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A Style Guide For Your New Year Celebrations

A Style Guide For Your New Year Celebrations

It’s that time of the year again! The atmosphere is brimming with the vibes of intense joy and excitement brought about by the Christmas - New Year festivities. As we get ready for the much awaited year-end holidays, we just can't stay away from planning the fine details of how to go about it, to make it a memorable one.

New Year Celebrations against the backdrop of COVID

As we actively indulge in the planning process, we also need to be mindful of the prevailing situation in the world - including the UK - that the threatening Omicron variant of coronavirus has forced upon us. Masking up and maintaining social distancing is not leaving us anytime soon. Does this limit our celebrations or take away any amount of the highly anticipated thrill?

While the COVID induced situation necessitates you to avoid large gatherings and preferably stay at home, it doesn’t restrict you at all from making amazing memories this new year. You can either enjoy with your family and close friends in a small get together at home or reap the benefits of the digital world by organising a virtual new year’s eve party.

No matter what your course of action is, you definitely need to get your style on point. Your physical appearance will add that extra sparkling effect needed to sustain the jolly mood of the party.

Gear up, as we humbly guide you in your quest for style ideas for the new year party, so that you can give a befitting reception to 2022.

Golden Rule - Stand Out!

At a new year party, you are not bound by any restrictions that you might have come to terms with at some other events such as a formal one. You have the freedom to go all-out with your new year party outfit.

When given the freedom, why not try out something that is unique and sets you apart from the crowd.

Ladies, allow your personality to shine through the ever amazing silk slip dress. You can even take the glamorous route with a classic robe. Sweatshirts are very mainstream now. Experience the lively world of sweatsuits, which is a truly out-of-the box option. For your footwear, leave heels behind and take to fluffy slippers - the ones which are made out of sparkling materials.

Men, it’s time to move beyond the likes of velvet blazers. Instead, go floral for that playful look. Break the boring dress code rule by sporting a neon oversized jacket, and complement it with a pair of chinos and the trendy colour blocked sneakers. Please do not forget the warm woolen mufflers for the cool look.

Your new year party dress should be the talk of the party.

The Right Fit

All that fits well looks well! Unless it’s not a draped dress, you will not want your attire to be hanging or swivelling around as you show off with your well-rehearsed dance moves. It can get really embarrassing.

Whether it’s the cheeky party pyjamas or the chic turtleneck sweaters , the fit just can’t go wrong.

Do try out whatever you have decided on before the D-day, to avoid last minute panicking. And if the need be, please avail the services of a tailor. To put in simple words, your dress needs to be tailored-fit.

Glasses - The Jewel in the Crown!

To add the prefix “dashing” to your looks, you will need the help of accessories. Accessories have the same impact on your physical appearance that a bottle of champagne has on a new year party - it lights it up.

It would be unfair if we didn’t place glasses right up the list. There is something about glasses that bring a touch of elegance to your looks. Go bold and funky this new year with glasses which radiate your vibrant personality.

Ladies, cat eye glasses are a blessing for you. Well, not the basic ones! You need to play around with angularity and go for ones that are relatively more upswept at the edges. Give way to funky colours like yellow and pink or you can certainly opt for the benign service of colour blocked glasses.

Men, supplement your fun side by picking up oversized frame glasses- a perfect party eyewear. It will match the vibes of the party like nothing else. Remember the rule - out-of-the box colours.

You can shop for glasses from us. You will certainly find a pair of New Year glasses that suit your needs, at pocket-friendly prices. The good news is that you can get it delivered the very next day by availing our free 24 hour dispatch service.

Casual and Funky

Set formality aside! Mind you, not when it comes to your manners, but with regards to your style. A new year party is obviously a casual get together, unless your office is organising one of its own. So. keep it casual and funky.

Why not experiment with hats! The one in cone shape - Santa’s favourite - or the feathery ones. What about a velvet cowboy hat? Don a hat on your head for that head-turning impact. You can find a wide range of new year party hats online.

As we bid farewell to 2021 and welcome all that 2022 has in store for us, why not do it in style? Specscart wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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