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What are the different parts of glasses frames that need to be measured for sizing?

The different parts of glasses frames that need to be measured for sizing include the bridge size, temple length, and lens width.

How do you measure the bridge size of glasses frames?

The gap between your two lenses is called the bridge size. The breadth of the bridge, to put it simply, is the area where your eyewear rests against your nose. This item has a size range of 14 to 24 mm. The length of the temple, including the curve that rests on your ear, is measured from each screw to the temple tip.

How do you measure the temple length of glasses frames?

The temple length of your glasses is the distance between the screw that secures each temple to the main body of the frame and the tip that rests behind your ear. Common standards for this measurement are 135, 140, 145, and 150, which frequently end in zero or five.

How do you measure the lens width of glasses frames?

To measure the lens width of glasses frames, you will need a millimetre ruler or a digital calliper. Here are the steps to follow:
  • Place the glasses frame on a flat surface, facing up, with the arms (temples) folded inwards.
  • Using the ruler or calliper, measure the horizontal distance between the two outermost edges of the lenses. This is the lens width.
  • Make sure to measure from the farthest point on one lens to the farthest point on the other lens. Do not include the frame in your measurement.
  • If the glasses have a bridge (the part that rests on the nose), you may also measure the distance between the two innermost edges of the lenses to determine the bridge width. Record your measurements in millimetres.
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