The Ashes - When Cricket Rivalry Is As Its Zenith

Julie Topping

Published on December 27, 2021, 12:43 pm

The Ashes - When Cricket Rivalry Is As Its Zenith

The 1882-83 test series between Australia and England was a landmark in the history of cricket - that’s when the enthralling Ashes were born. A century-old rivalry that has witnessed its moments of greatness, disappointment, courage, grit and determination, has come to be one of the most awaited cricketing events in present times.

The Miracle at Headingley, 2019

The biennial Ashes has given cricketing fans memories to cherish for a lifetime and has only strengthened their love for the beautiful game. While there have been many iconic moments, both on and off the field, one that stands out is the very recent Ben Stokes’ innings of the 2019 Ashes Test at Headingley, which was nothing short of a miracle. Just to put it into perspective, Ben Stokes was the ‘BBC Sports Personality of the Year, 2019’.

Even when saving the match appeared to be an uphill task, the determined Stokes went on to win it for England, keeping their hopes of winning the Ashes alive. Taking no credits away from the English talisman, the efforts put in by his teammates also need to be acknowledged here.

At nine down, Jack Leach walked into bat and put up a brilliant resilience by staying rooted at the other end, as Stokes went about his heroics. Undisturbed by the aggressive brand of cricket that the Australians have mastered, Leach stood firm and kept his eyes on the cherry, with his sports prescription glasses to guide the way.

The 2021-22 Ashes are Underway!

The 2021-22 Ashes are down under this time, and the reigning champions Australia have already taken a 2-0 lead, solidifying their chances for retention. But going by the history of Ashes, even what may seem impossible is possible. And that’s what makes Ashes a one-of-a-kind sporting event.

The Custom Boxing Day Test

While we unpack our gift boxes received over the Christmas weekend, the rivalry unfolds at the pristine Melbourne Cricket Ground in the form of the Boxing Day Test.

With England already behind in the series, the Barmy Army is leaving no stones unturned to keep the spirit of the team and the crowd high. They have come out all guns blazing, taking the help of songs, chants, flags, and banners to ignite up the Englishmen.

The Rain Gods have been kind so far, and the bright sunny conditions have enabled many in the crowd to put on their pair of sunglasses. It gives us real pleasure to see people in sunglasses, as we continuously work towards our vision of making them not only a safety instrument but also a fashionable accessory.

While those off the field have rightly gone with sunglasses, those on the field have taken to sports glasses, as they compete intensely to lift the prestigious Ashes. The Ashes warrant them to be at their level best and the players know very well that they can’t afford a mistake, whether it’s their game or their sports gear.

We have got our own revamped collection of sports glasses for you. And this is the best time for you to buy them as our boxing day offer is live.

We don’t know who will win the boxing day test or even the Ashes, but we can assure you that the Ashes will never lose its charm. It will continue to be the same thrilling sporting event that has inspired generations to either play cricket or watch it being played. What will only change is the men in white, who fight to win with all their heart, body and soul. When they retire from international cricket, playing the Ashes will be one of their most memorable experiences.

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