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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

The Eyewear Trend‐Maker

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Salvatore Ferragamo Glasses — The Eyewear Trend‐Maker

As a well‐known name amongst fashion lovers, Ferragamo made its debut with the customise‐crafted leather goods and fashion accessories. The brand soon became world famous with its luxurious collections and Italy‐rooted inspirations. Salvatore Ferragamo creates the iconic craftworks that feature avant‐garde designs and the detailed finish. Their eyewear ranges also reflect the innovative crafting and modern tastes, which characterises signature printings and bold fusions of materials. Ferragamo’s exclusive blends of colours enrich eyeglasses’ textures and benchmarked the eyewear designs with modern twists. This season, Ferragamo features the see‐through textures and the subtle details in their latest eyewear selections. The innovative shaping tuned in bright tones creates unique detailing and new trends of fashion. Adopted high‐grade materials, Ferragamo signifies the extraordinary craftsmanship and comfort of men’s and women’s eyewear. Discover Ferragamo’s new collection here for the fashion inspirations.

Ferragamo Women’s Glasses

The authentic patterns on frame temples not only showcase Ferragamo’s unique modern‐ interpretations, but also balances the bold shaping with exclusive detailing. Ferragamo’s newest masterpiece SF2836 features the oversized cat‐eye frame and the patterned leather temples. The exceptional attention to details and the soft fusions of colours refines women’s glasses with artistic finish. Blended with see‐through inspirations, Ferragamo creates the modern textures that remake their iconic printings and characterise female elegance. Also finished in bold lines, Ferragamo adds their original patterns to SF2827 that makes the frame the thoughtful avant‐garde for women. The modern colour palettes paired with detailed flower painting level up Ferragamo’s eyewear as women’s fashion necessity. Suitable to be fitted with clear lenses or sunglasses tint, this special edition is made for polishing women’s tempting looks. Check out Ferragamo’s patterned collections.

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Ferragamo Men’s Glasses

Eye wear fashion is a necessity for men too. The iconic range of Salvatore Ferragamo for men is made to bring in more charm with every pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The meticulous designs handcrafted to make the style meet passion. The unique frames in bold colors are made to set the tone on top and highlight your individuality. Made to sit perfectly and provide more subtleness to your facial features Ferragamo frames are made to last. The new collection focuses on providing high-quality acetate frames and also to bring some metal in your life. So what is the wait for, have frames that are designed to pump up enduring styles and make you famous for your frames.

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Contrasting Frame

Ferragamo’s unique taste of fashion innovates metal glasses with modern souls. The latest metal collections SF2159 feature elegant finish and colour contrasting, which twists metal inspirations with eye‐catching detailing. Its classic shaping paired with colourful temples creates naughty variations of sober designs. The use of bright tones infuse metal glasses with Ferragamo’s exclusive textures, and characterise metallic finish’s flexibility to matches all individuals. The front frames in retro tones impacted by light colours on temples best tuned the metal designs with soft highlights, and perfectly match both men and women. The humble colour variations on the sides also make the frame suitable for any occasions, whether it be formal or casual. This season, discover your favourite colour contrasting designs here and surprise all eyes with the smartest inspirations of colour mix.

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The subtle ‘metalling’

The subtle is the most. Ferragamo’s smart plays of metal create the jewellry‐like textures for acetate frames. The detailed craftsmanship creates tiny metal pieces that feature the luxury finish of Ferragamo’s latest collections. Embedded with flower‐shaped metal pins, Ferragamo’s signature cat‐eye range SF2837 showcases the supreme elegance of the simple shaping. The metallic inspiration decorates the frame with female charm and upgrades women’s glasses with the exclusive sophistication. Also bears the philosophy of the minimalist, Ferragamo SF2826 range characterises the modern remakes of round glasses with metal rings on the hinges. The finely crafted thin metals join the classic shaping and balance the vintage finish with a modern touch. Check out the extremely detailed Ferragamo glasses here to best style your new look with the subtle metaling.

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Which styles and colours are Salvatore Ferragamo frames available in?

From bold to subtle, Salvatore Ferragamo frames are available in all kinds of styles and colours. From round to cat-eye styles, from tortoiseshell to two-tone patterns and a melange of unique colours.

Salvatore Ferragamo frames are made up of supreme quality lightweight acetate or metal material.

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