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Does your fashion speak about your personality?

Does your fashion speak about your personality?

Did you know your fashion choice influences the way you think? We are not bluffing about this! A study showed that the students who wore a doctor's coat showed better attention span compared to the ones wearing no coat. It's strange how one piece of cloth or an accessory is capable of influencing one’s personality. Our brain does work in strange ways!

Disposal of cliche

Remember the time when Clark Kent would wear a geeky look with oversized squares, all of this just to hide how Supermanish he is. Another long dragged cliche that ruled the movies was these uncool-looking studious girls, one day out of the blue remove their glasses, and viola, they become beautiful.

I mean, why can’t superheroes have cool glasses! You must remember Blade, the vampire slayer; he wore these classic tiny square sunglasses. And in no way we can miss Edith, Iron Man’s super hi-tech glasses. These glasses have been immersed with each character and cannot be separated from them.

Current club

The current generation is much more accepting of using eyeglasses and has defied the cliches. They want their beloved heroes to look cool, along with eyeglasses, and they even incorporate these styles into their daily wear fashion.

Now, the scenario has changed, an individual is judged on the basis of what they want to show others, once surface impressions give a lot about the subconscious details of themselves.

This generation knows enough about subliminal fashion, and they wear a particular type of outfit, to intentionally convey something. They easily gravitate towards a particular fashion, and build an intimate relation with it that becomes a medium to convey what their personality holds.

Eyeglasses and personality

Eyeglasses have long veered from their usual path of medical equipment and have become a staple fashion accessory. They have gained the symbol of undying coolness, and it might seem like a small accessory, but even a small action from our side tells a lot about the kind of a person we are; the same goes with eyeglasses.

Fashion has no bars, and one has the freedom to explore the domains it offers and run wild with your imagination. Let’s look at some of the fashion styles that would go perfectly with various personalities; these are just a few suggestions, and the opportunities are many for you to experiment with.

Studious student

Are you a college-going student or one that is preparing for their Ph.D.? The ones who are more into academics can carry a somewhat geek chic look. And mind you, a geek chic look is no more uncool or non-popular. Everyone wants that vibe to look mysterious and different from the crowd.

If the geek chic look matches your studious student personality, then this one is just for you. Get yourself Kent Clark fashion glasses; they are the ultimate style builder and feed on the need for looking all academic. Apart from that dressing sharp with undertone colours and A-line clothes is the outfit you should try.

All-time athleisure

Are you aware of the fact that sports glasses are now one of the eyeglasses styles that the mainstream is currently donning? If not, then read on our blog on sports glasses- a fashion accessory and get to know about the trends in the sports glasses world.

If you are adventurous by heart and never fail to try something daring and different, then these glasses are just for you. A question that one’s subconscious always asks is, is it weird to wear glasses for fashion? Absolutely no, glasses are fashionable, and if these sports glasses and clothes with camouflage patterns are your callings for an adventurous personality, then go for it.

A travelling hipsters

Being out of the cultural mainstream and going for a search, what really matters is your personality, then read on. You must have watched the movie ‘Into the Wild’ where Christopher Johnson McCandless decides to break the monotony, and leave the materialist life behind and start a journey to discover the true meaning of life.

Well, we are not suggesting you follow McCandless, but if you are a traveller, then you must not miss on getting the pilot glasses with you. Adding the beauty of your adventure, get a hat, the same one that McCandless carries, and a backpack.

Inner fashionista

What shape glasses are in fashion? If you are a fashion enthusiast; then you must definitely ask yourself these questions. Sometimes trendy glasses take an irreplaceable role, and it is like these glasses wear you. It sounds odd but stands true in every sense; your fashionista in you is well aware of the styles and trends you should add to your daily outfit.

Your outfit sends the bold and loud statement you want to make, trying oversized glasses in metal and glasses with bold colours and thick borders, something that screams style and confidence out of you.

Voguish seniors

Growing old has its own shades of living life, and your age must not define your personality. You must have stuck with your reading glasses, but those glasses should not be boring.

One’s personality is expressed by the way they carry themselves, so throw out the old-looking round glasses and look for something experimental. If your Google search history is about what reading glasses are in fashion, try something playful with small cat-eye glasses or give a young bold look with browline glasses. Either way, the main goal should be to bring out the person who you really are.

And lastly, for the superheroes, if you are reading this, then better focus on hiding your personality, as you might not want to get the attention of the rest of the world. But this time, consider adding stylish glasses to your outfit, it will surely add you to the trendy superheroes list.

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