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All About DOVILE RF1

Crystal Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Micro Frame

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Designer Translucent Pink- 1
  • Gender : Women
  • Style : Cat-Eye
  • Type : Full Rim
  • Unique Colour Frame : Pink
  • Material : Acetate
  • Temple Colour : Crystal Pink
  • Tint Colour : Transparent
  • Coating : Hard Coat Tints UV400
  • Size Guide : 51-18-140
  • Size : Narrow, Medium

Need some drip with a modern mix, get them in crystal pink cat-eye sunglasses. Ladies!! You can’t deny the charm of attention and beauty these translucent crystal frames hold. Modernistic construction with angular edges in hot pink, make it bold and outspoken. How do you make retro frames more contemporary? Construct them in a modern, translucent material! These cat-eyes add a dose of I-can-pull-off-anything confidence to anyone who wears them. Showing off your personality with your funky look is easy! The angular edges of these glossier micro cat-eye frames are ridiculously confident and self-assured. It's ready to party with you, go on a movie date or fun outing with friends as there’s no one else radiant than her in a crowd. You can see the bold hinges on the edge of the frame and the unique colour follows till the temple tips. The pink lenses on these crystal pink cat-eye sunglasses go perfectly in sync with the stylish notion. It offers the perfect summer charm and moody weather while also being equipped with quality coating. Decked with UV-400 lenses, it ensures sun protection to an ultimate level. Let the candy crystalline hot pink shimmer on your outfit while you radiate glamour to the peak.

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Single Vision

  • Corrects distance, reading or intermediate vision
  • Includes clear fully loaded anti-reflective UV+ lenses
Specscart Single Vision Lenses
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  • Latest technology that seamlessly combines distance and near vision with least distortion
  • Tailor made with utmost accuracy taking individual markings
Specscart Varifocal Lenses

Non Prescriptive

  • Glasses without prescription for style and digital protection
  • No extra cost
  • Includes clear fully loaded anti-reflective UV+ lenses
Specscart Non-Prescriptive Lenses
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Premium lenses with free anti-glare coating

Clear Fully Loaded Lenses

  • Anti-reflective lenses for everyday use (ULTRA-CLEAR)
  • Offers UV+ protection
  • Made with impact & scratch resistance material
Specscart Clear Fully Loaded Lenses
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X-Blue Lenses

  • Blocks Blue light from digital screens
  • 100% UV+ protection & enhanced clarity
  • Made with impact resistant & scratch resistance material
Specscart X-Blue Lenses, Specscart Digital Blue Lenses
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Light Adaptive Transitions® Lenses

  • Crystal clear indoors, changes to dark tints out doors
  • 100% UV protection & Blue light blocking
  • Made with impact resistant & scratch resistance material
Specscart Transition Lenses


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