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7 Secret Struggles of Glasses Wearers in Summer

7 Secret Struggles of Glasses Wearers in Summer

It seems like glasses wearers can never catch a break. Whether winter or summer, we are always caught up in challenges that non-glasses wearers find trivial.

While the entire world is enjoying beach trips and pool parties, we are left with dealing with the struggles of wearing glasses in summer.

We don’t talk about these struggles enough which has led other people to believe that it’s not that big of a deal. But it’s time we voice these problems to let people know how we keep it together when almost everything bothers us in summer.

Struggles of Wearing Glasses in Summer

Fellow glasses wearers, let’s tell people what we go through what is supposed to be a carefree season full of fun.

1. Dancing between glasses and sunglasses

Do you shift from shades to specs if it gets cloudy? But what if it gets sunny again? This is the biggest hassle glasses wearers face on a daily basis.

Sure you are wearing sunglasses and your eyes are protected from UV light. But what’s the point of using them when you can’t see a darn thing?

Ever tried prescription sunglasses? If you think they are expensive, just look at our collection and you’ll know how affordable they can get.

Or try out our tinted glasses. What could be a better way of having the goodness of glasses and sunglasses in a single thing?

Look, I know how embarrassing it is to walk into a room and your glasses are still dark. I mean we would hate to be that guy who wears sunglasses indoors. This is why our tinted lenses change colour within seconds to save you from embarrassment.

2. Sweat and lenses don’t mix

When the sun is out and loud, you’ll sweat. And when it happens, the sweat may drip into your glasses. You know what happens next right? You will have to wipe the lenses.

And it is most likely that you don’t have the right cleaning cloth with you. So you do it with the next best thing - your shirttail. But it leads to nasty smudges on the lenses.

So, always have a lens cleaning cloth handy. God knows how many times a day you are going to need it.

3. Slipping and sliding

Speaking of sweat, let’s talk about what else it does. Don’t you find it annoying to readjust your glasses every 30 seconds?

The sweat on your face acts as the perfect Slip ‘N Slide for your glasses. And if you are wearing oily sunscreen on your face, then good luck keeping your glasses or sunglasses in place.

But I have found a solution, I simply rub Nerdwax on the nose pads of my eyewear. It helps my glasses stay put so I don’t have to bother about readjusting them every now and then. I heard you could also use an eye primer to give your glasses extra grip. So ladies might check that out.

4. The fog effect

When does it not happen to your lenses? Whether sipping hot coffee in winter or stepping from an air-conditioned room to the scorching outside world, a little fog will trap your lenses.

Sometimes I clean the fog if I have a cleaning cloth. Other times, I just wait for the fog to dry and disappear on its own. This problem has become even more common as we wear face coverings and masks.

What you can do is rinse the lenses with a soft detergent liquid in the morning. It will create a thin soapy film on the surface which prevents fog.

5. Reading outside is a whole different struggle

Who doesn’t like reading a book while soaking up the sun? But reading outside in summer is a bit of a bummer.

The blazing sun causes glare and distracting reflections on the lenses which make it hard to read. But if you have an anti-reflective coating on your lenses, you can still take pleasure in your favourite activity.

All the designer prescription glasses at Specscart have anti-reflective and anti-UV filters so that glare doesn’t bother you.

6. Beach days are a blurred memory

You can’t wear glasses when taking a swim. I know what you might be wondering. Why don’t you just use contacts? Good question. But even contact lenses cannot be worn in water unless you are not afraid of chlorine water seeping into your eye sockets.

Even if you have a mild refractive error, swimming without glasses is uncomfortable and no fun. I try swimming with glasses on and nothing in this world compares to the awful experience.

7. Weird tan lines

Are you turning heads with your stylish clear glasses frame or the weird tan lines they have caused under your eyes? How would you know?

Wearing glasses in summer causes tan rings around your eyes. It’s funny how it makes us look like we are wearing specs even when we are not.

It may also happen to people with perfect vision who wear sunglasses, but they can take off their shades whenever they want. We cannot afford to take off our glasses or prescription sunglasses just because we want to avoid tan lines.

We love summer in the UK. But us glasses-wearers face a set of challenges in summer that other people don’t.

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