Find your inner hipster from the latest designer hipster glasses

Halina Tseng

Published on January 16, 2020, 7:44 am

Find your inner hipster from the latest designer hipster glasses

Hipsters are a bit more fashionable in terms of their clothing, music and glasses choices. They prefer their style and dwell it with an unconventional method. In the eyewear market, hipster glasses style is considered to be a new cool. You might be a hipster and one thing hipster-like to accessories in their looks are wearing cool glasses. Hipsters love iconic retro, oversized, squared, wayfarer and cool crafted plastic-framed glasses. Most of them wear those glasses even though they have brilliant 20/20 vision, at this point glasses becomes a part of their personality. It adds amplification to their look, separates them from the ordinary and basic human beings and looks more artistic. A good pair of hipster glasses frames that emphasize their style, uniqueness and authenticity make the ultimate contemporary accessory. Independent style and latest trend updated, Specscart got the best range of hipster glasses that perfectly fashion aware and vintage.

What is a Hipster Culture?

Hipster culture is all about bohemian style, expressing your emotions and life through your clothes, accessories, lifestyle choices and activities. Hipster people, in general, doesn’t follow the traditional line of occupation but switch towards a carefree and independent way of life. They are tremendously fashion-conscious and follow the latest trend to add a dose of fun and glamour in their life. Their interest is mostly inclined towards fashion, culture and being open for any type of style statement. Meeting new people and enjoying the different cultural experience is what add essence to life.

What are Hipster Glasses?

Hipster glasses are a mix of funky design, retro style and bold colours that makes a bold fashion statement. Uniquely custom designed and colours used to draw attention to your fashion and face. They are here to stand out from the crowd and scream and shout chilled and funky style, establishing art, creativity and individuality. Progressive piece of glasses that looks adventurous with also expressing your persona through it. They don’t vary on hipster glasses men and hipster glasses women but are collectively made for both the gender because anyone can be cool and progressive. These hipster glasses for men and women radiate glow, fun and excitement whenever you are in the room with them. Edgy and full of fun-loving atmosphere, theses hipster glasses incorporate trend-setting style that completely attracts various artistic souls like musicians, tastemakers, artist and painters, etc.

At Specscart, you can get all new trendy and latest hipster glasses with a wide variety of frames and colour, starting from option such hipster prescription glasses, hipster reading glasses, hipster clear lens glasses and hipster blue light glasses. Find the one that matched your expectations and rock them.

Select the best hipster glasses that reflect your personality and looks fashionable

1. Matte Black Browline Glass- Elegant and Intellectual

This sleek designed matte black browline glasses in the half-rim frame is the perfect type of shape and design needed to make a sophisticated style stamen. This type of design and style is a hallmark of the hipster style that essentially captures the artistic personality. At first, they give you philosophical vibes but also as an ultimate fashion statement. A mix of round and browline style with half rim frame made with metal and matte black colour makes a brilliant choice.

 Matte Black Browline Glasses in Half-Rim Frame, Hipster Glasses

Check this frame here.

2. Classic Black with White Twist – A fun Alternative

This brand new hipster Black and white hipster glass has a super cool view modern view. The two tones frame makes it new trendy glasses which pulls a sophisticated look while a mix of bit mischievous attached with it. Unconventional in design and apart from traditional design, these glasses perfectly captures your personality of fun and smart altogether. Full rim wayfarer design with acetate and metal material makes a fresh-faced glasses of all time. The temple design is another marvellous as it is made with lustrous shiny silver that radiates fresh and youthful appearance.

Black and White Hipster Glasses

Check this frame here.

3. Heavy Half-rimmed Black and Gold – Powerful and Supremacy

If this glass reflects sweet nostalgia then you have got the significance. These beautiful bold half-rimmed glasses are artistically created for a fun and eye-catching valiant exterior. These glasses were an iconic signature glasses of various celebrities and now Instagram is completely consumed it. Chic and neat designed frames create a captivating impression with striking black and gold colour to the frame. The shiny gold lustre makes flashy but the bold black design balance out the lustre, giving you a balanced amount of attractive look. Manage to give supremacy and powerful look with the sleek full rim black and gold colour framed with acetate and metal mix of material.

 90's Inspired Vintage Black hipster glasses

Check this frame here.

4. Marble Cherry Red – Groovy and Funky

The rich calorific design with passionate colours brings out the most exciting adventure to your look. These marbles designed frames add vibrancy and enthusiasm. They are not dull and come with the basic design but are a mix of bold and beautiful zesty colours that not only adds mystique gaze but also romantic tone. Full-rimmed marble cherry red frame design with acetate material makes a wholesome sturdy designed eyewear. The exceptional red and blue design temple adds a remarkable touch to the hipster glasses.

Marble Red and Blue Hipster Glasses

Check this frame here.

5. Smudge Green and Blue –Full of attention and Glitz

This smudge green and blue oversized glasses are perfect hipster glasses for the vibrancy of colours and funky design. A completely new knockout design, which contains its authentic allurement and blooming charisma gleaming. They draw attention and gain an appreciation for the artistic design wherever you wear them. Green adds fun and active thrill while blue adds wisdom and intelligence. This brilliant piece of hipster glasses speaks to those individuals who enjoy being different and expressive.

Green and Blue Oversized Hipster Glasses

Check this frame here.

6. Emerald Green Glasses – Youthful and Refreshing

These glasses itself about the person without even making an effort. These brilliant tortoise emerald green glasses are completely unconventional and breathe of fresh air. A fashionable and groovy hipster glasses that add a twist to your retro design. The white temple makes it an epitome of an ultimate fashion statement as they are light and sturdy smudge designed with an artistic touch. Sporty, stylish and comfortable emerald green glasses are the new precious treasure of latest style in full rim acetate suitable to keep you revitalizing and maintaining a fresh look.

Tortoise Emerald Green Hipster Glasses

Check this frame here.

7. Forest Green and Oceanic Blue- Quiet and Confident

This forest green and ocean blue hipster glasses are going to add excitement and coolness that you have been waiting for. The slender design and a mix of two healing colours make it a superlative choice of fashion buffs. Though there is a blend of two calm yet refreshing colours, these glasses attract and draw your attention making you look confident. With the latest blend of colours and frame design, these glasses are a hot trend across the globe for the beautiful round acetate design and allowing comfort and chicness with an energetic tone.

Forest Green & Ocean Blue Hipster Eyeglasses

Check this frame here.

Get these wonderful and spectacular hipster glasses with an extensive range of colour, style and frame offer. If you still can’t decide yet then try our free trial at home where you can order up to a maximum of four favourite frames and try and decide to with them for a week. Get your hands on them immediately and revamp your lifestyle.

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