The best black sunglasses you’ll want to own this summer

Halina Tseng

Published on April 22, 2021, 1:39 am

The best black sunglasses you’ll want to own this summer

Do you also feel like everybody looks just hotter in black sunglasses? No matter what you are wearing, put on a pair of black shades and bingo - nailed the look! I think NASA should look into this science.

No shade, but no accessory comes even close to the understated cool of black sunglasses. Long before sunnies became common, they were used in risky water sports and then emerging technologies like air travel. I believe that’s where they got their edgy, confident and daring traits from.

And no offense, some of the folks I know even wear sunglasses to pretend like they have their act together. Who knew that sunglasses could be used for that? Whichever reason you want to buy shades for, there’s a style for you out there. Keep scrolling to find the best partner to your outfits.

Black Shades to Try This Summer

If you also love summer (or looking expensive), here are some of my best picks in black sunglasses for men and women this year.





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Timeless Fashion Formula

Nothing says “I am a boss” quite like cat-eye sunglasses. And when you have them in black, people believe it. Turn on the drama with Bella who is hot, young and ridiculously fashionable without even trying. Love putting people in their place? Do it with some solid designer black cat-eye sunglasses. Wear it with a black blazer, trouser, a light blue shirt and an updo for a boss lady look.





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On-the-go Style

I don’t think that round shades are retro. To me, they are the definition of modern classic. Even on the days when I am not feeling the best version of myself, I add these to my outfit and I feel better. Don’t give a second thought to this style. Pair it up with chinos shorts and a summer tee for a casual hip look.





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Mood Booster

Like keeping things simple? This sleek rectangular-shaped Cheadle is your guy. Famous for its modern and sophisticated aesthetics, it’ll go well with your formal attires. The delicate temple arms further add to the elegance. For the young lads, a tucked in shirt, tailored trousers and dress shoes are the best mates to rectangular black sunglasses. Ladies, an all beige outfit will look awesome with Cheadle.





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Smoking Hot

Dip your toes into the world of timeless fashion with Dovile here. Imagine all the cool selfies you will take in this style-heavy frame. And if you get mistaken for Gigi Hadid or Rihana, don’t get surprised. This style is an absolute favourite of these divas. Power up in a business suit or keep it casual in denim overalls, as soon as you throw designer cat-eye sunglasses into the mix, your outfit will speak a whole different story.





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Black Magic

Looking for a modern twist on classic silhouettes? Why not give Ferris a shot? A hit summer number, Ferris has a fresh take on the eternal rectangular sunglasses. The chunky statement women’s black sunglasses will keep your fashion game on point. And with the money you will save on Ferris, you can buy yourself a black printed maxi skirt, a white crop top and of course a beach hat to go with it.





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Cool for the Summer

Though Stretford is not over-the-top, it still manages to have that striking visual impact. Built in classic rectangular frame design, it looks amazing on all face shapes. It gives you a more defined and bold look that’s not too ‘out there’. Also, it will match up with just about anything. How about a simple white tee and light-wash denim?





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Le Sport

Tarbock hits the perfect balance between a sportier silhouette and pleasing aesthetics. Perfect for a brunch or trendy weekend look. Guys may pair these dark black designer sunglasses with textured shirts, trousers, lace-up shoes for a complete look. Girls may opt for a short cotton pleated skirt, a ruby top and a pair of canvas shoes.





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Touch of Whimsy

Toft is a member of round fest black sunglasses that knows how to inject fun into the simplest of outfits. It feels like the throwback to the 60s when fashion was at its peak. Take Toft for a spin with your rugged denim, pastel or nude t-shirt and faded cargo shorts. Girls will be throwing themselves at you. Girls may team up Toft with comfy denim shorts and a basic cream white t-shirt.





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Curves & Edges

Browline sunglasses are the fail proof combination of retro and modern designs. Grace has elegance with funky looks. If you like to look expensive, you can do it on a budget with this pair of women’s black sunglasses. No matter how you style it, you will be turning heads wherever you go. With the polarised UV400 lenses, you won’t have to worry about the sun.





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Novelty Frame

Charlie is an ode to the 60s style with its round silhouette and is getting much love this summer. If you couldn’t find black sunglasses that look flattering on your face, Charlie won’t disappoint. From your most formal attires with crisp white button-downs to your street style looks, Charlie is meant to adapt to your wardrobe and give the most stylish results.

These are all my picks for the best designer black sunglasses for men and women. Feel free to browse through our website and check out your favourite style.

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