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Glasses for fashion or necessity

Glasses for fashion or necessity

We all take our eyes for granted. But we would have more appreciation for them if we knew what marvellous pieces of engineering they are.

Glasses make you look stylish, intelligent, hardworking, and honest. It is not my individual opinion, but the psychology behind wearing glasses. You might have never noticed, but you inadvertently put your guard down when near people who wear glasses. You would rather ask a glasses-wearing person for directions rather than just any random individual. You will feel that the former won't prank you.

In your school days, you might have noticed that the glasses-wearing kid is the one who gets punished less by the teachers. However, they are the ones that are ridiculed by their peers the most. Glasses make you intelligent and weak (strength-wise). You appear as a bookworm who rarely steps out of their home. The bullies find this as an opportunity.

I have been wearing prescription glasses since my school days. There was a really silly bunch during my school days. They loved Harry Potter but ridiculed someone with Harry Potter glasses.

This stigma from childhood is something that shapes our minds. I was glasses-shy. I didn't tell my parents that my vision was getting worse. They noticed themselves when they saw me struggling to watch television from a distance. It's a big thing when you start wearing glasses and you know you will be ostracised for it. You won't get included in the cool kids' crowd. You will be more of a Maths club kid.

Glasses are more of a fashion accessory than a vision necessity.

Twenty years or so ago, glasses were not trendy. As a kid with glasses, you had some bad times. But in today's era, glasses are trendy. You would wonder why this big shift. What if I told you this wasn't a quick transition but has been for ages. Do you know glasses were once a status symbol in the early 13-14th century when the glasses first came into inception?

Glasses were worn by scholars (mostly noble classes). Glasses were not a tool that was found in commoners hands. Slowly the scene changed, and glasses were common worldwide to improve vision. There was a segment of people who wore glasses for fashion . They were hipsters, and they had quite trendy choices for the style of the frames, unlike the traditional circle or rectangular frames.

Tortoiseshell glasses were quite fashionable and unconventional (made from real tortoiseshells) in the 20th century. They were expensive. And not to mention fashionable, unlike the traditional glasses frames. Only the style-conscious or rich preferred these frames.

Many styles of glasses came afterwards and became trendy because a famous celebrity has worn those glasses. You can easily tell that about cat-eye glasses frames (made trendy by Marilyn Monroe), circle glasses (John Lennon), pilot glasses (Tom Cruise), and there are many more.

Eyeglasses - An Elevated Fashion Accessory

    of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are the most prominent accessory on a person’s face. They are the first thing that someone notices about you. Needless to say, it is quite easy to spot people with glasses in the crowd and remember most of their features. Thus, wearing glasses make you stand Fashionable glasses matching your face shape, your style and personality will bring out your best features. Glasses add a bit of charm to your appeal.

Why should you wear glasses even with perfect vision?

Why should you wear glasses even with perfect vision?

Wearing fake glasses can instantly elevate your look, and offer a more intellectual appearance. However, the task of non-prescription glasses does not end there. For instance, fake glasses with anti-blue light coating can help prevent harmful blue light from digital devices from entering your eyes.

Spending an abnormally long time in front of devices can harm your eyesight. They might give you eye strain, headache, blurry visions and even disrupt your sleep cycle. People with perfect vision also suffer from this problem, otherwise known as computer vision syndrome. Wearing blue light glasses can eliminate the issue and ensure a healthier vision for a prolonged time.

Another benefit that non-prescription glasses can give you is protection from harsh sunlight, glare from bright lights and UV rays. Of course, you can wear sunglasses for that. But if you are getting fake glasses too, get them with a UV400 coating to cut down your expenses and get extra safety from the sun.

If you want to know how stylish sunglasses can serve as a protective shield, read here!

Final Thoughts

Do you know what percentage of the population wears glasses in the UK? It's 74 per cent. When most people are wearing glasses, why should you feel shy? Wear fashionable glasses to look trendy and also to protect your vision.

Nowadays, eyeglasses are no more a device for vision correction, but a fashion accessory. Thus, wear your glasses with flair, pzazz, and confidence!

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