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What makes the perfect pair of Glasses for Winter Sports

What makes the perfect pair of Glasses for Winter Sports

Beijing winter olympics are scheduled to begin in less than two months from now. From all around the globe, athletes from different countries with similar traits of hard work and discipline will assemble at this mega event, for which they have given their blood, sweat and tears, over the past few years. They all know very well that nothing can get better than an olympic medal.

Winter sports have got an aura of their own. Watching the highly energetic and agile athletes competing in a white serene background provided by snow, is a thrilling experience.

To take part, is a different ball game altogether. Most of these sports require a relatively higher level of skills, considering the rough and tough nature of winter sports. The participants not only have to focus on the game but also have to ensure that they remain safe, as they aim for a place on the glorious podium.

The importance of the role of safety gears in sports cannot be stressed much, especially when it comes to winter sports. Here comes the role of sports glasses which are a must, not only for the safety of your eyes but also for optimising your performance.

If you are someone who plays winter sports either as a professional or for fun, we are here to guide you through the considerations that you need to make before picking that mandatory pair of sports glasses.

Here are the suggestions!

The Right Fit

Even if you tick all the boxes that make a good pair of sport glasses, you will still be at a loss if you don’t get it to fit you well. Hence, you need to be super cautious with the fitting.

You would definitely not want to be put in a situation wherein your glasses fall off, while you indulge in skiing through the rough trails of the mountains.

A material that is flexible enough to adjust on your eyes is what you should be looking for - maybe plastic or even acetate. The key to achieve a perfect fit is to ensure that your glasses have temples that grip well and nose pads that don’t slip off. You always have the freedom to use a sports glasses strap that will help the glasses stay at its intended place.

Prescription Glasses

What if you wear prescription eyeglasses? No need to worry! You can still enjoy winter sports with the same determination and passion, but not with the same prescription glasses that you have for your daily use.

These winter sports glasses can always be customised by using a prescription insert to give the perfect vision and also keep your eyes safe.


Apart from being flexible to ensure the right fit, there are some other desirable characteristics that you should look out for in a pair of winter sports glasses.

These glasses need to be sturdy and have a high impact-resistance as this is what the nature of winter sports demands. Areas suitable for winter sports are also susceptible to extreme climatic conditions like snowfall and jet streams. These factors also have to be taken into account to arrive at the perfect pair of sports glasses.

For sports glasses frames, the best materials are strong plastic and acetate and you can go with a polycarbonate lens, with an enhanced visual clarity.

The Nature of the Sport

To optimise your performance, you also need an optimisation of your sports glasses to make it a match with the requirements of your sport.

Sports that are performed in an open natural landscape such as skiing and snowboarding, relatively have a higher risk component and therefore, require much sturdy glasses. For sports which have a low-impact, you always have the benefit of shedding off some weight by choosing a lighter option.

UV Protection

Snow has one of the highest albedo (the ability of an object to reflect sunlight off its surface). This makes the UV coating a must for sports glasses. UV rays are scientifically proven to cause harm to eyes. An athlete will be subjected to long-term exposure of UV rays, which can also result in cataracts. You definitely cannot compromise on a UV protective coating.

Polarised Lenses

Glare is a frequent problem that you encounter when you take to winter sports. Glare is mainly experienced in bright areas and foggy conditions. It can be really misleading and lead to judgement failures, thereby affecting your performance.

Polarised lenses are the solution. These lenses allow the majority of the light rays to pass through your lenses, keeping the reflection from the surface to negligible.

You have a wide range of options for sports glasses online. So head online to treat yourself with a pair of winter sports glasses as cool as the winter itself.

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