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An Ideal Brunch Date- What to Carry in My Bag?

An Ideal Brunch Date- What to Carry in My Bag?

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was’- and finally, both of you have decided to go for that brunch date, together! It’s an overwhelming feeling, expressing them in words feels like a real task. Brunch dates are special- this leisurely affair calls for a gorgeous outfit and an equally stylish bag to carry some much-needed essentials. Now, this is the tricky part. You might be wondering, ‘What essentials should I carry in my bag’? Think no further because we are here to walk you through the must-haves.

Let some moments be etched in your memories, forever. Embrace the art of living as you lounge on plush cushions, basking in the warm ambience- welcome to the brunch date of your dreams! Read this blog and pack your sling bags- a wonderful time awaits you and your loved ones.

  • Sunscreen

    Image of
      a Sunscreen

    Dealing with the scorching heat is never an option- that’s why it’s crucial to acknowledge the importance of sunscreen. Your ultimate companion, these protective shields safeguard your skin from getting exposed to several damages. Unleash the fun, prevent sunburn, and keep discomfort at bay. It’s high time you need to take a step toward self-care and well-being even if the temperature is soaring.

  • Lipstick

      of a Red lipstick

    Stuffing lipstick in your bag is more than just a beauty choice- it’s a statement of self-expression and confidence. With the right shades, you can turn heads- let your date get a little jealous (lol). Leave a lasting impression on your guy- put on that sophisticated nude or flirty pink and look perfect. If you are not much of a makeup person, this one beauty product can actually add some oomph to your OOTD! Look best, feel best, and appear minimalist!

  • Sunglasses with Case

    Of course, sunglasses are way too important while going on a brunch date. Combat the harmful UV rays so that your eyes can do the talking- don’t forget to infuse trendy sunnies before hitting the streets. Also, these fashionable accessories highlight the trendsetter in you- don them with top-notch confidence and leave your date in absolute awe.

    Make sure to carry your sunglasses case and other accessories as well, after all, you ain’t going to wear them inside the restaurant. Take care of your pairs so that they can pamper your vision- keeping your eye health in check is extremely mandatory.

  • Perfume

    Image Of

    Body mists and perfume help you stay fresh throughout the day- it’s a fact that can’t be denied at all. Apart from your tip-top hairstyle to an on-point look, these essentials shouldn’t be overlooked at all. Add some elegance to your brunch date experience- let the charming aroma set the stage for a sensory-rich and memorable date. Pull up your socks and choose an extra layer of personality, elegance and allure.

  • Scrunchies

    Image of

    Scrunchies are minimalist cuties that make your hair look adorable. Explore the online shops or hop into the roadside stores to get your hands on these beauties. Accessorise your hair and steal the show effortlessly- these small efforts matter a lot (not lying at all).

  • Compact


    A little beauty secret is your compact- don’t miss out on it. Thanks to these products, keeping your appearance intact throughout the day is as easy as a smooth cakewalk. Confident booster, excellent for touch-ups- a high-quality compact will never disappoint you. Suitable for different moods and settings, the cute powder puffs are enough to unfold your grace.

  • Phone Charger

    Image of
      phone charger

    What if your phone battery gets low? How will you take Instagram-worthy pictures? Carry a charger (maybe portable) and take a snap of every moment. These are lightweight essentials that will easily fit inside your sling bag.

  • Credit Card

      of Credit Card

    Last but not least, you can’t forget your credit card or cash at home while travelling to some other place. Even if your guy is paying for the date (you can always choose to split the bill), you need to have his back by carrying your own card.

    Summing up, these are some of the prime essentials that deserve a space in your bag. Let the ending words from your date be ‘and she looks perfect.’ Slay the day with your aura- we can help you with the sunglasses part! Explore our glasses and place an order- these sunnies will get delivered to your doorstep on time.

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