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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads | What to get your old Man

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads | What to get your old Man

There are so many Christmas gift ideas for dads on the internet. Yet finding a gift for your old man can be tricky. And when they say that they don’t want anything this Christmas, it just doesn’t help.

But dads are built this way. They would never tell you what they want and always have the best gift under the Christmas tree for you.

While we appreciate the sentiment, you’ve got to give him something. If you don’t know what, I’ve got a few Christmas gift ideas for dads to make your old man happy this year.

It’s time to think beyond ‘Number 1 Dad’ mugs and give him something that he’ll truly appreciate.

Best Christmas gifts for dads

If you don’t have a Christmas gift planned out yet, don’t fret. Whether you have a golf dad or a tech dad, this ‘Christmas gift ideas for dads’ list has something for every type of father.

Meat claws

You must have fond memories of Family BBQ’s with your dad working on the grill. Maybe that’s how you learned how to grill.

If that’s one of your dad’s favourite hobbies, he’ll love to have a pair of meat claws to tear the meat apart (or to feel like Wolverine maybe).

You can use these to pick up the hot meat, tear it or pretend to be a grilling pro. Make sure the claws are BPA free so they don’t melt from the heat.

This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dads even if he’s impossible to shop for.

A business backpack

Briefcase days are over. Your dad needs something more comfortable and stylish to carry his laptop. And a business backpack is just that.

These bags have different pockets so he can keep his things separately and get more organised (something dads are not famous for).

These backpacks are also available with an external USB port so he can charge his electronics. Also, they can take these backpacks in the rain as they are fully waterproof. Your dad can even take this bag with him on business travel as it has enough space for all his electronics.

Designer sunglasses

Your dad is your hero. And no matter how many dad jokes he cracks in a day, you think he’s the coolest person you know.

Now, all he needs is a pair of designer sunglasses to look like a hero. He’ll enjoy going outdoors more when he knows he has his stylish sunglasses on that’ll keep away UV rays.

If he has a prescription, you can add it to the sunnies. You can buy prescription sunglasses from us and get them customised for your dad’s vision needs. Take advantage of our Christmas glasses offers and save big on gift shopping.

Magnetic bottle opener

Bottle openers magically disappear from the scene when you want them.

If your dad can’t find anything in the kitchen drawer, get him a magnetic bottle opener this year that you can attach to your fridge.

There are also personalised bottle openers that have a photo. You can add your dad’s photo to it or a picture of the two of you together.

Don’t worry, the magnet won’t scratch your expensive fridge. And these are made of stainless steel so you don’t have to hear the most common kitchen phrase ‘where’s the bottle opener’ for years.

A massage chair

No list of Christmas gift ideas for dads is complete without this entry.

Your dad is the strongest guy you know. But when he’s spending hours sitting at his office desk, he must be dealing with a lot of stress and sore muscles.

He might feel shy using a spa voucher but he will definitely appreciate a massage chair to relax his muscles after a long day at work.

Luxury massage chairs have built-in spinal correction techniques which will relax and mobilize your dad’s tight or stiff muscles. And your mom or uncle would want one too after they see how amazing this chair is.

A super slim wallet

Does your dad’s wallet look like it’s going to explode? That’s because he stuffs everything from his money to business cards in it.

What he needs is a super slim leather wallet that fits his pocket perfectly without looking bulky. It will hold his money and cards while staying flat and slim. It’s as minimal as it gets while being super functional.

A fitness band

This is the best gift for your out of shape dad.

A fitness tracker will encourage him to develop healthy habits such as walking a few extra steps or sleeping a little more. When we make these small changes in his lifestyle will add up to make a noticeable difference to his health.

A fitness tracker will monitor his fitness, track stress, show him his sleep stats and even notify him of phone calls or texts. Fitness bands also make for one of the most useful Christmas gift ideas for moms too.

A portable projector

If your dad loves movies and even has a Netflix subscription, you should consider giving him a mini projector. This will turn your home into his personal movie theatre.

He can connect his phone, laptop or USB drive with the projector and see the movie on a blank wall. Forget your 55-inch TV and watch your favourite shows and movies on a life-size screen.

Treat your dad with one of these Christmas gift ideas for dads this year. He’ll truly appreciate these gifts and will be using them every day.

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