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How to Plan a Last-minute Father’s Day Extravaganza?

How to Plan a Last-minute Father’s Day Extravaganza?

Father’s Day is just around the corner (18th June, 2023), and the time has never been better to celebrate the number one man in your life! Well, I am assuming that your Father’s Day plan is all wrapped up, tied with a bow, and ready for dispatch, isn’t it?

Well, if not, then Specscart has got your back. For the forgetful sons and daughters whose love transcends material affections, but who are also keen on executing an extravaganza for their ‘best man,’ our blog is all you need!

Opt for a Material Gift that Matters

  • Emergency Sunglasses

    Last-minute gifting ideas do not have to be dull and haphazard. Every ‘Daddy Cool’ deserves a present that brings out his exuberant personality and buoyant charm! For fathers who enjoy being under the sun, an excellent eleventh-hour gift has to be sunglasses.

    If your dad is myopic or presbyopic, then opt for prescription sunglasses or reading sunglasses. The options are limitless, and even if you have not ordered your gift yet, fret not, as Specscart offers 24-hour Express Shipping!

  • Home-trial Box


    If your father is a true-perfectionist and you are confused whether or not he will like your last-minute gift, then worry not, as we have a solution. You can plan a gift that caters to your dad’s near or distance vision problems and opt for our free 7-day Home Trial Glasses Box.

    It comes with four frames and three lenses, so that your dad can take his sweet little time and choose the ones that fit best. After he makes the pick, you can make an order from the comfort of your home. Thus, planning a last-minute gift for a finicky father has never been easier! For curated gifts aligning with your father’s personality, read our blog!

Ideate a Wholesome Day at Home

  • Learn His Signature Recipe

      son cooking together

    Every dad has a signature recipe that he is extremely proud of, and which is relished by every family member. So, this Father’s Day, why not take on the reins of that recipe and attempt a hands-on experience of his trademark cuisine. Whether it is a signature BBQ sauce, a banana ice cream parfait, or a herb-spice brisket, ask the in-house chef to pass on the torch and show you the ropes, and then share the meal together.

  • Work on a DIY Project Together

      a DIY project Together

    If you are tired of DIY gifts, why not turn an impending DIY project into a Father’s Day activity. Whether it is painting an unfurnished guest room, decorating the kitchen wall, or hanging curtains, your dad will definitely appreciate your assistance.

    And besides, you can surprise him by gathering all the materials well in advance. If your dad likes being busy and putting things together, then a collaborative DIY project is something that he will truly love and cherish.

  • Plan an Indoor Picnic

      of family doing Picnic together

    If you are out of ideas or short on time, then an easy-peasy way to make your father feel extra special would be to plan an indoor picnic. It goes without saying that Father’s Day is all about spending quality time with ‘the best man’ of your life, and what better trajectory to follow than lay out a cutesy indoor picnic with lunchtime goodies and snacks.

Execute a Gala Evening

Sway away from the myth that planning an eleventh-hour Father’s Day can only happen at home, as there is a lot of scope to execute a gala event for that person who has always considered your wishes to be his ‘commands.’

  • Plan a Movie Night

      watching Movie

    If your father is a movie buff, then there is nothing better than planning a wholesome movie night. You can either set up the theatre system at home or book tickets in his favourite cinema hall. For an extravagant at-home movie experience, you can consider renting a projector and showcase the movie on a big screen made with a crisp white bed sheet.

  • Head to a Retro Diner

      Doing Dinner In restaurant

    If your dad is a foodie, then why not head out to a retro diner for a fun night. It goes without saying that every dad will appreciate indulging in his favourite treats with his son or daughter by his side. Also, if your dad loves breakfasts, then ideate a breakfast date to a place with freshly made bacon, mashed potato, and waffles! Sounds yum!!

    The best part about heading to a diner is that everything feels extravagant and special, and you do not even need extensive preemptive planning to execute the same.

Final Words

Father’s Day is just one day dedicated to the dads of the world, who make everything better simply by their presence and endearing charm. Of course, everyone must shower love upon their fathers during the Big Day, but the key is to remember that the ‘Number One Man’ of your life deserves to be celebrated, cherished, and made special all throughout the year.

The best last-minute gift you can offer your dad is quality time and words of comfort and appreciation. But, everyone loves a tad bit of splurge and spoiling, and that is precisely when the 24-hour delivery of Specscart comes to the rescue. Last-minute gifts do not have to be lacklustre, as our huge collection of sunnies will, definitely, make for an excellent and relevant Father’s Day present.

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