Sunglasses Trends 2022: Cool & Popular Styles You Must Try

Halina Tseng

Published on October 29, 2021, 1:27 pm

Sunglasses Trends 2022: Cool & Popular Styles You Must Try

I might sound a little off to talk about sunglasses trends for 2022 when we still have two months left. But don’t tell me you don’t like to be the first one to try out the latest styles. We all want that early bird discount right?

But, if you can’t be in the style loop cause you have so much to do, I’m here to help. Fashion month is over and notes are made.

After carefully watching all the runway shows and reading tons of fashion magazines, I’ve landed on major sunglasses trends for 2022 and you should have a look at them too.

Trending sunglasses for 2022

Modern aviators

Aviator sunglasses never disappoint. But 2022 aviators will be more than a thin wire frame with teardrop-shaped lenses.

We will see chunky acetate and modern designs that’ll happily go with your sports-inspired outfits.

The subtle detailings of tortoiseshell on the frame will bring some vintage flair to your casual outfits. Try out aviators with mirrored lenses to sport the trendiest look of 2022.

Cat-eye but bigger

Embrace your inner ’50s diva with cat-eye shades. With glamorous upswept style and oversized silhouette, these trending sunglasses for 2022 are a party-favourite.

Get selfie-ready with these chic cat-eye shades and style them with a wide range of outfits.

From denim jacket to your favorite leopard print swimwear, wear these sunglasses with your most trendy attire and a lot of attitude.

Thin is ‘in’

Do you remember those tiny sunglasses that weren’t enough to protect your eyes. Well, the designers have finally realised the problem and made these shades more practical.

The lenses are big enough to mask your eyes and frames are stylish enough to create a dynamic look. Style them how Bella Hadid does or have your own take on these shades.

With the extra slimline design, you’ll nail the look without stealing the limelight away. All of these sunglasses trends for 2022 are available with us right now at affordable price points.

Retro round shades

The nostalgia of round shades isn’t leaving us anytime soon. Update your round glasses with coloured lenses and you’re all set to enjoy summer 2022 in utmost fashion.

Feel like going a little extra? Why not try embellishments to look expensive or keep it simple and classy.

Clear frame sunglasses

Next up in the list of trending sunglasses in 2022, we have the timeless and easy-to-style transparent sunglasses.

For a clean and sophisticated look, sunglasses with transparent frames are a no-brainer. These shades are a living example of the phrase “the value is in the details’.

Master the art of minimal fashion with this subtle accessory. But if you want some edge, these are available in light frame tints as well.

Gradient lenses

Gradient lenses are darkest from the top and gradually lighten towards the bottom. Sunglasses with gradient lenses give you an understated look that’s novelty and stylish at the same time.

These are the ultimate fashion accessory that is perfect for various lighting conditions. They offer unmatched visual clarity even when you’re sitting inside a car. Choose trendy tint colours for these trending sunglasses in 2022 and create a monochromatic look to steal the show.

Oversized sunglasses

Get ready to make a statement next season with oversized shades in intriguing shapes and colours. The wide lenses give ultimate protection to your eyes while being glamorous at their best.

Sass up your style with some huge shades and add a straw hat to take your look a step further. From vintage cat-eye to timeless aviator, make your accessories a little bolder with big silhouettes.

Try out these sunglasses trends for 2022 before anyone else. Shop for them at pocket-friendly prices from us and look your best all year.

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