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Varifocal Glasses – Should You Get Them or Not?

Varifocal Glasses – Should You Get Them or Not?

The history of eyewear is as old as it is fascinating. In his scholarly book, ‘Spectacles and Other Vision Aids,’ J. William Rosenthal, MD, chronicles the invention of what look like spectacles to 1200s Italy. In the past one thousand years or so, the progression of opticals has been monumental.

From getting a rigid structure to the development of new-age frames with anti-UV coatings and anti-glare lenses, the story of spectacles is something worth pondering over! Among the various technological marvels that the eyewear industry is proud of, varifocal glasses stand out! It was in 1948 when a young man called Bernard Maitenaz ventured on an exciting journey of revolutionising bifocal lenses.

After almost a decade of relentless hard work, varifocal glasses went into production, and the rest, as they say, is history. Currently, around 27 million people in the United Kingdom suffer from presbyopia.
And, as per an article on ‘The Mirror UK, these ‘adults aged 40 and older lack the self-assurance to be brave and change the direction of their career, or even pursue a new hobby.’ Thus, eyesight invariably affects confidence, and in such a context, varifocal lenses emerge as the ‘knight in shining armour.’

What are varifocal lenses and is it really worth getting varifocal lenses? Let us find out!

What are Varifocal Glasses?

Varifocal glasses are equipped with advanced lenses usually required by people over the age of 40, as they face a normal and natural loss of focusing on near objectives. By providing continuous vision for all distances - near, intermediate and distance - in a single lens, varifocals improve the lives of presbyopes and others from a similar cohort by leaps and bounds.

As we touch the 40-year threshold, the crystalline lenses in our eyes lose elasticity and become stiffer, as we grow old. Thus, the result is a deterioration of our near sight. Varifocals are especially made to cater to people with multiple prescription needs.

Do You Really Need Varifocal Glasses?

varifocal glasses

Caption: Many people are often confused if they really need varifocal glasses

Although many scary stories, such as headache, strabismus, neck ache, etc, encircle varifocal glasses, the truth is that they are a blessing for people with multiple prescription needs. The three reasons why you must buy varifocal glasses are -

  • You Want an All-in-one Solution for Your Vision’s Needs

    If you suffer from near and distant vision problems simultaneously, then you are a good candidate for varifocal glasses. In a world where varifocal glasses do not exist, you would have to opt for different pairs of glasses to properly see near, distant, and intermediate objects. The constant switching of glasses can be an absolute nightmare, let us be honest!
    However, varifocals solve the problem by offering a smooth and clear vision from near to far with one lens, and that too, without image jumps or transitions. Besides, the best quality varifocal glasses are tailor-made for your personal parameters for ultra comfort, and incredible visual acuity.

  • You Do Not Want Stark Lines on Your Glasses

    Caption: Bifocal lenses have a distinguishing line but progressive lenses have a seamless finish

    Bifocal glasses can also offer distance and near vision from the same lens, but they are not inconspicuous. Bifocal lenses are not seamless and have a distinguishing visible line demarcating the near and distant vision zones. The line can be incredibly uncomfortable for some individuals who are conscious about the fact that they have presbyopia.
    So, you can consider varifocal glasses if you want your stark lines on your glasses, and are looking for a seamless look. Varifocal glasses look similar to single vision glasses, and do not give away your age or eyesight condition.
    Read about the differences between bifocal and varifocal lenses here!

  • You Want Custom Fit Lenses and Crystal Clear Vision

    Caption: Varifocal glasses offer crystal clear vision with minimal distortion

    The technology of varifocal glasses has improved to such an extent that they offer a type of vision that is akin to your natural 20/20 eyesight. Besides, all varifocal glasses are customised, personalised, and tailored to cater to the wearer’s unique prescription needs.

    Thus, no two varifocal glasses are alike, and you have a pair that is truly yours. Therefore, it is worth investing in varifocal lenses if visual clarity, minimal peripheral distortion, and customised fit are your priority.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, an explanation of three reasons why you should consider buying varifocal lenses. These glasses are a technological wonder with brimming potential to improve the quality of your life.

At Specscart, we custom-make our varifocal glasses at our cutting-edge lab in Bury. Despite being equipped with best-in-class technology, our varifocal glasses will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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