What is perfect vision? Is it the same as the 20/20 vision?

Julie Topping

Published on July 31, 2021, 11:46 am

What is perfect vision? Is it the same as the 20/20 vision?

So, how do you define perfect vision? Is it passing an eye exam or reading the small prints of the newspaper? I bet we all have different and our own definitions of perfect vision.

If you are not nearsighted, farsighted or don’t have astigmatism and you think that you have the best eyesight, you might be wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a good vision is more than the mere absence of vision problems and errors.

If you don’t know how 20/20 and perfect vision are two different things, let me give you a quick tour.

What is 20/20 vision?

20/20 vision refers to the clarity of one’s vision measured at a distance of 20 feet. To put this into perspective, you are able to see something 20 feet away as clearly as it should be seen at that distance.

If someone has 20/100 vision, it means that they can see an object clearly from 20 feet away what someone with a normal vision could see from a distance of 100 feet.

The first number when checking visual acuity is always 20 but the other number keeps changing. While this is the most common method to measure someone’s visual performance, it only indicates sharpness and clarity of vision at a certain distance.

There are so many factors that could affect one’s visual acuity. From refractive errors to eye diseases, everything reduces your vision clarity. And having a 20/20 visual acuity is not the reason to boast about your perfect vision among your friends.

So, what is perfect vision?

Most of us have been using the terms “20/20 vision” and “perfect vision” interchangeably. But we shouldn’t!

When we think of good eyesight, we think about visual clarity when looking at things nearby or at a distance. But what about other important vision skills such as eye coordination, peripheral vision, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, colour contrast and focusing ability that’s a major part of your overall vision?

The eye charts you see at your optometrist’s office could only determine the sharpness of your vision. If you fail an eye chart test, you’ll get prescription glasses to fix your blurry vision. However, the eye chart would only check your sharpness of vision measured at a certain distance.

The eye chart is not enough

The eye chart is not enough to measure crucial visual skills that we need to succeed in today’s modern world.

The eye chart can’t tell how well your eyes coordinate or work together at close distances or how well they are able to track a line without losing their place or their eyes efficiency to change focus from close to far distances.

These are some of the problems that an eye test won’t give you a clue about. You may have 20/20 vision and still face problems with other important areas of your vision.

Symptoms of undiagnosed vision problems

There are so many vision problems that don’t result in the development of a refractive error but still remain undiagnosed or undetected.

While some symptoms of eye problems are quite obvious, others need close attention. The symptoms could be even harder to spot in children as they don’t often report any change in their eyesight.

Little kids may not realise that the problems they are experiencing in their eyesight aren’t normal. If you don’t take them for an eye test, these problems will keep developing and may even grow into something serious.

These are the symptoms you must watch out for in your child’s vision:

  • Concentration problems
  • Reading problems
  • Frequent headaches
  • Short attention span especially when performing close up tasks
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision
  • Poor depth perception
  • Neck strain
  • Frequent blinking
  • Excessive eye rubbing

Whether you are a kid or an adult, a comprehensive eye test is a must to detect minor problems in your vision that don’t have anything to do with 20/20 visual acuity.

At Specscart, our top priority is your vision. Thus, we give a free eye test in the UK to everyone so money is not a hurdle in eye care. If you want, we can perform an on-site test at your home or office.

Would you need glasses if your vision is 20/20?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need glasses if your vision is 20/20. Your visual acuity is enough for you to carry out daily tasks and activities without any vision-related issues.

However, if you stare at a computer screen for long hours and experience headaches, then you’ll need to look for an option like blue-light blocking glasses.

Even the people with 20/20 visual acuity experience digital eye strain. Using blue light glasses by far remains the best solution to this problem.

Not only this, you will need glasses for vision protection. In dangerous environments where there are chances of an eye injury, your eyes will feel safer behind a pair of glasses.

While you can always use glasses to protect your eyes, whether you need them for vision correction or not is a question that your optician could answer the best.

Why do you need a comprehensive eye exam every year?

Only a comprehensive eye exam with a certified optician or optometrist can check for vision problems that are not related to your visual acuity.

Detecting and treating these problems early is important especially in the case of a kid’s vision. These problems may get messier in certain cases and make learning difficult for children.

Many adults are still under the impression that their eyesight is good just because they could read everything written on an eye chart.

If you or your kid child experience any of the problems we mentioned in this blog, it could be due to a lesser-known vision problem. Don’t hesitate to schedule an eye exam with us and rule out the cause.

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