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A Corporate Girl’s Guide to Summer Essentials

A Corporate Girl’s Guide to Summer Essentials

Summer is here, and it is time to pull out the swimsuits, straw hats, and sunglasses, and get ready to bask under the beachy sun! Of course, there are plenty of jokes about British summers being bleak, and well, some of them may be a tad bit true. But, let us be honest, even the slightest rays of the summer sun are enough to make our day!
Anyways, although British summers may be unpredictable and precarious, your bag’s essentials do not have to be! A pivotal part of keeping your busy life on track when the warmer weather arrives is to pack your purse in a way that it is ready to beat the heat.

Prepare a Summer-ready Purse with these Essentials

  • Sunscreen

    Image of a sunscreen bottle

    Caption: Sunscreen is crucial during summers

    A summer without sunscreen is like an ice cream without the waffle cone or an English breakfast without bacon. Anyways, moving ahead from the gastronomical references, carrying a good-quality sunscreen with SPF 50 or above and PA ++++ rating is something you should consider to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and protected!
    British summers may seem bleak, sometimes, but the sun does not spare anyone. So, whether you are going to the office or a day out with friends, it is crucial to prioritise skin protection and wear sunscreen religiously on the face and body! From delaying ageing to preventing skin cancer, sunscreen is a marvel of modern cosmetology, and something that nobody should sleep on!

  • Reusable Water Bottle

    Image of a water bottle

    Caption: Keeping hydrated is crucial during summers

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Let us make this the ‘motto’ for summer 2023. During summers, we should drink more water to prevent dehydration, regulate body temperature, facilitate digestion, maintain healthy skin, prevent kidney stones, and so forth.
    For all the corporate girlies who want to stay productive throughout the day and yet feel cool and energetic, drinking sufficient water is a must. According to the US Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men should consume 3.7 litres of fluids per day, whereas women should consume 2.7 litres of liquids per day!
    And we suggest a reusable water bottle, as without sustainability there is no humanity!

  • Lipstick

    Image of a lipstick

    Caption: Lipstick is a great way to add warmth and life to the face during summers

    Going to work is incomplete without putting on a vibrant shade of lipstick. And besides, what is summer without some pop of colour on the face! Whether you enjoy nudes, pinks, or reds, having one go-to lipstick inside your office bag can make things a lot easier. If you want to slay, serve, and succeed at work, and do it with style and confidence, just a single swipe of lipstick can do the trick!

  • Eden Sunglasses

    {"LS156F\/1":{"id":"4715","sku":"LS156F\/1","name":"EDEN 1","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/purple-rectangle-sunglasses-for-women.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"69.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"Crystal Lilac","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/crystal-lilac.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/t\/y\/ty156_c1_1.webp","label":"EDEN 1"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/skin\/frontend\/base\/default\/images\/catalog\/product\/placeholder\/thumbnail.jpg","label":"EDEN 1"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/4715\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false},"LS156F\/2":{"id":"4716","sku":"LS156F\/2","name":"EDEN 2","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/women-designer-rectangle-sunglasses.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"69.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"Crystal Grey","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/crystal-grey.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/t\/y\/ty156_c2_1.webp","label":"EDEN 2"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/skin\/frontend\/base\/default\/images\/catalog\/product\/placeholder\/thumbnail.jpg","label":"EDEN 2"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/4716\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false},"LS156F\/3":{"id":"4717","sku":"LS156F\/3","name":"EDEN 3","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/pink-rectangle-sunglasses-for-women.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"69.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"Crystal Blush Pink","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/crystal-blush-pink.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/t\/y\/ty156_c3_1.webp","label":"EDEN 3"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/skin\/frontend\/base\/default\/images\/catalog\/product\/placeholder\/thumbnail.jpg","label":"EDEN 3"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/4717\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false},"LS156F\/4":{"id":"4718","sku":"LS156F\/4","name":"EDEN 4","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/green-rectangle-sunglasses-womens.html","brand":"Tom Archer","price":"69.99","special_price":null,"swatch":{"color":"Crystal Aqua Green","url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/swatches\/1\/21x21\/media\/crystal-aqua-green.png"},"image":{"primary":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/media\/catalog\/product\/t\/y\/ty156_c4_1.webp","label":"EDEN 4"},"side":{"url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/skin\/frontend\/base\/default\/images\/catalog\/product\/placeholder\/thumbnail.jpg","label":"EDEN 4"}},"hometrial":{"can_go":false,"in_bucket":false},"wishlist":{"in_wishlist":false,"wishlist_id":null,"add_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/add\/product\/4718\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/","remove_url":"https:\/\/specscart.co.uk\/wishlist\/index\/remove\/form_key\/AZTfZqZFyKgcMC7k\/"},"top_pick":false,"is_logged_in":false}}
    EDEN 4
    • Crystal Lilac
    • Crystal Grey
    • Crystal Blush Pink
    • Crystal Aqua Green
    Tom Archer EDEN 4 £69.99

    Well, summer and sunglasses are birds of a feather flock; one is incomplete without the other! It goes without saying that all corporate girlies have to spend quite a large chunk of their day in front of laptops. Therefore, taking extra care of the eyes becomes important.
    Whenever out in the sun, do not forget to carry a pair of funky yet high-quality sunglasses to prevent UVA and UVB rays from affecting your eyes. With timely protection against harmful UV rays, your eyes might remain shielded against problems like cataract, age-related macular degeneration, and more!
    If you want to know about the best sunglasses trends of 2023, read here!

  • Tri-glasses Case

    Image of a tri-glass case

    Caption: Sunglasses must be kept inside a tri-glasses case

    Every pair of sunglasses deserves a home! So, make sure to invest in a good case for your eyewear, so that they last long, and remain scratch-free! As a corporate girlie, it is important to find the right balance between splurging and saving! Does, we suggest that when you invest in a good pair of sunglasses, make sure that they last a long time by having a sturdy, strenuous, and stylish tri-fold case inside the bag!

  • Technological Necessities

    Image of an office bag with digital devices

    Caption: Every office bag must include digital devices

    Last but not the least, any corporate girlie’s summer essentials bag is incomplete without technological equipment. A laptop, an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and a charger are things that you should have in your office bag. Of course, the specific needs will change depending on the job position, but some like a charger, laptop, etc., remain constant!

Final Thoughts

Well, with the right essentials inside the bag, every corporate girlie can absolutely own this summer season. Protection against the sun, productivity at work, and painting the town red during the weekends, everything is possible when your office bag is equipped with the optimal tools. Well, summer 2023 does not belong to ‘hot girls,’ (wink wink) but to the ‘hardworking corporate girlies’ who, like we said, slay and succeed with style

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