might end up facing other troubles such as burning, stinging or irritation in their eyes. While adults are not that susceptible to blue light, teenagers and children can actually evolve as the real victim.

When artificial light didn’t come into the scene, the major source of blue light was the sun. It is used to maintain the consistency of our circadian rhythm with the 24-hour solar day. But, in this present scenario, things are pretty much different. Since we use electronic devices and night lights, it ultimately spoils the circadian rhythm. Besides affecting your sleep patterns and melatonin, it also affects serotonin and dopamine levels to a great extent. Since these hormones are solely responsible for regulating our emotions and mood, an imbalance in them often leads to depression and mood disorders.

What Are Some of the Effects of Blue Light on Your Mental Health?

Now, it’s time to go through the effects of blue light on our mental health:


What do you understand about insomnia? Well, if a person is unable to get sufficient sleep, chances are high that he/she is suffering from insomnia. Adolescents and kids often deal with these problems in recent decades. Now, insomnia can take place due to certain external agents and physiological factors. Blue light is one of the external reasons responsible for this lack of sleep. Sleep loss can actually bring in several mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

2.Anxiety Disorder

The majority of individuals out there face anxiety disorder. Sleeplessness boosts stress levels, we all know that. If you are unable to manage your stress level, it can eventually lead to an anxiety-stress cycle.

3.Depression Disorders

Depression is another common mental health concern that takes place due to blue light. If you use your digital gadgets late at night, it brings a change in your circadian rhythm. As a result, you stay alert at night, suffer from insomnia and deal with the increased production of hormones such as dopamine, adrenaline, cortisol and serotonin. If you want to keep your depression at bay, focusing on your wake-sleep cycle is extremely crucial. Say no to blue light, sleep on time and finally, get rid of mental disturbances. You can get glasses for computer use and avoid getting exposed to harmful blue light in no time.

4.Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can be characterised by increased impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattention. Kids with ADHD spend most of their time watching TV, playing video games and using mobile phones- which makes their condition even worse. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, grab glasses with a blue light filter and voila- you will be good to go.

How Can You Combat the Situation?

How Can
You Combat the Situation?

Keep reading to check out some of the solutions to keep these issues at bay:

1.You Need to Limit the Screen Time

Are you looking forward to decreasing the potential impact of blue light? If yes, lower your screen time in the first place. After the sun goes down, limiting your screen time is a must. If you make up your mind to use your devices less, it won’t cause an imbalance in the circadian rhythm.

2.Try to Spend Some Time Outside

By spending your time outside, you will be able to expose yourself directly to the sunlight. As a result, it will reset your overall circadian rhythm in the best possible manner. Take breaks, sunbathe! It brings a good impact and helps you sleep at night. Also, make sure to enjoy the breeze outside on cloudy days as well. It is equally needed to grab the daily dose of blue light exposure.

3.Make Sure to Put on Your Blue Light Glasses

Working professionals and students need to use their phones and computers/laptops- there’s no going back at all. That’s why you need to invest your sound bucks in this blue light blocking technology. Similar to regular glasses, these pairs are potent enough to keep your eye health right on point. Whether you are working with your laptop or checking texts on your tab, these blue light glasses will ensure to safeguard you from harmful effects.

Get in touch with an eye specialist and seek professional help from them. Since they have years of expertise in this field, you can rely on their advice and suggestions with your eyes closed. These are versatile possessions that aim to make your life much better.

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