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Difference between acetate & plastic

Difference between acetate & plastic

Choosing glasses frames is hard, indeed. Before getting your hands on these pairs, performing the necessary research is a must. Though plastic can be cheap, people often prefer acetate sunglasses and eyeglasses while shopping. Acetate glasses have a better fan base, plastic glasses don’t break the bank (as stated earlier). Let’s enter acetate vs. plastic- keep reading and you will be able to uncover the difference between them.

Acetate Glasses- What Is It?

Also referred to as cellulose acetate, it is a plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. Paul Schützenberge first created and developed acetate in 1865. Acetates, today, are known for being strong, flexible, and lightweight, which makes them ideal and much better than plastic frames.

Plastic Glasses- What Is It?

Plastic glasses paved their way in the 1940s- they can consist of different types like nylon, polyamide, carbon, polycarbonate and carbon fibre. Similar to acetate frames, these plastic glasses are durable, hypoallergenic and flexible.

But that’s the least of people’s concerns today. People want colour, people want promising quality, and people want their eyewear to look classy. Plastic frames can unfortunately not fulfil these requirements. The only way to get colour on plastic frames is to paint them. But the paint eventually wears off and that ultimately makes the frames look cheap and of low quality.

What Are the Differences Between Plastic and Acetate Glasses?

It’s time to focus on the core differences between plastic and acetate glasses- stay tuned:

  • When compared to acetate glasses, plastic glasses are manufactured in a fragile manner.
  • Acetate frames have better colours and pattern choices- this is another factor that lacks in plastic glasses.
  • Since Round sunglasses handcrafted with acetate provide you with endless comfort. Carry them with poise and pamper your vision effortlessly. plastic glasses don’t have metal wires in their temple, these pairs are typically harder to adjust.
  • Acetate glasses are capable of retaining frame colours. On the other hand, plastic glasses can’t retain the colours- they get sprayed on.

Examples of Acetate Eyeglasses/Sunglasses

Here we go:

  • Round Acetate Sunglasses

  • Round sunglasses handcrafted with acetate provide you with endless comfort. Carry them with poise and pamper your vision effortlessly.

  • Rectangle Acetate Glasses

  • Rectangle eyeglasses come well-equipped with style and edge. Opt for a sharp look by putting them on- you can’t go wrong with these pairs.

  • Pilot Acetate Sunglasses

  • Pilot glasses exude charm- these cool stuff highlight your features and make you stand out among the crowd. Grab these attention-grabbing sunnies made with acetate- you won’t regret your decision.

  • Square Acetate Glasses

  • Square eyeglasses are game-changers, for real. Wear these stunning pairs and you can make others drool! Wherever you are going, these glasses will make sure to throw light only on you.

Final Thoughts

Acetates have the widest range for transparency, vivid colours, and finishes. By organising several colours and transparencies into layers and mixing them together, more complex colourations are produced. Unlike colours painted on plastic frames, these do not fade or chip away and the finish remains fine even after using them on a daily basis.

Another advantage of acetate is that it is made from renewable materials and thus is far more environmentally friendly than plastic.

So whether you want to place vibrant frames on your eyes, or elegant transparent ones, acetate is the way to go

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