Workleisure - The Latest Trend in Office Wear

Halina Tseng

Published on December 8, 2021, 1:16 pm

Workleisure - The Latest Trend in Office Wear

It has almost been a couple of years since the first case of COVID-19 was reported. Life has not been the same since then, provided you have not been stationed at the international space station for all this while.

Undoubtedly, this is an unprecedented situation which has forced us to learn and adapt. Work from home was one of those many adaptations made, not only to protect us from exposure to the virus but also to keep the already struggling economy rolling, although at a slow pace.

Workleisure - What and Why?

By working away from the office for a considerable period of time, we have lost touch of the conventional formal wear like the ubiquitous long black skirts worn by women or the tailored suits beyond which men hardly had any options.

Now with the normalisation of the situation, the brick and mortar based workspaces have begun to open up to welcome its rightful inhabitants. And this is also the need of the hour, considering that initial euphoria around work from home has faded a long time back, as it started to get quite monotonous for many.

But the question that needs to be asked is how do we make a smooth transition from our comfy pyjamas to the heavy office wear, as we move into a professional setup where our physical presentation is equally important. The solution is workleisure.

Deriving its name from athleisure - the activewear that has revolutionised comfortable clothing - workleisure has made its way, with the objective to make office wear both comfortable and professional, at the same time.

Allow us to take you through the wide range of options that workleisure has brought to the table that will definitely take your office wear in a zone where comfort meets style and professionalism. Read on and you can thank us later.

For Women

  • Mandarin Collar Tunic

  • You have the freedom to make a shift from those crisp shirts, whose sturdy collars can get irritating on your neck. The perfect alternative is the mandarin collar tunic which is a sweet combination of comfort and professionalism.

    Keep it simple and serene with plain white. Stick to pure cotton for a cool and breezy feel.

  • Cargo Pants

  • If you think that cargo pants are a no go for office use, you definitely need some rethinking. Workleisure brands have come out with customised pieces to suit the sophistication of offices.

    Picking the right cargo pants can get a little tricky, considering the large number of variants available. No need to worry. Ankle length cargo pants in a shade of brown will always live up to your office expectations.

  • Jardigans

  • Jardigan is a hybrid of cardigan and jacket. It is neither too funky as a jacket nor too formal as a cardigan, but strikes the perfect balance between the two. And all this is achieved with an added comfort.

    A polished, well-knit jardigan is all you need to make a strong professional statement at your workplace.

  • Cat-eye Blue Light Glasses

  • Office work requires one to work on a digital screen for an extended period of time. This exposes us to an excessive amount of blue light emitted by these screens, which might cause eye strain.

    For the comfort of your eyes, you definitely need a pair of blue light glasses to optimise your performance. To give it a touch of elegance, pick a cat-eye frame, which is a pure gem for ladies.

  • Loafers

  • Yes, you heard that right. Heels are not the only footwear option when it comes to the office. You can easily get rid of all the troubles that come along with heels by making the shift to loafers. If your boss wants you to be fast on your feet, loafers are here to your rescue.

    Stick to dark colours and avoid anything that is excessively funky.

For Men

  • Polos

  • Carrying a shirt throughout your working hours might get daunting at times. You should definitely try out polos, which are known to provide a high style quotient.

    There is no harm in styling polos with a mix of colours, provided the colours are not very playful. Otherwise, the classic single colour polos are always there to make up for the lack of professionalism. Don’t forget to tuck it in your trousers by using a sleek leather belt.

  • Chinos

  • It’s high time you look beyond those conservative office trousers which don't provide any extra edge to the bottom half of your attire. Instead, opt for chinos.

    The chinos with its stretchable material is a big leap towards comfortable fashion. It can truly make your work at the office an easygoing activity.

  • Blazers

  • If you are still not over suits but at the same time, have experienced the comfort that comes without it, while working from your home, why not adopt the blazers.

    Blazers are relatively more cosy than suits. For the bottom half of your body, you can definitely resort to a pair of chinos.

  • Oversized Frame Glasses

  • As we have already discussed the importance of eye comfort, it has become an imperative for us to recommend blue light glasses for the techy men out there.

    Go for the super trendy oversized frame glasses. Experiment the royal sophisticated touch brought about by a metal frame.

  • Sneakers

  • Sneakers are no longer just a casual fashion product. With progression in fashion, sneakers have also become a workplace footwear.

    Stick to the rule of keeping it simple and use neutral colours. And men, please keep your shoes neat and tidy, without fail, because a gentleman is judged by the shoe he wears.

    Workleisure is just one of those much needed adaptations that the pandemic has forced upon us. And there is no doubt that it is going to be a new trend in the immediate future. Some may argue that it already is. Well, you might be right.

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