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Do you wear sunglasses in the winter?

Do you wear sunglasses in the winter?

When we think of summer, we casually start to pack our backs for sunny beach days in summer. Winter isn’t the first thought when it comes to sunglasses. However now with essential information spread around the world, we are aware that UV rays are not only the threat to us. Many rays and reflection are also responsible for causing immense eye problems to our eyes that we expect. Besides that, UV rays are still prominent even in winters as well. Even on a dull cloudy day, there's about 80% of UV rays still available. The number of intense rays that get reflected from the ice cause various eye discomfort.

Since we are practically aware of the mischief of the sun and its harmful rays, we make sure we carry out sunglasses while doing any fun sports. However, the severeness of UV rays and its effect on our eyes are often neglected by an average person. At first, it's quite obvious that you don’t notice it but with time, you’ll experience eye strain, itchiness and redness that often leads to squinting of the eye when you’re outdoors.

Many people often think it's odd to wear sunglasses during winter but you are just one step ahead in knowledge and preventive measures. However, fret none, read on to know why sunglasses in summer is vital for your eyes. Spread the information among your friends for them to stop teasing you and be guilty of not being acknowledged with what we call FACTS.

Benefits of wearing Sunglasses in Winter

UV Rays Protection

Ultraviolet rays are quite a threat in almost all the season, be it summer or winter. The wrath of sun UV rays exposure is something we can’t escape hence it's equally dangerous in the winter as well. If you live around the areas that have snows, water bodies or ice all around then you are under high trouble with UV radiation. UV radiation causes an increased amount of eye problems and discomfort as the rays get reflected in various amounts that go on to attack your eyes. UV rays are however the most threatening to your eyes at higher heights of the mountain and prove hazardous to many sports lovers. Skiing, hiking or climbers are completely packed with sunglasses as their ultimate protection gear during the whole journey.

Direct penetration of UV rays can lead to potential eye disease in coming years hence it is highly advised by the optometrist to carry sunglasses during the winter. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB 400 block out the UV rays and offer you a safe ray free environment to enjoy your fun adventures.

Glare Reduction

Glare is as mean as the UV rays itself. For most people, glare has caused various sorts of eye problems and discomfort in their eyes that takes quite a time to recover. Glares are reflected rays from polished surfaces like the snow, water and ice. As you are already aware, in winter, the precipitation coats almost every surface with snow all around you. The snow now works as a reflective surface to the sun UV rays. You’ll experience bright reflections in your eyes from all sides causing you significant pain and severely impair vision.

Apart from scratching and finding it extremely hard to open the eye, you’ll also find it difficult to enjoy games and sports while being outdoors. The glare leads to blurry vision and lack of focus on any image. Sports like driving, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and others can turn out to be extremely hazardous to your health.

Sunglasses with polarised lenses help to reduce glare to a higher extent than leads with secure sightseeing and outdoor experience. With these sunglasses, you’ll experience a safe and comfortable vision that’s free from glare and unwanted rays from all angles.

Free from headache and eye strain

The pupil in our eyes is responsible for controlling the light intensity and the amount that enters to offer us the image formation. With extreme brightness and reflection around the winter atmosphere, your eyes experience painful strain and headaches in the eye. Hence with increased brightness in the eyes, the pupil is no longer able to control or regulate the light rays which leads to changes in the eye. You often have to squint your eyes to reduce the exposure or close them to not experience any major dizziness.

All these discomforts lead to pain in the eyes however sunglasses help to rescue from them effortlessly. With the anti-reflective coating, all the reflected rays, hues and glare get blocked while you and the vision remain working perfectly. You’ll experience no side effects like fatigue or headache and get the vision running smoothly without squinting.

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