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What are the disadvantages of progressive glasses?

What are the disadvantages of progressive glasses?

Progressive lenses are one of the best pieces of eyeglasses that people having more than one vision disorder might find it a blessing. These glasses with three different sections of vision correcting powers i.e. distance, intermediate and close by are helpful for those who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism at the same time. The use of varifocal glasses eliminates the need of having several eyeglasses instead one pair of eyeglasses can do the job of two. Moreover, if you can add the transition lenses to it, then it can even work as sunglasses.

As compared to the benefits that are derived from progressive glasses, the disadvantages are next to none. Actually, when you buy varifocal glasses online or from a store, the only issue that you may face is adjusting to the new pair of glasses. Actually, this is a very common problem that is faced by users who are wearing varifocal glasses for the first time or have switched from bifocal to varifocal lenses.

Disadvantages of Progressive lenses

All said and done there are no disadvantages when you buy prescription glasses having varifocal lenses in them. It is only the adjustment part that bothers the user. This adjustment with the new progressive lenses can vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Usually, the following are the issues that the users may experience :

1) Difficulty in judging the steps while climbing the stairs, stepping up on the footpath, etc. There could be a possibility that the user put the foot on the wrong place that is because of misjudgement. This is common and after some time once you are used to wearing progressive lenses, the problem will be resolved.

2) You may view blurriness with your peripheral vision and may not be able to see clearly through the glasses for the initial few days.

3) Focusing while shifting eyes from one zone of the lens to the other may appear to be difficult. Since you are new to the varifocal glasses and you are not used to the focal point. Especially those you have used single vision lenses and bifocals may feel issues in understanding where the focal point of the glasses is placed.

4) Driving is not an easy task with varifocal glasses for fresh users, this is because you are still not used to the judgement of the focal areas of the glasses. And driving requires a strong focus on the road with concentration, one blink and you may face any unfortunate turn of events. New users are strictly restrained from driving until they are familiar and comfortable with the varifocal eyeglasses.

5) In extreme cases, you may feel eye strain. In such cases, it is advised to keep a gap of some time. For an initial one or two days, wear glasses for a couple of hours and then remove them to relax your eyes.

6) Some of the users, at times, may feel headaches. Do not worry, it is temporary and happens once in a while at initial days and will go on its own. In such cases, you can remove the glasses for some time and relax. However, in no condition go back to the old glasses.

How to adapt to the new Progressive lenses?

Adapting to the progressive glasses is easy, you need practice and patience. Regular use of these seamless multi-focal glasses is the key to adjusting to them. Not much effort is required, it is only the regular use for a few days to a couple of weeks that is all it takes.

Here are some of the ways through which you can tackle the initial period of adapting to the new pair of varifocal glasses:

1) Regular use and practice

Regular use is the mantra for adjusting to the Varifocal glasses. You need to wear your progressive glasses as much as possible and even 24 x 7, except when you sleep, to train your eyes as well as the brain to adopt the new changes in the vision.

2) Avoid old glasses

Do not go back to using your old pair of glasses whether they are single vision or bifocal lenses. Never resort to the old glasses, even if you feel the itch of going back to them for ease of usage. Stick to the new once and practice as much as you can.

3) Moving eyes and not head to focus

The key is to understand that the upper portion is meant for distance view and the lower part is for reading. Therefore, you need not move your entire head, instead move only your eyes and object close by to you. Do not move your head up and down to focus. This is a wrong way, just focus while moving your eyeballs.

4) Look up while climbing

Climbing stairs can be challenging, you should not look down while climbing. Instead, keep your head steady and straight, and look from the upper part and not the lower area. Understand that the lower part is meant for reading and not for distance. If you will view from the lower part, you will end up putting your foot on the wrong step. Avoid this situation.

5) Nice fit of eyeglasses

Try to select the frame that fits best on your face. Although you may choose different shapes and sizes of the lenses, make sure that the size of the frame fits well on your face. A loose pair of glasses may shift the focus and vision will appear blurry to you.

6) Lower eyes for reading

When you are reading, sewing or doing anything that requires focus on the close by the object, then do not tilt your head. Only move your eyes down to do the work where correcting close by vision is required.

7) Buy prescription glasses having varifocal lenses from trusted manufacturers

Whether you buy varifocal glasses online or from the store, it is equally important that you choose a trusted and reputed eyeglasses manufacturer who provides the best quality eyeglasses. Specscart manufactures eyeglasses including progressive lenses that are of the best quality and are digitally advanced at affordable prices. Moreover, you get 30% enhanced vision clarity. Apart from this, you get free of cost anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch protection coating on your glasses. You can customise your progressive glasses to make them computer glasses, by opting for anti-blue light coating while selecting the kind of lenses. The varifocal lenses from Specscart offer 99.99% against UV, glares and blue light too apart from enhanced vision clarity.

If you face major difficulties, such as regular pain in the eyes, headache, eye-strain, tears etc. then you may consult your optometrist. In no condition, you should resort to old glasses or take any medication yourself without consulting the physician.

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