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    DENNY 3 Ted Baker
    DENNY 3
    TULA 2 Ted Baker
    TULA 2
    ELVIE 1 Ted Baker
    ELVIE 1
    CADE 3 Ted Baker
    CADE 3
    ELVIE 2 Ted Baker
    ELVIE 2
    LINNEA 4 Ted Baker
    LINNEA 4
    FULLER 1 Ted Baker
    FULLER 1
    LINNEA 2 Ted Baker
    LINNEA 2
    TULA 3 Ted Baker
    TULA 3
    ROWE 1 Ted Baker
    ROWE 1
    ELVIE 3 Ted Baker
    ELVIE 3
    CADE 2 Ted Baker
    CADE 2
    FULLER 2 Ted Baker
    FULLER 2
    ELVIE 4 Ted Baker
    ELVIE 4
    GIGI 3 Ted Baker
    GIGI 3
    ROWE 2 Ted Baker
    ROWE 2
    LINNEA 3 Ted Baker
    LINNEA 3
    LORIE 3 Ted Baker
    LORIE 3
    CADE 4 Ted Baker
    CADE 4
    FULLER 3 Ted Baker
    FULLER 3
    FULLER 4 Ted Baker
    FULLER 4
    CODY 3 Ted Baker
    CODY 3
    ROWE 3 Ted Baker
    ROWE 3
    TULA 1 Ted Baker
    TULA 1

Ted Baker Glasses ⁠— The Bold Classic-Remakes

Known as ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’, Ted Baker glasses create the new trends of eyewear with their quirky designs and the detailed finish. Ted Baker blends the retro inspirations of the 50s with the avant-garde taste that tuned the frames with the distinct look. Their bold plays of styles, materials and the patterns effortlessly feature the fusion of the classics and the modern. The rich designs of colours and shapes of their glasses create tempting looks that suit all ages and outfits for men and women. The exceptional attention to details, quality and material characterise the eyewear with Ted Baker’s unique sense of humour and satisfy the love of difference. Find out the latest collections of Ted Baker frames and pamper your eyes with the finely made frames. All ranges of Ted Baker glasses frames are ideal for any prescriptions including distance, reading, or varifocals.

Ted Baker Glasses for men

Reflect Ted Baker’s love of quirky designs and details, their frames also offer the exceptional uniqueness for men. Ted Baker men’s glasses feature the bold fusion of colours and materials that adds different accents to the classic-shaped glasses. The smart detailing on each frame enriches men’s eyewear with Ted Baker’s personality. From the frame to temples and tips, Ted Baker present the extreme sophistication with retro inspirations and rich textures. The high-grade materials further twist men’s glasses as the fabulous design and offer the extreme comfy. Ted’s attention to every tiny engraving and the colour contrasting shout out loud for the masculine charm. Ted Baker’s rich assortments of men’s glasses offer the flexible choices of fittings. Ranged from the petite styles to the over-sized designs, Ted Baker aims to satisfy all demands with the rich variations. Discover the tempting collections of Ted Baker frames and polish your avant-garde taste. Their textured craftwork paired with simple finishes is the soft neutrality for men’s everyday style. Check out here to go bold for your eyewear!

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Ted Baker Glasses for Women

Ted Baker creates women’s frame with no ordinary details yet the super elegant finish. The rich variations of styles paired with the noble colours feature the delicacy of Ted Baker’s women glasses. The smart play of rose gold, navy blue, and tortoiseshell pops out Ted Baker glasses with the desired fusion of the retro and avant-garde. Ted Bakers’ assortments redefine women’s eyeglasses with extreme sophistication and comfy. The specially picked material characterises the quality textures and the lightweight design of each frame. Added with the iconic Ted Baker bow, their frames highlight the trendy look with Ted Baker’s unique taste. Ted Baker eyeglasses’ rich shapes and the neutral styles match every women’s bold mind and personality. This season, makes the statements with trendy designs of Ted Baker’s. If you like vintage ranges, the most loved TB2243 ELVIE glasses is the classic remake that adds the feminine elegance to the round metal frame. If your heart goes for the soft neutrality, TB9123 CODY frame is the best choice that fused cat eye and rectangular shapes. Discover the selections of Ted Baker women’s glasses here to complete your style.

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