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Frame of mind: Utilising Colours The Right Way!

Frame of mind: Utilising Colours The Right Way!

What makes fashion fashionable? Among various other aspects, colours are arguably the most dominant one. Fashion has evolved over the ages. The colours occupying the trending list have continuously moved to and fro, but what has remained constant is the role that colours have got to play. The role of an influencer - a primary one!

That time is gone when a simple pair of black glasses would do the trick. While black frames remain a classic choice, there are a lot more options to choose from now. People are also warming up to the idea of keeping multiple pairs for different occasions - in different colours, shapes and materials. These days you can choose from translucent crystal frames in pastel shades, tortoiseshell prints, shiny metal frames in gold or silver, etc. And with the sensational craze around tinted glasses, colours have also taken up their deserving role to make lenses more stylish.

For your glasses, there is always room to experiment with colours. We are here to open the gates of that room for you so that you can make well-informed styling choices, when it comes to colours.

Taking the conventional route

If you have a liking towards keeping things simple and minimal, conventional pairs are what you should be looking at. And yes, when we say conventional, we don’t mean something that is outdated or has a monotonous outlook. These pairs are simple yet elegant.

The black and white is always by your side, but don’t hesitate from exploring the grey areas. Try out the royal gold on metal frames - a delight for the eyes. Beige is having an amazing run in the fashion sector, why not make its time more amazing?

Can the Clear Glasses be classified into any colour bracket? Well, this confuses us too, but what we are sure about is the fact that these styles will definitely take your style game a notch higher. Clear frames are relatively modern and this makes the definition of conventional spectacles even more broad. Keeping it minimal is the key!

Fun and playful

Taking the help of styles to bring in a playful touch is a definite possibility. The funky oversized frames are a living testimony to this. However, there are also certain colours that are perfect in making your glasses all the more fun.

You can enjoy the positivity and excitement brought about by bold and vivid colours like the vibrant red, the natural green, the serene navy blue, among others, or even take to the light shades for a jolly and high-spirited physical appearance. Have you seen cat eye prescription eyeglasses with a light shade of pink? They are nothing short of incredible and an ideal option for all the fun-loving ladies out there.

Dual-tone for dual charm

The dual-tone style has found its way into eyewear fashion too - thanks to their aesthetic appeal. With the wide range of colours that go well with glasses, choosing a pair of complimenting colours is no big deal.

A pair of metal frame glasses in gold and black is solid, both in terms of their durability and their design. When it comes to squares with thick frames, the colours become even more prominent. Why not try out dual-tone with the square style?

It is one thing to use two colours in a single pair of glasses, it is another thing to put them at the right places. Some pairs of colours look good when each one of the two is used in a continuous manner, with a distinct boundary to separate the two, whereas there are certain pairs where mixing the two colours at different places is the way to go. Well, you don’t have to worry about this. Leave it to us. All you have to do is to pick the ones that look good on you.

Contrasting pairs for that extra sharpness

Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the style that has played its part to perfection in establishing glasses as a fashion accessory. We are talking about the super trendy vintage tortoiseshell styles.

While the classic brown and yellow pattern is amazing, there are also other patterns utilising different complimentary colours to produce a pair that go a long way in enhancing your facial features - thanks to their contrast.

Taking nothing away from the tortoiseshell style, there are also other complimentary colours that combine to produce a contrast which is difficult to be overlooked by the viewers. You can expect all sorts of admiration coming your way.

Blending colours is the new cool in fashion. When two colours overlap, a blend is created. These are out-of-the-box pairs that have a very high style quotient.

At Specscart, we take utmost care to ensure that we bring to you the pairs that make the most out of the colours that are assigned to them. You can check out our collection and be assured to find not just a few but multiple pairs falling into each of the above-mentioned categories.

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