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Sunglasses Trends 2023: Styles and Shades

Sunglasses Trends 2023: Styles and Shades

With just a few days left to officially enter 2023, we are super excited about the changes and trends that will make their way to our wardrobes! Starting from our personal favourites, sunglasses.

Nothing screams summer like sunglasses, but that doesn't limit the usage of these perfect eye SPFs just for the summer. These are essential if you are looking into completely blocking the UV rays from entering your eyes in every season (with extra stress on every season).

Sunglasses trend 2023: Making the stylish move

Gracing the aisles of your favourite online place, these trendy sunglasses 2023 have always been a welcoming addition to your outfits. And they have sworn to go with every mood quite literally, just like when you have to hide your hungover eyes or a sleep-deprived eye bag, or most important of all, going undercover!

For sunglasses trends 2023, these timeless accessories are obsessed with the aughts and the trend has been slowly seeping back into the charts.

Colours and patterns of 2023

Eyewear styles are not the only factor that will be topping the charts for the 2023 sunglasses trends. So we have exactly what you will be looking for:

Metallic: A metallic shade to your sports eyewear is what you will be looking for in the coming days. The complete aught vibe in with 2023 sunglasses.

Magenta: Pantone just released the colour for 2023, and magenta is making a completely new swing. Yes, Viva Magenta, so this year you know what your wardrobe palette will actually look like.

Pastels: Shades of being minimal and calm, pastels are exactly what cool sunnies you should be looking for in sunglasses 2023. They are all clear to be paired with bright and bold colours for 2023 sunglasses trends.

All the rage about sunglasses 2023

Striving for something super chic, sunglasses have always been an add-on to put-in an outfit together, your personal intimate and favourite accessory. And this time, we plan to spoil you with all the choices of eyewear we will be offering you as in for 2023 sunglasses trends.

The new picks might have had the spotlight then and now, but the classics have always kept their ground sturdy, just like pilot sunglasses and the tradition will still exist for sunglasses trends 2023. Trends might come and go but the SPF for your eyes stays constant throughout the year. Speaking of style and strength and yada, yada, we do regularly speak about these topics but how about if we put these sunnies to some real use? Let us start with these universal fits and explore the styles that will be slaying in trendy sunglasses 2023.

Sports sunglasses

sports sunglasses

You might have seen celebrities donning these retro-futuristic picks, but have you tried these sunnies yet? Using sports sunglasses is not just a fashion statement anymore, they have become a usual part of life when it comes to 2023 sunglasses. An accessory for adventure lovers!

Being a fashion enthusiast you might want to add these beauties with a unitard, but for a casual Monday morning, you want to pair it with a long coat and a cup of coffee.

Oversized sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

As said if going undercover is your thing then perfect oversized shield sunglasses are what you should be looking for. The aughts were the time for bold eyewear, and the current obsession with the aughts is taking us back to the old trends.

For 2023 sunglasses trends, trying these dainty sunnies should be on your to-do list. And as the trend cycle moves towards the maximalism of styles, the cool factor of the pair is quite hard to ignore. Subtle details are what makes an accessory unique and this is your calling to slay the sunglasses trends 2023 with super big eyewear.

Green sunglasses

No, hold that thought! When we say green, it is all about the environment and its impact and not the colour *wink-wink*. A sudden change, of course, the consumer demands have shown an inclination towards much more eco-friendly options. And going all green when it comes to eyewear is what steals all the show.

Our collection of trendy eyewear is made of plant-based acetate ensuring the best for the environment and our customers. So if you are planning to go all green, then you know the exact place to hope for trendy sunglasses 2023.

Tinted sunglasses

Tinted glasses

Currently, tints are going all around the orange and yellow and we can say that Coachella just set a high bar for tinted eyewear. And these are super easy to get your hands on and the best part about them is that you can get them reglazed to your regular prescription glasses. So entering into the sunglasses trends 2023, make it all filled with bright shades.

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